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All your CoinTracking transactions. Click on the blue plus in a line to display additional details. Use the search or the advanced search to find specific trades.

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What can be done on this page?

  • Check all your trades and transactions
  • Search and sort your entries
  • Use the advanced search
  • Filter all entries by type, exchange, group and date
  • Export all entries as CSV, Excel or PDF
  • Open additional transaction data by clicking on the 'plus' icon
  • Access the full view

Possible problems and solutions

  • This page shows the same entries as the Enter Coins page. If some entries are missing here, please enter them there.
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종류 매입 Cur. 매도 Cur. 교환 Trade Group 코멘트 거래일자
종류 매입 Cur. 매도 Cur. 교환 Trade Group 코멘트 거래일자