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This coin will be treated as a NFT and displayed in the NFT Center.

A custom price is always set in BTC, regardless of whether you select another currency.
Asset values will be calculated based on the BTC price on the transaction date.
Forcing the custom price ignores the CoinTracking price history, if any.

Set custom prices and convert to NFT

You can set custom prices for all coins you own.
This is useful for ICOs that are not listed on any exchange yet. You can also use it to overwrite existing coin prices with custom prices.
You can convert coins to NFT's. Afterwards, those NFT's will be shown in the NFT Center.

How to set a custom price or convert to NFT

수정 코인 NFT Custom Price Force Price USD로 표시된 가치
디지털 코인들:
2.22 BTC   =   59,752.35 $
-2.00 EUR   =   -2.12 $
코인 총합 59,788.20 $
통화 총합 -2.12 $
Total Value is the difference between income and expenditure.
See the Realized and Unrealized Gains page for your gain calculation.
Total Value:
  59,786.08 $
Filter active. Some coins may be hidden.
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