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Trade Prices

A list of all trades with the respective converted trade price in BTC and USD on the time of each transaction. Useful for miners to get the Fiat prices for each deposit.

Que peut-on faire sur cette page?

  • Check the value at the time of the transaction in USD and BTC for all your entries
  • Check the spread between the trade pair (only for trades)
  • Recherchez et triez vos entrées
  • Use the advanced search
  • Filtrer toutes les entrées par type, exchange, groupe et date
  • Exporter toutes les entrées au format CSV, Excel ou PDF
  • Ouvrez des données de trade supplémentaires en cliquant sur l'icône "plus"

Problèmes et solutions possibles

  • If the spread is too high or too low, one of the two trade values is probably wrong. Open the Enter Coins page and correct the value of the asset, if necessary (instruction).
Trade Prices Table

This table contains all your trades including their converted trade price at the time of transaction.
  • Type: Peut être "Transaction", "Dépot" ou "Retrait"
  • Acheter: The bought amount and currency
  • Valeur en BTC: The buy amount converted in BTC at the time of transaction
  • Valeur en USD: The same, just in your account currency
  • Vendre: The sold amount and currency
  • Valeur en BTC: The sell amount converted in BTC at the time of transaction
  • Valeur en USD: The same, just in your account currency
  • Diffusion: The difference between the buy and the sell value in percent
  • Exchange: The name of the exchange (specified when you use a CSV or API import)
  • Date de Commerce: The day and time of your transaction

Notes on the spread:
Usually the sell value of a trade is a few percent higher than the buy value. That's because a sale includes the order books spread and a fee.
The spread should not be more than 5% for well-traded coins on a good exchange.
For low-traded coins or on bad order books it can be more.

If the spread is too much or too low, please make sure your entered trade data is correct (especially the time, the buy & sell values and both currencies).
When you think, your trade data is correct, have a look at the Coin Charts. Please check the prices for both currencies (the buy and the sell currency) at your transaction time in the chart. Should the price not be correct, you can fix it on the 'Enter Coins' page by editing the 'Asset value' in the edit form.

Export: Vous pouvez exporter cette table en cliquant sur les boutons d'exportation.
Tri des colonnes: Cliquez sur un nom de colonne pour changer le tri. Maj-Cliquez sur une autre colonne pour trier plusieurs colonnes.
Informations de trade supplémentaires: Cliquez sur le plus bleu à gauche de chaque ligne pour afficher des informations supplémentaires.
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Type Acheter Dev. Value in BTC Valeur en USD Vendre Dev. Value in BTC Valeur en USD Diffusion Exchange Groupe Date
Sum Purchases: 0.00 BTC 535.20 USD Sum Sales: 0.00 BTC 963.59 USD Ø 0.00 %
Sum Deposits: 0.00 BTC 30.55 USD Sum Withdrawals: 0.00 BTC 276.27 USD