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Find Missing Transactions (Deposits and Withdrawals)

One of the main reasons for incorrect balances are missing or incorrectly imported transactions.
The table below searches for matching transfers (deposits and withdrawals) and shows the likelihood of the match.

Should any unmatched deposits or withdrawals remain at the end, please check your transactions and import any missing data until all transfers are matched.
If some of your deposits or withdrawals were actually income, earnings from mining, donations, lost coins, etc., go to the Enter Coins page and change the transaction-type accordingly.
In short: If there are no more white rows at the end, all transfers are usually correctly assigned!

If a match was found, the 'Match' column will show the conformity (100% if both amounts are equal) and the probability of a correct match (you may want to double check this, if the match is estimated as medium or low).
The recommended settings are: 95%-97% amount accuracy and the moderate time accuracy. However you can adjust the settings as required. FAQ to this page

What can be done with this page?

  • Review all your deposits and withdrawals
  • Ensure, all your transfers have been imported/entered into CoinTracking correctly
  • Add missing deposits and withdrawals if needed on the Enter Coins page
  • Change the transaction-type of deposits or withdrawals on the Enter Coins page if needed

Additional details for the 'Match' column

  • The number will show the consistency between both amounts (incl. fees) of a matching transfer. If both amounts are exactly the same, it will show 100%
  • The probability of a correct match will be shown as Exact, High, Medium, Low or None
  • Exact (green): The amount and the time of a matching transfer is exactly the same
  • High (green): Either the exact time or deposit time after withdrawal time and exact amount match
  • Medium (yellow): Either deposit after withdrawal or deposit before withdrawal with exact amount match (please verify if match is correct)
  • Low (orange): Deposit before withdrawal and not exact amount match (please verify if match is correct)
  • None (empty / white): No match found. Please check your transfers and/or adjust the settings
Even with a 'Medium' or 'Low' match, the probability of a correct hit is quite high. However, you should double check if the assignment is correct. To convert a medium or low hit into 'High' or 'Exact', you can either enter the exact same time for both entries (deposit and withdrawal) on the Enter Coins page or enter missing fees, so that both values match exactly.

Possible problems and solutions

  • My table is empty
    -> You don't have any deposits and withdrawals in your account.
  • All my rows have a white background
    -> You don't have any matching deposits and withdrawals. Please import ALL your transactions including deposits and withdrawals into your account
  • Some of my transfers do not match, even if they shoud
    -> Adjust the settings. Try to decrease the amount accuracy to 95% or 90% and the time accuracy to 'moderate' or 'soft'.
  • Some of the listed deposits are actually 'incomes' or 'mined coins'
    -> Go to the Enter Coins page and change the transaction-type of this deposit
  • Some of the listed withdrawals are actually 'expenses', 'donations', or 'lost/stolen coins'
    -> Go to the Enter Coins page and change the transaction-type of this withdrawal
  • A match says 'Medium' or 'Low' but it is definitely a correct match
    -> Go to the Enter Coins page and enter the same date and time for both transactions (deposit + withdrawal) and/or adjust the fees or amounts to match exactly. You can also just ignore the 'Medium' or 'Low' message. It does not have any effect on your balances or gains.
  • Here you can find more FQAs for this report
CoinTracking · Chart

All deposits and withdrawals

Type Amount Cur. Fee Fee Cur. Valor em USD Exchange Grupo de Troca Comentário Trade ID Data Match
Type Amount Cur. Fee Fee Cur. Valor em USD Exchange Grupo de Troca Comentário Trade ID Data Match
Deposit 1016.60000000 BTC 0.00000000 09.01.2019 00:00:00
Deposit 0.27196497 BTC 50.00000000 USD 0.00000000 Bitcoin Mining Coin tracking #1 06.03.2023 19:37:40
Deposit 1.00000000 BTC 0.00000000 Ledger 19.03.2023 15:44:23
Deposit 1016.60000000 BTC 0.00000000 Voyager Mining 1 BTC from Wallet 24.03.2023 01:09:19
Withdrawal -0.00816976 BTC 0.00000000 Bison 18.03.2023 17:08:45
Withdrawal -3.00000000 BTC 0.00100000 BTC 0.00000000 18GcKvB3rQEs7P6jxu4qiC3GHdv1tmWa 3.0 BTC 24.03.2023 21:57:06
Withdrawal -1212.00000000 48554 4.00000000 USD 0.00000000 Coinbase 26.06.2022 12:40:22
Withdrawal -1212.00000000 48554 4.00000000 USD 0.00000000 Coinbase 26.06.2022 12:40:22
Deposit 134.40000000 GBP 0.00000000 08.09.2022 09:36:38
Deposit 11.00000000 XRP 0.00000000 cRYPTO.COM 03.03.2023 16:12:44
Withdrawal -0.99900000 XRP 0.00010000 BTC 0.00000000 Young . 0998 btc su ledger 19.03.2023 16:17:25
Deposit 50.00000000 EUR 0.00000000 bsdex 07.03.2023 09:23:43
Deposit 1000000.00000000 LUNC 0.00000000 KuCoin man entry 14.03.2023 01:58:19
Deposit 260.00000000 USTC 0.00000000 KuCoin manual entry 14.03.2023 23:47:19
Withdrawal -3916327.23451200 IDR 6000.00000000 OMI 0.00000000 Okex 19.03.2023 13:13:43
Withdrawal -3030027.27866600 CARDANO 6653.40300000 OMI 0.00000000 Bitforex 19.03.2023 13:13:43
Withdrawal -0.90000000 ETH 0.00000000 19.03.2023 15:44:23
Withdrawal -1.00000000 DARK 0.00000000 19.03.2023 15:44:23
Deposit 0.07299850 RIO 0.00000000 22.03.2023 11:48:54
Withdrawal -9.00000000 AVAX 505.98000000 22.03.2023 13:34:50
Deposit 1000.00000000 BRL 0.00000000 22.03.2023 14:44:07
Deposit 12.00000000 MCOXX 0.00000000 22.03.2023 19:53:47
Deposit 1011.19800000 ALGORAND 0.00000000 Voyager Mining 1 ALGO from Wallet 24.03.2023 01:09:19
Deposit 171288.61000000 POLYMATH 0.00000000 Voyager Mining 1 POLYMATH from Wallet 24.03.2023 19:09:01
Withdrawal -1.00000000 PLN 0.00010000 PLN 0.00000000 BTCEX Mining 18GcKvB3rQEs7P6jxN8u4qiC3GHdv1tmWa 24.03.2023 21:57:06
Withdrawal -7000.00000000 UNISWAP 100.00000000 USD 0.00000000$MILLII724 B7 ??? 28.03.2023 16:49:48
Deposit 4430.51000000 CKB 0.00000000 31.03.2023 15:17:45

Exact: 0 | High: 0 | Medium: 0 | Low: 0 | No match: 27