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Suport de CoinTracking i FAQ

Una selecció de diferents eines de CoinTracking i serveis de terceres parts per ajudar a obtenir el màxim del vostre portafoli.
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Frequently asked questions

Balances & Gains FAQ:
Resolve discrepancies with the account balance
Resolve warnings in the tax reports
My coin balances are incorrect on the Gains report and don't match the other reports
Which fees are and are not included in the fee report section of the tax report?
I do not want Airdrops listed with a value in the tax report (and/or have Capital Gains calculated from its sale)

Import & Coins FAQ:
My coin has the wrong price
A coin was imported but it does not have any value
Recent Binance data is not imported
I received the notification that new transactions have been imported – how can I find them?
My exchange is not listed. How do I import the data manually?

Account FAQ:
Where do I find the invoice for my subscription?
Does the transaction limit reset every year/month?
If want to upgrade to a different plan, do I have to pay the full price?
I have lost my password / my 2FA device
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