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Trade Prices

A list of all trades with the respective converted trade price in BTC and EUR on the time of each transaction. Useful for miners to get the Fiat prices for each deposit.
Trade Prices Table

This table contains all your trades including their converted trade price at the time of transaction.
  • Type: Can be "Trade", "Deposit" or "Withdrawal"
  • Buy: The bought amount and currency
  • Value in BTC: The buy amount converted in BTC at the time of transaction
  • Value in EUR: The same, just in your account currency
  • Sell: The sold amount and currency
  • Value in BTC: The sell amount converted in BTC at the time of transaction
  • Value in EUR: The same, just in your account currency
  • Spread: The difference between the buy and the sell value in percent
  • Exchange: The name of the exchange (specified when you use a CSV or API import)
  • Trade Date: The day and time of your transaction

Notes on the spread:
Usually the sell value of a trade is a few percent higher than the buy value. That's because a sale includes the order books spread and a fee.
The spread should not be more than 5% for well-traded coins on a good exchange.
For low-traded coins or on bad order books it can be more.

If the spread is too much or too low, please make sure your entered trade data is correct (especially the time, the buy & sell values and both currencies).
When you think, your trade data is correct, have a look at the Coin Charts. Please check the prices for both currencies (the buy and the sell currency) at your transaction time in the chart. Should the price not be correct, please let us know.

Export: You can export this table by clicking on the export buttons.
Column Sorting: Click on a column name to change the sorting. Shift-Click another column to sort multiple columns.
Additional Trade Information: Click on the blue plus on the left of each row, to display additional information.
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Type Buy Value in BTC Value in EUR Sell Value in BTC Value in EUR Spread Exchange Group Date
Sum Purchases: 16.48 BTC 6101.03 EUR Sum Sales: 22.96 BTC 7356.83 EUR Ø 39.32 %
Sum Deposits: 0.00 BTC 0.00 EUR Sum Withdrawals: 0.00 BTC 0.00 EUR