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거래 가격

각 트랜잭션의 시간에 각각의 변환 무역 BTC의 가격과 USD와 모든 거래의 목록입니다. 유용한 광부 각 예금의 피아트 가격을 취득하는.

What can be done on this page?

  • Check the value at the time of the transaction in USD and BTC for all your entries
  • Check the spread between the trade pair (only for trades)
  • Search and sort your entries
  • Use the advanced search
  • Filter all entries by type, exchange, group and date
  • Export all entries as CSV, Excel or PDF
  • Open additional transaction data by clicking on the 'plus' icon

Possible problems and solutions

  • If the spread is too high or too low, one of the two trade values is probably wrong. Open the Enter Coins page and correct the value of the asset, if necessary (instruction).
Trade Prices Table

This table contains all your trades including their converted trade price at the time of transaction.
  • 종류: Can be "Trade", "Deposit" or "Withdrawal"
  • 매입: The bought amount and currency
  • Value in BTC: The buy amount converted in BTC at the time of transaction
  • USD로 표시된 가치: The same, just in your account currency
  • 매도: The sold amount and currency
  • Value in BTC: The sell amount converted in BTC at the time of transaction
  • USD로 표시된 가치: The same, just in your account currency
  • Spread: The difference between the buy and the sell value in percent
  • 교환: The name of the exchange (specified when you use a CSV or API import)
  • 거래일자: The day and time of your transaction

Notes on the spread:
Usually the sell value of a trade is a few percent higher than the buy value. That's because a sale includes the order books spread and a fee.
The spread should not be more than 5% for well-traded coins on a good exchange.
For low-traded coins or on bad order books it can be more.

If the spread is too much or too low, please make sure your entered trade data is correct (especially the time, the buy & sell values and both currencies).
When you think, your trade data is correct, have a look at the Coin Charts. Please check the prices for both currencies (the buy and the sell currency) at your transaction time in the chart. Should the price not be correct, you can fix it on the 'Enter Coins' page by editing the 'Asset value' in the edit form.

Export: You can export this table by clicking on the export buttons.
Column Sorting: Click on a column name to change the sorting. Shift-Click another column to sort multiple columns.
Additional Trade Information: Click on the blue plus on the left of each row, to display additional information.
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종류 매입 Cur. BTC  가격 USD in 가격 매도 Cur. BTC  가격 USD in 가격 Spread 교환 그룹 일자
Sum Purchases: 0.00 BTC 0.00 USD Sum Sales: 0.00 BTC 0.00 USD Ø 0.00 %
Sum Deposits: 0.00 BTC 287.51 USD Sum Withdrawals: 0.00 BTC 0.00 USD