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Average Purchase Prices

This page calculates the average purchase price for all your coins.

In contrast to the (un)realized gains calculation, all purchases and sales are added here together to calculate an average value per coin.

How does the calculation work?

We calculate the average value of your coins according to this formula:

Buy 1 (BTC amount * purchase price) + Buy 2 (BTC amount * purchase price) + ... - Sale 1 (BTC amount * sales price) - ...

Your average purchase price per currency is calculated and compared with the current price.
Based on the average and the current price, the profit or loss per coin is calculated.

A separate calculation can also be made to calculate the average purchase price and the average selling price.

What can be done on this page?

  • Check the average purchase price, the current market price and the profit/loss for all coins
  • Start a separate calculation to see your average purchase price and your average selling price.
  • Start all calculations in USD or BTC
  • Check the detailed calculation with the link below the table
  • A list with all purchases each coin. You can find a more detailed list in the 'Unrealized Gain / Loss for all Purchases' table on the Gains page.

Possible problems and solutions

  • My purchase value is negative:
    당신이 이미 손실을 볼 수 없을 정도로 큰 수익을 올렸다면 당신의 매입 가치가 사실상 마이너스가 될 수 있습니다. 예: 당신이 1,000,000DVC를 100달러에 매입합니다, 1주일 뒤, 1,000,000DVC의 현재 가치가 400달러입니다. 당신이 보유한 DVC의 절반인 500,000DVC를 200달러에 매도합니다. 당신은 100달러의 수익을 얻었고 아직도 500,000DVC를 보유하고 있습니다. 이 경우, 당신은 이미 초기 매입 가치보다 많은 수익을 올렸기 때문에 당신의 매입 가치는 마이너스입니다. DVC 가격이 0으로 떨어진다고해도 당신은 손실을 볼 수 없습니다. 당신은 무조건 최소한 100달러의 수익을 얻게 될 것입니다.
  • My values here do not match the Realized and Unrealized Gains:
    In contrast to the (un)realized gains calculation, all purchases and sales are added here together to calculate an average value per coin.
    Since it is a different calculation, the results may differ.
    For a better overview, it may be helpful to display purchases and sales separately.
  • My values seem incorrect:
    It is imperative that all purchases and sales are entered correctly and completely in CoinTracking. If purchased coins are missing, this will lead to warnings and incorrect values for all gains calculations! (read more).

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각 통화의 잔액 세부사항

Jul 05,2022 - 01:07 0 일 전
당신은 매입했습니다: 0.00 BTC을: 0.00 USDT
거래에서 BTC 가치 0.00000000 BTC @ 0.00000000 $ = 0.00 USD
현재 BTC 가치: 0.00269000 BTC @ 19639.62000000 $ = 52.83 USD
가격이 0.00로 떨어지면 당신의 수익은 상쇄될 것입니다. USD/BTC (-100.0%) 수익: 0.00%
52.83 USD

Jun 13,2022 - 19:31 21 일 전
당신은 매입했습니다: 0.01 BTC을: 0.00 USDT
거래에서 BTC 가치 0.00000000 BTC @ 24319.06614786 $ = 125.00 USD
현재 BTC 가치: 0.00514000 BTC @ 19639.62000000 $ = 100.95 USD
가격이 0.00로 올라가면 당신의 손실은 상쇄될 것입니다. USD/BTC (23.8%) 손실: -19.24%
-24.05 USD