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Here you can find support and answers to many questions.
For any requests, suggestions or problems, please contact our support at the end of the page.

CoinTracking Documentation

How to start with CoinTracking? Have a look at our brand new and detailed CoinTracking Documentation.

CoinTracking Community

Many questions have already been answered by the CoinTracking community. Maybe your question is also there.
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CoinTracking FAQ

A list of frequently asked questions about CoinTracking. Please also check our detailed CoinTracking Documentation of all functions.

  • How do I enter my trades?
  • How do I enter deposits, withdrawals and transfers between exchanges / wallets?
  • How do I enter my fees?
  • My account has negative coin values
  • I do not see any data in the charts

  • What is the difference between Profit/Loss, Total Account Value, Balance, Realized Gain and Unrealized Gain?

Tax Reports:
  • I get warnings in my Capital Gains Report
  • Tax report for margin trades, mined coins or gains from gambling

  • I have problems importing my trades from an exchange
  • My exchange is not listed on CoinTracking

Delete trades and data:
  • How to delete my trades?
  • How to delete my account?

General questions:
  • Why do I need to click on "Recalculate Trades" when I have added new trades?
  • How to change my account currency or the price?
  • Where are the exchange rates and coins prices from?
  • Can I create multiple accounts at CoinTracking?

CoinTracking Support

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