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Validate Transactions

This tool validates all transactions for errors and lists them in the table below (e.g. wrong or missing tickers, illegal special characters or line breaks in tickers, incorrect numbers, wrong dates, spaces at the end of exchange names and trade groups, different asset values and more). If the list is empty, no errors were found. Click on the PLUS icon on the left of each row to see the error messages.

What can be done on this page?

  • Validate your transactions for possible issues
  • Search and sort your entries
  • Review error messages by clicking on the PLUS icon in every row

Possible problems and solutions

  • All errors need to be fixed on the Enter Coins page. Please review the error message(s) to know what to do.
  • The 'urgency' can be ERROR (need to be fixed as it may break reports), WARNING (should be fixed to avoid wrong data in reports) and NOTICE (low prio warning, but worth a look, because it can lead to wrong calculations in some reports)

All transactions with errors, warnings and notices

Urgency 종류 매입 Cur. 매도 Cur. 수수료 교환 Trade Group 코멘트 거래일자
Urgency 종류 매입 Cur. 매도 Cur. 수수료 교환 Trade Group 코멘트 거래일자