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CoinTracking · Chart

Total value of all currencies in EUR

The colors represent your currencies value in EUR.
Coins in green, Commodities in orange, Real Currencies in black and Total Account Value in blue or red.

CoinTracking · Chart

Value each currency in EUR

The colors represent your coins, commodities and currencies value in EUR.
Disable some currencies in the legend to remove them from the graph.
CoinTracking · Chart

Amount each currency

The amount of each currency per day. Each currency is placed on its own Y axis.
CoinTracking · Chart

Current value each currency in EUR

Your currencies current value in EUR.
CoinTracking · Chart

Trading volume in EUR

你的 EUR 交易的买入和卖出价值. 每个柱状体代表你的一笔交易。所有的交易额用以前的兑换率转换成 EUR。
在一笔公平的交易中,买入和卖出价值是平衡的(相等长度)。 在不公平交易中(极端例子:以1 EUR 卖出1比特币),则买入卖出价值不平衡。
Zoom the chart in order to increase the columns.
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