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New CoinTracking Features and Updates

An overview of all our published features and updates for CoinTracking.

Updates and Improvements 01.06.2024 10:01
[New Feature] [Improvement] [Bugfix]
- new API import: Northcrypto
- GEMINI (API error messages solved)
- (withdrawal fee supported)
- MEXC (PnL data now imported with Closed Date)
- Kraken (Earn fee supported)
- Bitpanda (stock transactions skipped)
- TIDEX (API error message solved)
- OKX (OKX Earn exchange added, Sub Account instructions adjusted)
- Bitso (API error message solved)
- Coinbase (new API format supported)
- Binance US (API error message solved)
- (API error message solved)
- Swyftx (Airdrop and Affiliate improved)
- Coinbase Exchange (all transactions importediert, API error message solved)
- new CSV import: Nexo PRO
- Coinbase (Convert transactions supported, new format supported, Advanced transactions improved)
- One Trading (Trades improved)
- MEXC (new formats supported, fees improved)
- Bybit (new format supported, funding fees improved)
- BingX (new formats supported, fees improved)
- Bitpanda (stock transactions skipped)
- Bitget (fees improved, Rebates supported)
- CoinEx (third currency fee supported, new file formats supported, trade fees improved)
- Bitfinex (neuew file format Ledger supported)
- KuCoin (new formats supported)
- HitBTC (Inactivity fee supported)
- Ledger (deposit fee removed)
- App (duplicates skipped)
- Exchange (new formats supported)
- Poloniex (trades improved)
- Coinmate (Market Buy and Sell supported)
- improvements: SOLANA - SERUM Dex, RAY and Staratlas & more addresses supported, (see FAQ "My blockchain transactions are not imported correctly. Why?")
- Several Ticker updates for correct assignments, price history and logos
- improvements of tax reports (Finland - separated gains and losses, Austria - several improvements, Spain - more digits added to PDF, Germany - Freigrenze and other wording adjusted, Canada - T1135 foreign FIAT adjusted, US - FBAR and excel export improved, Italy - crypto/crypto and stable coin improvements)
- filter settings on all pages saved permanently per account
- Un/Realized gains report - sum on all export formats added

We appreciate all the feedback we've received and have already sent individual notifications to those who provided it. Thank you for your valuable input!

Updates and Improvements 26.04.2024 10:34
[New Feature] [Improvement] [Bugfix]
- Bitso (improved Import)
- Bybit (transaction types adjustments)
- BTC Markets (improved Import)
- Kraken (improvements in Earn & Trade)
- Coinbase (Partial limit order & Fiat chargeback improvement)
- Bitstamp (improved Trades, Earn supported)
- Coinbase Prime (Partial fill order improvements)
- Bitrue (fee improvements)
- Kraken (Staking Slider improved)

- Wallet of Satoshi (new file format supported)
- exchange (Airdrop supported)
- BingX (time zone update, new transaction types & new file format supported)
- MEXC (new file formats supported, timestamp improvement)
- Poloniex (new file format supported)
- Uphold (transaction types adjustments)
- Kraken Futures (funding fee adjustments)
- Kraken (Earn & trade improvements, new file format supported)
- Swissborg (fee adjustments)
- GEMINI (trades improvements)
- Coinmerce (Earn improvements)
- Criptan (support for new transaction types)
- Coinbase (Rebates & unwrap transaction supported)
- OKX (Interest deduction supported)
- BYDFi (new file format supported)
- Bitget (Interest transactions supported)
- (fees improved)
- Bake (recurring buy & dust converts supported)
- App (Card spend transactions, Staking, Dust and trade improvements)
- TAXBit (trade improvements)
- Bitstamp (new file format & Lending supported)
- OneTrading (new file format supported)
- Nexo (Transfer Nexo PRO, EURx, Credit Card Overdraft Authorization & Top Up, Interest and Loan improved)
- Ledger Live (new format supported)

- Improvements: Optimism - fee adjustments, zkSync - trade improvements, Solana - ticker adjustments, Ronin - additional address format supported, Base - bridge transfer support, MultiversX - Staking fee supported, Solana - BONK duplicates avoided (see FAQ "My blockchain transactions are not imported correctly. Why?")

- Several Ticker updates for correct assignments, price histories and logos
- Improvements to tax reports (Spain - Modello 721 Excel and total sum added, Belgium - added long-short slider with description, Austria - new requirements supported AVCO new and FIFO old, Italy - new 2023+ rules & Redditi Quadro RW Report)
- Trade List (full view) - column settings saved permanently per account
- App: failed import messages improved

We appreciate all the feedback we've received and have already sent individual notifications to those who provided it. Thank you for your valuable input!

Updates and Improvements 20.03.2024 08:25
[New Feature] [Improvement] [Bugfix]
- KuCoin (instructions updated)
- Coinbase ('Partial Limit Orders' imported, staking transactions improved)
- Bitget (instructions updated)
- Kraken (Staking improved)

- Binance (new P2P file format supported)
- App (Trades, Recurring Trades, Expense and conversion transactions improved)
- OKX (trades, staking, PnL & fees improved)
- Bybit (instructions updated, new file formats supported)
- KuCoin (new file formats supported)
- KuCoin Futures (new file format supported)
- MEXC (new file formats supported, fees improved)
- Bitget (new transaction types supported)
- Bitvavo (fees improved)
- BlockFi (new file format supported)
- Bittrex (new file format supported, fees improved)
- Coinbase (staking transactions improved)
- Criptan (new file format supported)
- Bitrue (transaction types improved)
- Voyager (new transaction types supported)
- Poloniex (Trades and fees improved)

- Improvements: Solana - NFT purchases & trades improved, Elrond renamed to MultiversX & improved, DeFiChain - LP transactions improved, BTC - taproot supported (see FAQ "My blockchain transactions are not imported correctly. Why?")

- Several Ticker updates for correct assignments, price histories and logos
- Improvements of tax reports (capital gains report - search by multiple keywords, search separated by semicolon added, Austria - further improvements like depot separation & Staking, Spain - Modello 721 report added, Sweden - ACB method added)
- All contract IDs shown and searchable on coin trends pages

We appreciate all the feedback we've received and we have already sent individual notifications to those who provided it. Thank you for your valuable input!

Updates and Improvements 19.02.2024 11:59
[New Feature] [Improvement] [Bugfix]
- ByBit Unified (PnL data improved)
- Binance US (FIAT withdrawals improved)
- Coinbase (fees, partial limit order, timestamp, FIAT transactions improved)
- Bitfinex (Trades improved)
- Bitget (trade fees improved)

- New CSV importer: Bitvavo, Wallet of Satoshi
- Bitstamp (RFC 4180 format supported)
- Ledger Live (deposit fee improved)
- Binance (transfers between Main/Funding/Futures/Spot supported)
- Exodus (fees improved)
- Bake (Liquidity Pool name added)
- OKX (new trade history format & new transaction types supported)
- NEXO (new transaction type supported)
- Bitget (new transaction types supported, fees & FIAT trades improved
- KuCoin (new file formats supported)
- Coinmetro (new file format supported)
- MEXC (new file formats supported)
- Coinbase (Rewards and deposits improved)
- Bison ('shares' and 'ETF' transactions will be skipped now)
- Deribit (trade 'open sell' improved)

- Improvements: Solana - liquidity pool transactions improved, Bitcoin - fee & xpub & zpub improved, Cosmos - staking & DEX supported, Osmosis - DEX, staking rewards & 'GAMM' LPs supported (see FAQ "My blockchain transactions are not imported correctly. Why?")

- Several Ticker updates for correct assignments, price histories and logos
- Improvements of tax reports ('LP rewards income' setting Slider added, Austria - further improvements)
- Coins by Exchange (diagram and balances aligned)
- Dark mode view improved
- iOS App Fixes and Updates (trade view, Currency ticker with dash useable)

We appreciate all the feedback we've received and we have already sent individual notifications to those who provided it. Thank you for your valuable input!

Updates and Improvements 18.01.2024 12:15
[New Feature] [Improvement] [Bugfix]
- New API import: Atani
- Binance (additional Futures PnL data supported)
- Bitvavo ('Repaid fees' supported)
- Coinbase (fee, FIAT, 'partial filled' trades improvement)
- Kraken Futures (Deposit & 'Multicollateral Conversions' improved, 'Unwind Counterparty' supported)
- MEXC ('Bonus Future Trading' and 'Funding rate' supported)
- OKX (withdrawal fee optimized)
- Exchange (Withdrawal transactions optimized)
- Bybit (Margin Trades optimized)

- ('corrective position' and 'welcome bonus' supported)
- Binance (additional Futures PnL data supported, trades & credit card transactions improved, Autoinvest supported)
- BTCPay (new format supported)
- NEXO (additional transaction types supported)
- OKX (PnL import & Convert improvement, new Trading History format and 'Untradeable Asset' withdrawal supported)
- Kraken Futures (Deposit & 'Multicollateral Conversions' optimized)
- Bitpanda (FIAT deposit/withdrawal slider optimized)
- App (Defi purchases supported)
- Bittrex (new format supported)
- MEXC (Bonus Future Trading and Funding rate supported)
- (Dust swap supported)
- exchange (Trade import & Withdrawal transactions optimized)

- Improvements: Cosmos, Solana, Ripple & Pulsechain - 'no imports' fixed, SOLANA - Token Blacklist option added, DeFiChain - more transaction types supported (see FAQ "My blockchain transactions are not imported correctly. Why?")

- Several Ticker updates for correct assignments, price histories and logos
- Improvements of tax reports (Germany - depot separation active by default, Austria - several improvements)
- Custom Exchange Importer (Export function for settings added)
- Backup ('Umlauts' in comments field supported)
- Excel Importer (Duplicate check improved)
- Enter Coins page (page number added above the transactions)

We appreciate all the feedback we've received and we have already sent individual notifications to those who provided it. Thank you for your valuable input!

Updates and Improvements 08.12.2023 13:32
[New Feature] [Improvement] [Bugfix]
- Bitmart (withdrawal amounts adjusted)
- One Trading (Rebranding from Bitpanda PRO)

- new CSV import: TAXBit
- Wirex (info comments updated)
- Bake (new transaction types and currencies supported)
- (new transaction types including 'spend' supported)
- Bitget ('Ordinary Withdrawal', trades and internal transfers improved, 'Exchange Income' and 'Exchange Spending' supported)
- Binance ('small assets exchange', 'Airdrop assets' and 'sell to card' supported)
- Bitstamp ('Conversion' and 'Staking Rewards' supported)
- eToro (Withdrawal, fees and other transaction types improved)
- Kraken Futures (Funding fee import improved)
- Coinmetro (fee import improved)
- CoinEx (new file format supported)
- OKX ('Funding Account history convert' supported)
- One Trading (Rebranding from Bitpanda PRO)

- new importer zkSync
- improvements: DeFiChain - LP supported; PulseChain, Ronin and Tezos import issues fixed (see FAQ "My blockchain transactions are not imported correctly. Why?")

- Several Ticker updates for correct assignments, price histories and logos
- improvements of tax reports (UK: added tax forms for 2022/2023, Germany: 'Year end balance' option and additional options added, Canada: airdrop and staking included in taxable income)
- Added loan transaction types to Excel Template, Balance by Exchange - Summary improved, Coin/token contract address on Coin Trends page and search added
- iOS and Android App Fixes and Updates (listing of commodities and their values on balance page)

We appreciate all the feedback we've received and we have already sent individual notifications to those who provided it. Thank you for your valuable input!

Updates and Improvements 09.11.2023 19:14
[New Feature] [Improvement] [Bugfix]
- Binance ('Convert' transactions now supported)
- MEXC (withdrawal fee improved)
- Coinbase (Airdrops and bonus/gift supported)
- Binance US (Staking and withdrawals improved)
- Bitfinex (Slider 'convert settlements in Trade' added, Margin profit/loss improved)

- Bitcoin Suisse (Market order now supported)
- NEXO (new transaction types now supported)
- Binance (larger file size now supported, fees improved, new transaction types supported)
- Phemex (positive funding fee imported)
- KuCoin (new CSV files supported)
- OKX (new transaction types supported, new file format supported)
- GEMINI (Withdrawal Amount improved)
- MEXC ('Futures Fund Flow' file supported, fee improved)
- Bitstamp (new file format supported)
- BSDEX (deposits imported)
- (NFT transactions, Filled limit order and expenses supported)
- Coinmate (new file format supported)
- eToro (new transaction types supported)
- Bittrex (new file format supported)

- new BETA importers: BASE, LINEA
- improvements: PULSE, METIS, DFI, ATOM, LUNA, XRP - improved imports, TRON - transfer history supported (see FAQ "My blockchain transactions are not imported correctly. Why?")

- Several Ticker updates for correct assignments, price histories and logos
- improvements of tax reports (US: remove incoming gift/tip from 'schedule 1 and 1040' form, non-taxable transactions added to export, Italy: crypto to crypto option added)
- Balance by Exchange - time filter and export added, Daily Balance - PDF export improved, Coins by Exchange - export added
- iOS and Android App Fixes and Updates (list commodities and their values on balance page)

We appreciate all the feedback we've received and we have already sent individual notifications to those who provided it. Thank you for your valuable input!

Updates and Improvements 02.10.2023 10:56
[New Feature] [Improvement] [Bugfix]
- MEXC (error messages fixed due to new permissions)
- Coinspot (all trades with same timestamp imported)
- Bitget (trade pairs correctly imported now)
- Kraken (latest timestamp for deposits and earliest timestamp for withdrawals used)
- MEXC (withdrawal fee corrected)
- Bitpanda ('Crypto Index' transactions supported - not provided via Bitpanda CSV)
- Poloniex (Trades imported, live view improved)
- Bitfinex (claiming, settlement fee correctly imported now)
- Coinbase ('partial filled trades' and 'more advanced trades' imported now)

- NEXO (new file format supported, transaction description in comment)
- eToro (improvements for USD transactions)
- Bitget (fees improved)
- BingX (fees improved)
- bake (referal signup Bonus correctly imported, added voting rewards)
- Bison (stock fees imported now)
- Kraken (latest timestamp for deposits and earliest timestamp for withdrawals used)
- Haru Invest (Trades correctly imported now)
- App ('precredit' & 'repayment' supported, unlock/lock/unfilled limit order not imported)
- BingX (all trades imported now)
- BSDEX (added support for new file format)
- GEMINI ('redeem' imported as withdrawal)
- NFTBank (new file format supported now)
- exchange (new 'deposit_withdrawal' format supported now)

- New importer: Terra 2.0 BETA
- Improvements: ALGO - some withdrawals added, CRO - 'failed transactions' skipped, Solana - NFTs with N- Ticker imported now(see FAQ "My blockchain transactions are not imported correctly. Why?")

- Several Ticker updates for correct assignments, price histories and logos
- Improvements of tax reports (General report: non-taxable income added, Germany - loss carried forward removed)
- New loan transaction types added (described in FAQ "Transaction Types")
- All CSV exports are in account timezone and CSV import options are using account timezone as well
- Balance by exchange and Coin by Exchange reports - option to hide exchanges that are no longer in use
- iOS and Android App Fixes and Updates (Exchange auto complete, show account name, notifications, added new transaction type support, price alert improvements, Auto Refresh and Reload)

We appreciate all the feedback we've received and we have already sent individual notifications to those who provided it. Thank you for your valuable input!

Updates and Improvements 28.08.2023 11:11
[New Feature] [Improvement] [Bugfix]
- Bitpanda (Live balance added, 'Crypto Index' transactions now supported)
- KuCoin (sub account instructions added, grid bot transactions improved)
- Bitfinex ('settlement fee' and 'claiming' correctly imported now)
- MEXC (adjustment to new API version)
- Binance ('Referral commission' same as CSV import)

- exchange (new file formats supported, update of instructions)
- Bitstamp ("skip FIAT" - slider added)
- eToro (new file format for 'English' now supported, additional transaction types now supported)
- Bitget (Spot Trades with same timestamp now supported)
- BingX ('Standard Futures PnL' transactions now supported)
- (new file format now supported)
- App ('VIBAN' trades now supported)
- Bitpanda (Crypto Index transactions now supported)
- TradeOgre ('currency pairs trades' correctly imported now)
- MEXC (German futures PnL file format now supported)

- Improvements: Cardano - Indigo Defi protocol now supported, GoChain - LP support added (see FAQ "My blockchain transactions are not imported correctly. Why?")

- Several Ticker updates for correct assignments, price histories and logos
- Improvements of tax reports (new: Italy, translation: Finland, Adjustments: US - 'Swap Trades' removed from form '8949', Austria - 'Sum amount' and PDF improved)
- Balance by Exchange page - added Excel, CSV, PDF export option
- Adjusted of Timestamp for 'CSV export' in 'Enter Coins' page
- New transaction type "Swap" added
- Excel Import Template - new columns added

We appreciate all the feedback we've received and we have already sent individual notifications to those who provided it. Thank you for your valuable input!

Updates and Improvements 31.07.2023 12:52
[New Feature] [Improvement] [Bugfix]
- Bitget (new API version supported, 'cancelled orders' not imported any more)
- Bybit (new 'Unified Account' importer, error messages fixed)
- Coinbase ('not found' error fixed)
- Binance ('cancelled orders' not imported any more)

- eToro (english files now supported)
- MEXC (new Spot Trade file format supported, 'Future PnL' File support added)
- Bitpanda (added 'FIAT deposit/withdrawals' slider, 'Unstake' imported correctly)
- Bitpanda PRO (fee import improved)
- ('Unfilled Limit Order' not imported any more, new format supported)
- Binance (support for the following transaction types: Card Cashback, Stablecoins Auto-Conversion, Simple Earn Flexible Airdrop, Leverage Token Redemption, transaction fee)
- Bitget (new transaction types supported)
- Poloniex (completely revised including instructions, new format supported)
- Bitcoin Suisse (new format supported including staking)
- Bake (LP token support improved)
- Coinbase ('Card Buy Back' and 'Card Spend' now supported)

- improvements: ETH - Validator transactions improved, DeFiChain - Vault and Loan supported (see FAQ "My blockchain transactions are not imported correctly. Why?")

- Several Ticker updates for correct assignments, price histories and logos
- improvements of tax reports (update of explanations: Germany, Spain & UK, new: India)
- improved E-Mail verification process

We appreciate all the feedback we've received and we have already sent individual notifications to those who provided it. Thank you for your valuable input!

Updates and Improvements 05.07.2023 10:45
[New Feature] [Improvement] [Bugfix]
- New API import: Bitrue
- Deribit (Swap Trades supported)

- New CSV import: Coindex
- Exchange (support for new file format, new date format and Trade Volume of Business)
- 21bitcoin (date format fix)
- KuCoin Futures (support for new file formats)
- Bitrue (support for new file formats)
- Kraken (support for Credit card purchase and airdrop)
- BingX (support for new file formats)
- Ledger Live (support for NFT purchases)
- Binance (Instructions adjustment and adjustment of transaction types swap farming and FIAT buy)
- Coinmerce (support for new file formats)
- BSDEX (FIAT deposit/withdrawals now supported and slider implemented)
- Bitget (Short Trades now supported, fees improved)
- Bake (Rebranding from Cake DeFi, Elite bonus types adjusted)

- Improvements: Solana - support for new transactions types, Cardano - WingRider improved & 'Controlled Stake' now supported & UTXO transactions improved, support for ETH - Validator Staking Rewards (see FAQ "My blockchain transactions are not imported correctly. Why?")

- Several Ticker updates for correct assignments, price history and logos
- Update of tax reports (new: Denmark & Belgium & New Zealand, Update: Austria, Canada - default slider settings, Spain - new sum groups)
- New partner benefits (CryptoTaxAudit)

We appreciate all the feedback we've received and have already sent individual notifications to those who provided it. Thank you for your valuable input!

Updates and Improvements 26.05.2023 10:48
[New Feature] [Improvement] [Bugfix]
- Binance US ('Dust Converts' supported)
- BitMEX (PnL data imported)

- New CSV import: 21bitcoin, SorareTools, eToro, BingX
- Cake DeFi (all CakeELITE transaction types are now supported)
- Bybit (support for new formats, PnL - adjusted currency)
- Bitpanda (further improvements in 'Staking' and adjusted note for Airdrops)
- OKX (new file formats supported, sub-account import support using individual exchange names)
- Exchange (new file formats supported)

- Improvements: DeFiChain - support for more transaction types, leading to better balance results; all chains - adjusted Liquidity Token Live Balance ticker (see FAQ "My blockchain transactions were not imported correctly. Why?")
- BETA importers now available for all users

- Several adjustments of Coin Tickers, Price History, and Logos
- Improvements of tax reports (Spain - sums for the four categories, translation complete, added Finland)

We appreciate all the feedback we've received and have already sent individual notifications to those who provided it. Thank you for your valuable input!

Updates and Improvements 27.04.2023 08:56
[New Feature] [Improvement] [Bugfix]
- New API Import: CoinNexus
- Bittrex (Fixed Live Balance view)
- Bitfinex API (Support for Settlement Fees)
- Binance (Support for 'sold', 'revenue', 'Large OTC trading', 'OCBS', 'Referral Commission')
- Binance US (Support for 'convert')

- New CSV Import: Phemex (new version)
- Binance (Support for 'Large OTC trading', 'OCBS', 'Referral Commission')
- exchange (Support for 'Soft Staking')
- Ledger Live (Skipping 'OPT_IN', Importing 'NOMINATE' as 'Other fee')
- Zerion (Support for new file format)
- Cake DeFi (Importing '10 year freezer reward' as 'Staking' instead of 'Bonus', Support for 'Exit Staking Wallet fee', 'Exited YieldVault' and 'CakeELITE' transaction types)
- Binance US (Support for 'convert')
- Bitpanda (Support for new staking transaction types)
- Deribit (Support for new format and negative cash flow)

- Improvements: Cardano (Importing staking rewards instead of bonus), Arbitrum (Added Scam coin filter, see FAQ "My blockchain transactions are not imported correctly. Why?")
- Custom exchange name limit increased to 25 characters
- Live balance view now available for all blockchains

- Several ticker updates for correct assignments and price history
- Improvements to tax reports (Austria - Stable coins, NFTs, Derivatives sum, Provide/Remove liquidity as non/taxable setting, new tax report for Spain, new T1135 for Canada)
- TaxDown integration for Spain
- iOS and Android app fixes and updates (Support for account deletion in app)

We appreciate all the feedback we've received and have already sent individual notifications to those who provided it. Thank you for your valuable input!

Updates and Improvements 24.03.2023 14:21
[New Feature] [Improvement] [Bugfix]
- Kraken ('Bonded Staking' supported, Parachain transfers fixed)
- Celsius (error 403 fixed)

- New CSV import: SorareTools
- Voyager (new format supported)
- Cake Defi (Bonus/Airdrop and YieldVault supported)
- Binance (following transactions are now supported: 'buy', 'spend', 'sold', 'revenue' and 'Binance convert')
- Kraken ('Bonded Staking' supported, Parachain transfers fixed)
- App (lock/unlock transactions will be skipped)

- Improvements: Solana - ORCA pool supported, Cardano - MiniSwap & WingRider protocol added, option added to aggregate BTC - transfers, ETH - new PoS Rewards imported & Multisig support (see FAQ "My blockchain transactions are not imported correctly. Why?")
- NFT Center improvements (Layout adjustments, fixed error: 'wrong location')
- API Live View: wallet amount displayed per blockchain increased

- Several adjustments regarding coin ticker assignments and price histories
- Improvements of tax reports (Austria - Airdrop non taxable, US - schedule B added & Excel Download option, Germany - WISO export income added)
- iOS and Android App Fixes and Updates (Charts, coin alerts & push notification)
- Filters are now 'scrollable' in all reports
- Loading time improvements for large number of transcactions for the following views: "Trade List" and "Trade List (Full View)"

Many thanks to all who has provided feedback! Individual notifications have already been sent to you.

Updates and Improvements 21.02.2023 10:19
[New Feature] [Improvement] [Bugfix]
- GEMINI (new transaction type added)
- (new transaction types added)

- New CSV import: Haru Invest
- CakeDefi (new 'Earn' types and 'Collateral' supported)
- Bison (new CSV format supported)
- Binance ('Referrer Rebates' supported)
- Bityard/BYDFi (rebrand to BYDFi, new format supported, timezone selection)
- Bitcoin Suisse (FIAT, new transaction types added, 'Staking Rewards' supported)
- GEMINI ('Earn' improved)
- OKX (new CSV format supported)
- (new transaction types added)
- BSDEX improvements
- Instruction updates: Trezor, Uphold

- Improvements for BNB, BSC, ADA (see FAQ "My blockchain transactions are not imported correctly. Why?")
- New liquidity mining method for all blockchains (see FAQ "Import von Liquidity Pool/Mining Transaktionen")

- Several Ticker updates for correct assignments and price history
- New transaction types added
- Optimization of several tax reports (Germany, Australia, UK, TurboTax instructions)
- iOS and Android App Fixes and Updates

Updates and Improvements 14.01.2023 13:09
[New Feature] [Improvement] [Bugfix]
- Renamed exchange OKEX to OKX
- Bybit (more spot and deposit transactions, Live balance view)
- Coinbase (API update: support of Advanced Trades)
- Independent Reserve (Self Trades improved)
- Coinspot (Staking optimized)

- New CSV import: Phemex
- BSDEX (duplicate deposits removed)
- Nexo (credit card payments with loans improved, Transfers Nexo PRO added)
- Bybit (support for new format)
- Bitpanda (support for new format, Staking now supported)
- Bitpanda PRO (support for new format)
- Iconomi (new transaction types added)
- IDEX (date format adjusted)
- Binance (new EARN transaction types added, new format added)
- KuCoin (fees improved)
- Exodus (improved duplicate check)
- Poloniex (support for new format)
- Swissborg ('Thematic' trades added)
- Coinmerce (support for new format)

- Improvements for Elrond, Polkadot, Terra, Ethereum (see FAQ "My blockchain transactions are not imported correctly. Why?")
- Live View added for AVAX, BSC, Polygon and Fantom
- BTC xpub option to aggregate internal transfers

- Several Coin Ticker updates
- Tax reports optimized (Germany, Austria, Excel Export options for some countries)
- 'NFT conversion' and 'price per unit' options added to 'Group edit'
- Jump button added to 'Trade List' and 'Transaction Flow Report'
- 'Enter Coins' view extended with additional columns
- iOS and Android App Fixes and Updates

Updates and Improvements 30.11.2022 13:17
[New Feature] [Improvement] [Bugfix]
- OKEX (new API version and optimizations)
- Poloniex (new API version)
- Bitfinex (new API version, futures PnL, Live Balance)

- Gemini (optimization of Earnings)
- Trezor (support for new format)
- exchange (support for new format)
- HitBTC (support for new format)
- Binance (import of cash voucher distribution)
- Coinbase (import of Learning Rewards, Advanced Trades via CSV only)
- Idex (support for new format)
- Nexo (support for new format)

- Improvements for Cardano (see FAQ "My blockchain transactions are not imported correctly. Why?")
- Cardano Live balance, Aggregate internal transfer option

- Several Ticker updates for correct assignments and price history
- New Android app version
- Improvements for tax reports (Germany)
- Custom prices and NFT center
- 'Missing Transactions' report ("Jump" icon, new filter options & settings)
- New BETA imports and improvements (thank you for your feedback)

Updates and Improvements 18.10.2022 12:17
[New Feature] [Improvement] [Bugfix]
- Gemini (update for fees)
- OKEX (update for fees + fix for passphrase bug)
- Kraken (optimization for 'move to EARN')
- KuCoin (optimization for loans)
- Bibox (support for live balance)
- Binance (support for futures)
- Bybit (support for spot transactions)

- Trezor (update for Wallet ID Option)
- Binance (import of futures and cashback vouchers)
- NEXO (optimization for repayment and loans)
- Cake Defi (import of withdrawal fees)
- Swyftx (import of airdrops)
- OKCoin (import of fees)
- Coinmerce (support for new format)

- Optimization for Ethereum + Solana

- Several updates to coin tickers
- BETA program (can be found in the advanced settings)

Updates and Improvements 16.09.2022 12:25
[New Feature] [Improvement] [Bugfix]
- Exchange (improved import)
- Independent Reserve (improved deposit/withdrawal import)
- OKEX (import for same timestamp transactions)

- New CSV imports: Coinfinity & Exchange
- Iconomi (improved withdrawals)
- Swissborg (improved interest and timestamp detection)
- Gemini (support for Earn transactions)
- (import for credit card cashback rewards as non taxable event + support for Mission Rewards)
- (support for new format)
- Hotbit (improved fee import)
- Celsisus (support for new format)
- Bybit (support for new formats)
- NEXO (improved Loan/Repayment import)
- Exodus & Trezor (improvements & support for new Trezor Suite format)
- Cake DeFi (improved exit stake fee import)
- Binance (improved duplicate detection)
- KuCoin (support for new date format)
- Swyftx (improved fee import)

- Improvements for Ethereum, Avalanche & Terra

- Several Ticker updates for correct assignments and price history
- Tax report improvements (for Germany)

Updates and Improvements 01.08.2022 11:12
[New Feature] [Improvement] [Bugfix]
- New API import:
- Kraken (improved Staking import)
- Kraken Futures (improved PnL and fee import)
- Coinbase (support for Advanced Trading)

- New CSV import: Northcrypto, Coinmetro und
- Pocket Bitcoin (update for timestamps)
- Swissborg (support for new format)
- HitBTC (improved fee import)
- (import Cashback Rewards as non taxable event)
- GEMINI (support for Earn transactions)
- Kraken Futures (update for PnL and fee imports and support for new format)
- NEXO (support for withdrawalcredit)

- New import: Elrond
- improvements for Ethereum, Polkadot and Solana (see FAQ "My blockchain transactions are not imported correctly. Why?")
- improvements for the NFT import

- Several Ticker updates for correct assignments and price history
- Updates for tax reports (Germany, Switzerland, US)
- Android App Update with several improvements
- Improved Live View sorting
- New Partner Benefits

Updates and Improvements 03.07.2022 11:29
[New Feature] [Improvement]
- Coinbase (support for new transaction types)
- Bittrex (Support for larger number of transactions)

- new CSV imports: Yield App + Bityard
- Coinbase PRO (Optimization of internal transactions to Coinbase)
-, Hotbit, Electrum Wallet, GEMINI, OKCoin (Support for new format)
- Digital Surge, Coinbase, NEXO, Swyftx, Hodlnaut (Support for new transaction types)
- BlockFi (Support for the withdrawal fee)

- improvements for Terra, Tron, Ethereum (see FAQ "My blockchain transactions are not imported correctly. Why?")
- new imports: Arbitrum, Optimistic, Cronos, Elrond
- Non taxable option for Liquidity Pools added
- Xpub import for BTC, BCH, BSC, DASH, DOGE, LTC, ZEC

- Several Ticker updates for correct assignments and price history
- Extension of tax reports (Germany, Australia)
- new CoinTracking Android mobile app version with numerous improvements

Updates and Improvements 07.06.2022 09:51
[New Feature] [Improvement] [Bugfix]
- (trading fees fix)
- Independent Reserve (support for Self Trades)
- MEXC (diverse improvements)

- Binance (support for new format, Liquid Swap, Launchpad, Leverage Token Purchase and Swap Staking)
- Bitpanda PRO (support for new format)
- (trading fees fix)
- NEXO (support for new format and new transaction types)
- Hodlnaut (support for new format)

- Improvements for BSC, AVAX, TRX, ETH, MATIC/Polygon (see FAQ "My blockchain transactions are not imported correctly. Why?")

- Several Ticker updates for correct assignments and price history
- Multi methods tax years (different calculation methods now possible for each tax year)
- Gift and Donation report (new column with gain/loss)
- German Tax report improved (footer)
- Excel import improved (number format update)
- T1135 form improved
- Tax report: Date format matches account settings format
- Beta integration for French tax reports via our partner COQONUT.FR

Updates and Improvements 08.05.2022 11:29
[New Feature] [Improvement]
- KuCoin (further API improvements)

- New CSV imports: NFTBank, MEXC, KuCoin
- Binance US (support for fees improved)
- Cake Defi (support for fee reimbursed & entry staking wallet)
- BlockFi (support for new transaction types + the old and new CSV format)
- Nexo (support for the new CSV format)
- OKEX (support for the new CSV format with spot trades)
- Deribit (support for the new CSV format)
- Bitrue (support for the new CSV format)
- (support for the new CSV format)

- improvements for Polygon, ETH, BSC (see FAQ "My blockchain transactions are not imported correctly. Why?"), new Liquidity pool method (see FAQ)

- Several ticker updates for correct assignments and price history
- Changed Long period to 1 year and 1 day
- Improvements for the T1135 Canadian tax form

Updates and Improvements 03.04.2022 10:08
[New Feature] [Improvement] [Bugfix]
- New API imports: Bitso & MEXC
- Gemini (support for Earn transactions)
- Poloniex (support for Withdrawal Fees)
- Kraken (import Margin Fees as Margin Loss)
- Celsius (support for Reward/Interest transactions)
- BTC Markets (improvement for a large amount of transactions)
- KuCoin Futures (fixed import error message)
- Luno (support for trades)
- OKEX (new passphrase adoption)

- New CSV import: Voyager
- NEXO (support for the new CSV format)
- (support for the new date format)
- Binance US (fix for fees)
- Iconomi (support for new transaction types)
- Cake Defi (support for Entry&Exit Staking and swaps with a fee)
- Bybit (support for new format with PnL data)
- Kraken (import Margin Fees as Margin Loss)
- BSDEX (support for new format)
- Celsius (support for Reward/Interest transactions)
- Criptan (support for additional transaction types)
- Custom exchange import (support for all transaction types)

- improvements for ETH, AVAX (see FAQ "My blockchain transactions are not imported correctly. Why?")

- Several ticker updates for correct assignments
- tax reports (improved Form 8949 format)
- Flow Chart report (performance improvement for large amount of transactions)
- Balance by Exchange (view per line alignment improved)

Updates and Improvements 07.03.2022 15:27
[New Feature] [Improvement] [Bugfix]
- OKEX (Staking transactions and other improvements)
- FTX (support for internal stable coin swaps + USD stable coin pools)
- Celsius (fixed rounding issues for interest payments)
- Bybit (support for Spot trades and transfers)
- Kraken (Earn ETH update)
- KuCoin (new API version)

- Binance (support for full-year files)
- OKEX (Staking transactions and other improvements)
- Kraken (Earn ETH update)
- Celsisus (update for transfers)

- improvements for BSC, ETH and AVAX
- SOLANA import E-Mail notification added
- new ETH Import version and support of deflationary tokens

- Several Ticker updates for correct assignments and price history
- CSV exports now also contain the Tx-ID
- new partner benefits

Updates and Improvements 11.02.2022 10:33
[New Feature] [Improvement] [Bugfix]
- Bybit (support for Spot withdrawals)
- Celsius (loan adjustments + unification for exchange names & comments in CSV and API)
- Binance (new version and tab structure, the legacy API can still be used)
- Bitstamp (adjustment for decimal places and negative amounts)
- GEMINI (support for earn transactions)
- Independent Reserve (support for trades against itself)
- Exchange (support for deposits and withdrawals)

- Cake Defi (support for withdrawal fees + promotion bonus)
- Binance (separation of Binance US, import for wrong payout duplicates + import of Dust2BNB as trade)
- Binance US (improved quick buy)
- Celsius (support for rewards + swaps)
- App (import for supercharge staking as withdrawal)

- Improvements for BSC, FTM, XLM, TERRA, Solana, Tron (see FAQ "My blockchain transactions are not imported correctly. Why?")

- Several ticker and price history updates
- Tax report (new US tax report, sum losses KAP+SO, flow chart)
- Excel import (plausibility check for wrong entries)

Updates and Improvements 18.01.2022 10:11
[New Feature] [Improvement]
- New API import: KuCoin Futures
- Bybit and many other exchanges added to Live balance view
- Kraken (KSM staking improved)
- FTX (fee for Market Order transactions improved)

- New CSV import: Digital Surge, Hodlnaut & Criptan
- OKEX (additional CSV format added)
- Binance (Updates for commission rebate, staking & liquid swaps)
- Trezor (support for new CSV format)
- Nexo (support for new CSV format)
- Kraken (KSM staking improved)
- Ledger (Delegate and Reveal improved)
- BlockFi (support for ACH trades)

- Further blockchains added to Live balance view
- DFI chain via Altcoin importer (only basis transactions, no LP)
- Improvements for AVAX, SOLANA, ETH & POLKADOT

- Several ticker updates for correct assignments and price history
- Tax report updates: updated US tax report, improvements for the flowchart, HMRC and ACB
- New partner benefits: Cryptoquant & Steuerbot

Updates and Improvements 17.12.2021 14:57
[New Feature] [Improvement] [Bugfix]
- new API import: KuCoin Futures
- Celsius (transaction type adjustment)
- Import for Kraken Earn transactions

- new CSV import: KuCoin Futures
- new CSV import: Bison
- Binance (ETH 2.0 Staking now imported)
- Celsius (transaction type adjustment, support for new transaction types, Trade IDs now imported)
- (support for new format)
- HitBTC (support for new format)
- Uphold (support for new format and new transaction types)
- BSDEX (support for new format)
- Kraken (support for Earn transactions, import of FIAT fees when FIAT transfers are disabled)
- OKCoin (support for new format and interest)
- BlockFi (support for ACH transactions)
- Exodus (Update for deposit fees)

- new blockchain imports: AVAX & TERRA
- SOLANA (SPL transfers now correctly imported, support for DEX trades)
- ETH (OpenSea atomizer support)
- MATIC (Curve Staking support)
- Fix last import date display on blockchain import pages

- several Ticker updates for correct assignments and price history
- tax report (KAP+SO, ACB and HMRC improvements, German headers in PDFs)
- new partner benefits
- Speed optimization of the recalculation
- From now on you can manually delete up to 5000 transactions at once in the table on the Enter Coins page. To delete more transactions, please use the "Bulk Edit/Delete" function.

Updates and Improvements 20.11.2021 12:44
[New Feature] [Improvement] [Bugfix]
- Celsius (Live balance update)
- Binance (several improvements, e.g. improved duplicate check, support of referral kickback transactions)
- Poloniex (several improvements, e.g. for fee, trade and income transactions)
- Coinbase (VISA card payments are now imported)
- GEMINI (several improvements, e.g. optimized import of earn transactions)
- FTX (lending and staking is now imported)
- Coinspot (fees are now correctly imported)
- Kraken (separation of spot and earn wallet)

- New import: Phemex
- Binance (improved duplicate check)
- (new format now supported)
- Coinbase (new format is now supported)
- CakeDefi (5 year bonus is now supported)
- Kraken (separation of spot and earn wallet)
- Bitcoin Suisse (new format is now supported)
- Zerion (new format is now supported)

- ETH (Live balance update)
- Improved blacklist filter for BSC, ETH, MATIC and FTM imports
- EOS (new blockchain explorer:
- BSC (several improvements, e.g. improved import of staking improved)
- ADA (staking rewards are now imported as staking)
- SOLANA (staking rewards are now imported as staking)

- Several ticker updates for correct assignments and price history
- Tax report (Fill-in-Help KAP+SO for German tax reporting, bulk delete option for tax reports, separate sum for margin gains and losses)
- Solana as custom price currency available
- New partner benefits: NordVPN, Hyblock and Phemex

Updates and Improvements 25.10.2021 12:20
[New Feature] [Improvement] [Bugfix]
- Celsius (several improvements, e.g. simplified API import, live balance view)
- Bitvavo (fixed import)
- Binance API v1 (Dust2BNB fees are now imported)
- (futures PnL data is now supported)

- NEXO (transaction type adjustments for loan and liquidation)
- CakeDefi (new liquidity mining transactions and withdrawal fees are now imported)
- BlockFi (new transaction types e.g. for credit card payments)
- Trezor (new format is supported)

- New Import: Polkadot
- Added blacklist option for scam coins imported with blockchain imports (for BSC, ETH, MATIC, FTM)
- ETH (several improvements e.g. Redeem and OpenSea transactions)
- MATIC (VaultSwap is now supported)
- BSC (VaultSwap is now supported)

Updates and Improvements 30.09.2021 14:01
[New Feature] [Improvement] [Bugfix]
- New import: Celsius
- Bitpanda (BEST as a bonus and fee storage now supported)
- FTX (sub-account handling simplified)
- Bitstamp (fee fixes)

- New import: Bitrue
- NEXO (ticker and time zone adjusted, fixed transaction types)
- Bitpanda (BEST as bonus are now supported)
- CakeDefi ("freezer liquidity mining bonus" and "10 year freezer reward" now supported)
- (several improvements, e.g. support of new format)
- BlockFi (wire withdrawal now supported)

- New import: Fantom (liquidity and staking supported)
- New import: Tron
- Cardano (several improvements, e.g. improved import of staking addresses and rewards)
- Solana (several improvements, e.g. for SOL reward dates, fees, staking)
- ETH (several improvements e.g. HEX staking and support for NFTs)

- Several ticker updates for correct assignments and price history
- Optimized Flow Chart Report

Updates and Improvements 11.09.2021 11:22
[New Feature] [Improvement] [Bugfix]
- Binance (fix for transactions with FIAT)
- FTX (sub-accounts with spaces are now supported)
- Coinbase (credit card payments are now supported)
- Bitmex (margin PnL are now imported)
- Bibox (fee fixes)

- New import: BSDEX
- New import: BTCPay (import of Lightning transactions)
- New import: Luxor Mining
- Binance (support of new formats, optimized duplicate check)
- AscendEx (formerly Bitmax, new format now supported)
- Exodus (new format now supported)
- Coinbase (credit card payments are now supported)
- CakeDefi (freezer bonus now supported)
- (new format now supported)

- Polygon (several improvements, e.g. support of new LP protocols and balancer transactions)
- ETH (several improvements, e.g. support of new LP protocols and balancer transactions)

- several ticker updates for correct assignments and price history
- autocomplete for "incoming exchange" while adding new transfers

Updates and Improvements 20.08.2021 10:55
[New Feature] [Improvement] [Bugfix]
- Binance (adjustment of transaction types + FIAT deposits and withdrawals are now imported)
- Huobi (fix for fees)
- Kraken Futures (fix for transfers between accounts + deposits and withdrawals are now imported)
- Swyftx (fix for sell transactions)
- KuCoin (fix for lending/staking transactions)

- Kraken Futures (fix for transfers between accounts + deposits and withdrawals are now imported)
- Binance (adjustment of transaction types + improved duplicate check)
- Bybit (new format now supported)
- Celsius (cancelled transactions will be skipped, bonus & promo code rewards are now imported, USDT-ERC imported as USDT, Loan Principal Payment imported as non taxable income/expense)
- NEXO (customer account time zone now recognized + Liquidation and Interest Discount are now imported)
- (transfers from app wallet to exchange are now imported)
- CoinEx (fix regarding fees)
- Uphold (failed transactions are not imported any more)
- AscendEX (new format is now supported)

- MATIC Polygon (several improvements, e.g. adjustment of transaction types + missing transactions are now imported)
- BNB (fix for transaction types and other improvements)
- BSC (lottery and claiming transactions are now supported)

- several ticker updates for correct assignments and price history
- tax report: update for depot separation for withdrawals
- tax report: new sum and subtotals sorting in the capital gains report

Updates and Improvements 05.08.2021 15:48
[New Feature] [Improvement] [Bugfix]
- New import: Kraken Futures
- KuCoin import update (fix for duplicates, fixed API job error messages)
- Gemini import update (AdminDebit is now imported as Other Expense and AdminCredit as Other Income, fixed API job error messages)

- New import: Kraken Futures
- Binance Complete import (Beta) update (add FIAT deposits/withdrawals as an option, sub-account transfer added, card payments now imported)
- Cake DeFi import now supports the new file format

- New import: MATIC/Polygon
- Ethereum import update (added Plasma bridge transfers, fixed missing and duplicate transactions, "check now" added to legacy ETH import)

- Several coin ticker updates
- Tax report: AVCO tax method now shows the pool date
- Tax report: Depot separation for OPTI calculation method added

Updates and Improvements 17.07.2021 10:45
[New Feature] [Improvement] [Bugfix]
- Exodus CSV Import now supports the new file format
- AscendEX CSV Import now supports the new file format
- Binance CSV Complete Import Update (fix for transaction types + missing transactions)
- CSV Import Update (fix for internal transfers, DUST transactions)
- Nexo CSV Import Update (fix for missing transaction types)
- Coinex CSV Import Update (fix for missing trade pairs)
- Cake Defi CSV Import Update (fix for internal transfers)
- Coinex CSV Import Update (fix for missing trade pairs)
- HitBTC CSV Import Update (fix for deposits/withdrawals)
- Coinbase CSV Import Update (fix for FIAT purchasing fees)
- CSV Import Update (fix for wrongly imported transactions)
- Exodus CSV Import Update (fix for missing transactions)

- Okex API Import Update (support of API v5)
- Binance API Import v2 Update (fix for transaction types, missing transactions)
- Indodax API Import Update (fix for withdrawal fees)
- Coinspot API Import Update (fix for fees)
- API Import Update (support of API v4 with margin and future trades, fix for missing transactions)
- Swyftx API Import Update (fix for missing transactions)
- Bitvavo API Import Update (fix for fees, wrongly imported transactions)
- Bithumb API Import Update (fix for missing transactions)
- Coinbase API Import Update (fix for wrongly shown error message)

- BitBox Wallet CSV Import Update (fix for missing coins)

- Ethereum Blockchain Import Update (fix for new smart contracts, missing/duplicated/wrongly imported transactions, NFT trades)
- Binance Smart Chain Blockchain Import Update (fix for new smart contracts, missing transactions)
- Binance Chain Blockchain Import Update (fix for new smart contracts)

- Several Ticker updates for correct assignments and price history
- Corporate accounts: Backups can be created for all sub-accounts
- Tax report: PDF download update for loss transactions
- Date format was changed on the Enter Coins page
- Added Stratos partner benefits

Updates and Improvements 18.06.2021 10:53
[New Feature] [Improvement] [Bugfix]
- New Blockchain import: Stellar (XLM)
- New Blockchain import: Binance Chain (BNB)
- New CSV import: Relai
- New CSV import: Binance Complete Import (Beta)
- New API import: Binance v2 (Beta)

- HitBTC CSV import now supports the new file format
- ByBit CSV import now supports the new file format
- Bitpanda CSV import now supports the new file format
- AscendEX CSV import update (fix for fees)
- Kraken CSV import update (fix for trades)
- Cake Defi CSV import update (fix for liquidity trades, bonus trade types)
- Iconomi CSV import now supports the new file format

- Binance API import update (fix for trades and duplicates)
- Binance Pro API import update (fix of rate limits error, deposit transactions, fees)
- Bitfinex API import update (fix for margin trades, balances, API errors, reward trades)
- Bitstamp API import update (fix for fees)
- Luno API import update (fix for general import)
- Bitstamp API import update (fix of undefined error)
- Gemini API import update (new trade type "admincredit" added, fix for earn trades)
- Liquid API import update (fix for deposits/withdrawals)
- Kucoin API import update (fix for rate limits)
- Poloniex API import update (fix for wrong characters in comments)

- Ethereum Blockchain import update (fix for liquidity process and other DeFi processes)
- Binance Smart Chain Blockchain import update (fix of DeFi processes)

- Tax report conversion setting updates for "Best Prices" (stable coins are now ranked higher than other coins in the "Best Prices" calculation)
- Affiliate Program: additional payment methods
- Several Ticker updates for correct assignments and price history
- TurboTax export file format fixes

Updates and Improvements 30.04.2021 17:14
[New Feature] [Improvement] [Bugfix]
- New CSV Import: Swissborg

- OKEX CSV import now supports the new file format
- Trezor CSV import now supports the new file format
- CSV import update (new transaction types)
- Nexo CSV import update (new transaction types)
- Bitcoin Suisse CSV import update (support for multiple formats)

- Kucoin API import update (support for Kucoin v2 API Keys - all v1 API Keys will be deactivated by Kucoin on 1 May 2021!)

- Bitfinex API import update (import of airdrops + profit/loss updates)
- Bitpanda API import update (import of ICOs)
- Indodax API import update (fix for ratelimit errors)
- Bittrex API import update (fix for withdrawals)

- Binance Smart Chain Import Update

- Airdrops and rewards can now be excluded from the capital gains calculation
- FBAR Report adjustments in the tax reports

Updates and Improvements 19.04.2021 09:40
[New Feature] [Improvement] [Bugfix]
- CSV updates
- Bitpanda CSV updates
- Support of the new NEXO CSV format
- Support of the new OKCoin CSV format
- Bitcoin Suisse CSV import fixes
- CoinEx CSV import fixes
- ADA Wallet import updates
- Binance API upgraded to the new API version
- The Binance API can now import the Tx hash for deposits/withdrawals as comment - this is an optional feature
- The exchange BitMAX was renamed into AscendEX

- Update of the tax fees export
- TurboTax export updates for the TurboTax online version

- New Partner Benefits: Crypto Careers and ByBit

- The new weekly CoinTracking newsletter can now be subscribed to in the account settings, featuring helpful clarifications over crypto tax questions, and tips for you to take advantage of CoinTracking's features

Updates and Improvements 31.03.2021 13:50
[New Feature] [Improvement] [Bugfix]
- New API Import: Swyftx
- New CSV Import: Bithumb Global
- New CSV Import: Coinmerce
- Support of new IDEX CSV format
- New ZERO tax method (PnL as close as possible to 0)
- Nexo CSV Import Updates
- Kraken API Import Fixes
- Option to calculate assets based on any specific date in the past on the Balance by Exchange Report
- Support of new Hotbit CSV format
- BCH Blockchain Import fixes
- ETH Blockchain Import fixes
- Support of new Bitpanda CSV format
- Added new transaction types for BlockFi CSV Import
- Hotbit CSV Import Fixes
- Calculation of margin losses sum updated in tax reports
- Added new transaction type "Nominate" and more updates for Ledger Live CSV Import
- Updated T1135 report
- Added group sales by date for tax and gains reports

Updates and Improvements 23.03.2021 12:28
[New Feature] [Improvement] [Bugfix]
- New Blockchain import: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
- New API import: FTX US
- HitBTC CSV Import now supports the new file format
- Several Binance API import fixes
- Binance CSV import for withdrawals now supports the new file format
- Exodus CSV import update
- FTX API import update
- Luno API import update
- OKCoin CSV import now supports the new file format
- API import fix regarding key signature issues
- Some Coinbase Pro API imports did not finish. This has been fixed.
- Export PDF of daily balance report shows incomplete data. This has been fixed.
- Form 8949 was updated with a new value "VARIOUS" for the sales acquire date, when multiple purchase dates exist
- Two new price conversion methods added ("Buy Price" and "Sell Price")

Updates and Improvements 11.02.2021 15:26
[New Feature] [Improvement] [Bugfix]
- New revised themes (desktop & mobile): light, dimmed, dark, black
- Import videos for Kraken, Binance and Bitstamp (more video coming soon)
- New advanced tools for Unlimited and Corporate users to group transactions
- In the "Current Balance" all assets smaller than 10 USD can be hidden from now on
- Other fees are now also shown in the report "Trading Fees", furthermore the average fees per transaction are now calculated for all exchanges
- Revenues from staked coins can now be calculated with a short-term of 10 years

- New import: Bitvavo API
- CREX24 CSV updates and support for new Tx-types
- Kraken update (API & CSV) for the new staking format
- Kraken import now supports credit transactions
- API import now supports fees, earn transactions and app wallet withdrawals
- The Ledger Live import now supports fees
- The Bitfinex API import now also supports staking rewards
- The BlockFi import now supports trades, bonus transactions, and ACH deposits
- The Ripple blockchain import now supports fees
- The Hotbit CSV import now also supports fees
- In some cases, the Bitstamp API did not import fees. This has been fixed
- Timezone settings for the CSV import as well as fix for aborted transactions
- Cardano Blockchain import update
- Coinbase Pro API import update
- TurboTax Desktop version update to the new format

New imports 14.01.2021 18:07
[New Feature]
- Crex24
- Nexo
- Swyftx
- Iconomi
- BlockFi
- Bitcoin Suisse
- BitBox (Multi edition + Bitcoin-only edition)
- Bitcoin / Altcoin Core Wallets

Updates and Improvements 14.01.2021 18:07
[New Feature] [Improvement] [Bugfix]
- Binance API update: Import of deliverable Futures, Binance Savings and Binance Earn Income transactions
- Kucoin API update: Bonuses, Incentives and similar transaction types are now imported
- Bybit CSV fix for withdrawals
- CSV update: import recurring purchases, skip internal transactions, and support for different date formats
- Bitpanda API update: withdrawals are now imported with the appropriate fee. Also fixed the import of commodities (gold, silver, etc)

- Video guides for 14 reports on the reporting overview page (more guides will follow soon)

Updates and Improvements 31.12.2020 15:53
[New Feature] [Improvement] [Bugfix]
- New Ripple Blockchain import
- New Binance Commission CSV import for affiliate bonuses
- Update of the Bybit API import with support for USDT transactions
- Staking import fix for the Kraken API
- Support for Uniswap fees in the ETH+DEX import
- Support for third currency fees in the Poloniex import

- Celsius CSV import - new CSV format
- CSV import - internal tx are now skipped
- Updated import instructions for Binance, Bitstamp, Bitpanda, Bifinex, BitMax, BTC-Markets and Electrum

- New functions in the Audit Report including the selection of tax methods (FIFO, LIFO, HIFO...)

- New Partner Benefits: Gemini, High Performance Blockchain, NewsCrypto and TokenMetrics

CoinTracking wishes you a happy, safe and healthy New Year 2021.

Updates and Improvements 01.12.2020 17:48
[New Feature] [Improvement] [Bugfix]
- New IDEX API import (new API keys have to be created because IDEX has deactivated the old API)
- The IDEX API now supports GAS fees

- Support for internal transactions between sub-accounts with the Binance API
- Binance API update for the import of futures and options, which are now fully imported (margin trade profits/losses are still not provided by Binance)

- Support for withdrawal fees in the Huobi API
- Coinbase API update (automatic restart of imports if they are interrupted by technical errors on Coinbase)

- Extension of the "Validate Transactions" report to show transactions with incorrect fees
- Better error description for all CSV imports
- For all Blockchain and Wallet imports, all transaction-types can be set from now on (airdrop, interest, staking, etc.)
- New report "Coin per Exchange", shows the location of all coins, assets and currencies as new payment provider 22.11.2020 14:34
[New Feature]
As of now, CoinTracking account upgrades can also be purchased with the App or in CRO-Tokens (in addition to purchases with more than 50 supported Coins, PayPal, Credit Card, Google Pay or via Bank Transfer).

Updates and Improvements 22.11.2020 14:34
[New Feature] [Improvement] [Bugfix]
- New OKEX API import
- New CSV import for Zerion

- Support for the new HitBTC CSV format
- Improved ETH DEX imports
- Abra CSV import now also imports interest
- Updates on the FTX PnL converter
- ETH Wallets added to Live Balance View
- Bitpanda Pro CSV update for withdrawals fees
- Rewards/Bonuses can now be imported at all supported exchanges
- Update of the Bitstamp API with support for all new coins and better import of fees

- Improved HMRC Excel exports
- Fixed the percentage values in the 'Daily Balance' if the previous value is 0
- All wallet addresses and Xpubs now link to the Block Explorer view
- Negative signs are now automatically removed for all numbers on the Enter Coins page

- Fix for table sorting by date for all users who have chosen a custom and non-standard date format
- Not valid transactions are now automatically skipped and highlighted as a warning in the CoinTracking CSV import
- In addition to a 'Label', all wallet imports can now also have a 'Exchange/Wallet name' assigned. This simplifies the overview for accounts with several wallets and offers new possibilities for filtering and sorting data

Updates and Improvements 15.10.2020 13:37
[New Feature] [Improvement]
- New EOS Blockchain import
- Support for new Kraken CSV files (exported after 10. Oct. 2020) and for all old Kraken CSVs (exported before 10. Oct. 2020)

Updates and Improvements 12.10.2020 14:28
[New Feature] [Improvement] [Bugfix]
- New Blockchain imports: ADA, DASH, DOGE, LTC and ZEC
- Support for the new Kraken API and CSV format
- Support for the new Gemini CSV format
- Acceleration of BTC and ETH wallet imports
- Fix for cancelled orders
- Fix for HitBTC deposits and withdrawals
- Fix for fees
- With the WISO tax export, only short-term profits are exported from now on, since WISO currently incorrectly counts long-term profits as short-term

ETH Wallet Import Updates 02.09.2020 13:13
[New Feature] [Improvement]
- Support for DEX trades
- Support for ETH swap trades (exchange one token for multiple tokens)
- Skip fees for failed ETH transactions if 'import ETH fees' is not set

Partner Benefits 28.08.2020 18:05
[New Feature]
In order to add even more value to your CoinTracking subscription we’ve partnered with a wide variety of crypto services across the industry to bring you a series of exclusive deals, discounts and free cash + cryptos.
New deals are added weekly!
You can find all deals here: Account -> Partner Benefits

Tax Report Updates 28.08.2020 18:04
[New Feature] [Improvement]
- New OPTI tax method for all countries that allow a tax optimized method (e.g. Austria, USA, etc.)
- Optional entry of personal data for PDF tax exports (e.g. name, address, tax number, etc.)

Updates and Improvements 15.08.2020 15:23
[New Feature] [Bugfix]
- Custom prices for coins can now also be set in ETH, EOS and Fiat currencies

- Fix coin allocation for DOT, FTT, ONG and BTT
- Fix coin allocation and historical prices for DEC, SCC and LOCK

Tax Report Updates 12.07.2020 12:29
[New Feature] [Improvement] [Bugfix]
- Automatic calculation of all margin, futures and derivatives PnL (now included in the Capital Gains Report)
- Improved "Best Price" method for better coin-to-coin conversion
- Schedule D, Schedule 1 and Form 1040 exports added to all Form 8949 PDF downloads
- New and fully automated depot separation (tax lots)
- Optimization and improvement of some rules for HMRC, AVCO and ACB reports
- Significantly faster tax report calculation
- Improved detailed reports with new layout

Updates and Improvements 24.06.2020 17:54
[New Feature] [Improvement] [Bugfix]
- fix for users with very old transactions (7+ years)
- "insufficient credits error" fix
- Binance fees in a third currency (e.g. BNB) are now imported as "Other fees"
- Updates for the Gemini import
- Import of Kraken staking transactions
- The Kraken API now also imports PnLs with more than one currency per trade
- Kraken Live Balance: Fix some coin names
- Update of the transactions to be imported for Bybit imports (CSV and API)
- Support for Bitfinex affiliate discount transactions
- Support for Poloniex staking transactions
- Support for new transaction types for LedgerLive CSV imports
- For Deribit CSVs the new and the old CSV format is now supported
- The import of the fee for Hotbit CSV imports has been adjusted

- Fix for BET Coins (BET = DaoBET | BET2 = EarnBET | BET3 = BetaCoin)
- Fix for DEV Coins (adjustment of the price source and historical prices)
- 112 new coin icons added

- New tax reports for HMRC, AVCO and ACB

- New Excel import template with new transaction types (can be downloaded from the Excel import page)

- The selection and edit of many transactions (1000+) at once was slow in some browsers (Enter Coins page). This has been fixed.

- New exclusive third party discounts for all CoinTracking Premium Users (more discounts will follow soon)

New transaction types 13.05.2020 13:09
[New Feature]
As of now, numerous new transaction types are available, such as
- Margin gains and losses
- Derivatives & Futures
- Dividends
- commercial mining income
- Airdrops
- Staking
- Masternodes
- Interest
- Other fees
- and many more

API and CSV imports have been adapted to support these new types.
Of course, all transactions can still be added or changed manually on the Enter Coins page.

Cryptosheets integration 30.03.2020 16:21
[New Feature]
Connect your CoinTracking API with Cryptosheets' add-ins to automatically import and sync your CoinTracking data with Excel & Google Sheets.
Further information can be found here: "Account -> API"

Updates and Improvements 30.03.2020 16:21
[New Feature] [Improvement]
- New CSV import
- New Bitpanda Pro CSV import
- Updates for Coinspot, Binance, Bittrex and IndependentReserve
- Export function for all tables on the "Balance by Currency" page

Updates and Improvements 03.03.2020 15:13
[New Feature] [Improvement] [Bugfix]
- Support for the new Coinbase CSV format
- Updates to the Coinspot API
- Optimization of the ETH Wallet import
- Acceleration of the Coinbase Pro API import
- Acceleration of the OKEX API import

- At the bottom of the "Coin Charts" page you will now find further analyses for all coins, including UTC trends, as well as opening and closing prices

Updates and Improvements 11.02.2020 15:21
[New Feature] [Improvement]
- New Celsius Network CSV import
- New API import
- New Bitfinex margin trade import

- Update of the Uphold CSV import to the new date format
- Update of the Tradeogre CSV import to the new date format
- The Coinbase CSV import now supports EOS
- The Poloniex API now also supports the import of payouts
- The Bitpanda import now also supports palladium and platinum transactions

- New format for the 2020 version of the Form8949 PDF report
- Blank pages can now be skipped in the Form8949 PDF report if needed

Updates and Improvements 08.01.2020 18:42
[New Feature] [Improvement] [Bugfix]
- Tax Report settings are now permanently saved and do not have to be selected again each time
- 3 charts added to the report "Current Balance" (distribution of currencies and coins)
- Added filter to the "Missing Transactions" check to hide matches
- Added checkbox for the report "(Un)realised gains" to hide currencies equal/less zero
- Added sorting in the report "Balance by Exchange" to sort by coin name or by value
- All chart titles in the dashboard are now linked to the respective reports
- New Deribit CSV import

- Fix for deposits and withdrawals for the changed Binance API
- Fixed trading fee for EUR/USD trades in the Bitstamp API
- Fixed the chart labels for the "Balance by Exchange" chart, if the grouping is set to "Transaction Type"
- Income reports added to ACB tax calculations
- Optimized number formatting for all charts

Updates and Improvements 02.01.2020 15:35
[New Feature] [Improvement] [Bugfix]
- New chart on the User Statistics page "Historical distribution across all portfolios"
- CoinEx CSV import added
- Support for Bitmax CSV files created by the Bitmax Support Team
- Support of Gold and Silver transactions at Bitpanda (incl. conversion to ounces)
- Support for Independent Reserve API import fees
- PDF export error on the Trade Analysis page fixed
- Correct coin mapping for: VGX, BQX, ETHOS, TRIAS, WIN and WINK
- 270 new coin icons added

Updates and Improvements 20.12.2019 15:06
[New Feature] [Improvement] [Bugfix]
- Ledger Live CSV import added
- STEX API and CSV import added
- Tezos (XTZ) support for Coinbase CSV imports
- STX fix for Binance imports
- The Custom Exchange Import can now overwrite wrong date formats
- When printing and saving tax reports as PDF files, personal data (such as name, address, tax number, notes) can now be added if needed

Updates and Improvements 10.11.2019 16:46
[New Feature] [Improvement]
- Bybit CSV and API import added
- 260 new Coin icons added
- Bitpanda now also imports gold and silver transactions via CSV and API
- Binance API can now also import Binance Dividends + support for Binance JEX
- Binance CSV: Support for Binance Jersey, Binance US, Binance JEX and
- Update for Binance BNB fees in CSV imports
- Optimization for Bitstamp fees in API imports
- New CSV format for BitMax
- Update of the Bitfinex API import for Margin Trades (the API import is now slower, but can import all Margin Trades and not only those of the last 12 months)

Updates and Improvements 14.10.2019 14:55
[New Feature] [Improvement]
- Bitpanda API import
- ACX CSV import
- Adjustment to the TradeOgre CSV format
- Adjustment to the Abra CSV format
- Optimization of the HitBTC API
- Optimization for Coinbase Instant Exchange Transactions, as well as for deposits by credit card or bank transfer to Coinbase

- Further exchanges were added to the "Live Balance Check" (e.g. Kraken and Binance US/Jersey)
- The ETH Wallet import now also supports internal transactions

- ACB tax reports can now also be downloaded as CSV (applies only to new created ACB reports)

- All charts can now be opened in fullscreen mode
- All tables now save the number of entries per page as well as the selected sort order. These settings are used individually for all tables.

New imports 26.09.2019 12:57
[New Feature]
New CSV imports for Changelly and Tradeogre

Updates and Improvements 26.09.2019 12:57
[New Feature] [Improvement] [Bugfix]
- Support for Binance US
- Binance now finally delivers withdrawal fees
- The BTC Blockchain import now supports native Segwit addresses
- Fix for cancelled Bitmax Trades
- Timestamp Fix for Bitfinex deposits and withdrawals
- Bibox now supports all bonuses/rewards/payouts, BIX as third currency and ONG trades are now mapped correctly

Updates and Improvements 02.09.2019 15:09
[New Feature] [Improvement]
- New API Import for BTC Markets
- Optimization of the Binance and Bitfinex API
- Additional price sources for USD and EUR added "Account -> Account Settings".
- Improved price sources for some Altcoins like VTHO

New Report 23.08.2019 12:25
[New Feature]
Reporting -> Validate Transactions
For checking imported and manually entered transactions.

Updates and Improvements 22.07.2019 10:53
[New Feature] [Bugfix]
- For some users slightly different asset values have been displayed on the "Enter Coins" page than in other reports (Enter Coins -> Edit -> Show Asset Values). This has been fixed.

- All PnL for foreign Fiat currencies can now be deactivated in the advanced settings on the Tax Report page

- Fixed a bug where the wrong time zone was used for some users in the chart on the Tax Report page

- Bitfinex API Deposit fee fix
- Cobinhood API fix
- Asset values are now exported with all JSON and XML exports
- Ticker and Chart fix for ABCC Token (AT)

Crypto tax laws and tax consultants 06.07.2019 11:01
[New Feature]
In cooperation with numerous CPAs, we have published summaries of relevant crypto laws in many countries around the world.

These crypto laws as well as a list of tax consultants who can help with the tax return for crypto currencies can be found here: 'Tax Report' -> 'Tax Information'.

New CSV imports 27.04.2019 18:29
[New Feature] [Improvement]
- Abra
- BitMax
- Coss
- Hotbit
- GateHub Wallet
- CryptoBridge Deposit and Withdrawal import
- Cryptopia Deposit and Withdrawal import

Updates and Improvements 18.04.2019 07:36
[New Feature] [Bugfix]
- Neue API import for IDEX
- Bitfinex now imports OMN correctly as OMNI

Updates and Improvements 27.03.2019 09:53
[New Feature] [Improvement] [Bugfix]
- New API import for Gemini
- New CSV import for CryptoBridge
- Support for the new CSV format of
- Support for the new CSV format of Bitpanda
- Support for the new API format of Luno
- Support for KuCoin Bonus payments
- XRP support for Coinbase added

- Bugfix for duplicates at Kucoin
- Bitfinex uses the ticker BAB instead of BCH. BAB transactions will now be imported correctly as BCH
- QTUM transactions are now correctly imported as such for Kraken
- Fee losses are now imported via the ETH importer correctly as loss and not as withdrawal

- New settings for the Turbo Tax Export
- Fix when rounding cent amounts in Form 8949 PDF Export

- IOTA are now correctly displayed and calculated as IOT in Live Balance

Updates and Improvements 19.02.2019 23:52
[New Feature] [Improvement]
- Update to the new Kucoin API version
- New Total-View page for all users with multiple accounts
- Binance allocation of BTT and CMT

Updates for the Tax-Report 19.02.2019 23:52
[New Feature] [Improvement]
- As of now, the depot separation (tax lots) can be activated for tax reports
- Update for the Form 8949 PDF Report
- New tax export for 'Drake Software'
- The detailed tax report no longer displays a warning if rounding errors occur after the 8th decimal place
- The TurboTax report now creates one new file per 200 transactions, because TurboTax cannot import more than 200-250 transactions per file at the moment

2 new reports 19.02.2019 23:52
[New Feature]
- 'Missing transactions' help to find missing deposits and withdrawals
- 'Duplicate transactions' search for duplicate entries in your account

Updates and Improvements 08.02.2019 12:54
[New Feature] [Bugfix]
- Form 8949 report now also available as PDF and print version
- Corrected prices for BCHABC, XIN and XIN2
- In some cases the Bitfinex API Importer has imported only the last 500 transactions. This has been fixed.

Updates and Improvements 29.01.2019 12:59
[New Feature] [Improvement] [Bugfix]
- New HMRC tax report for the UK

- Fixed USDC and USDT conversion for Coinbase Pro, Bitfinex and Binance
- Bibox API import support for deposits and withdrawals
- HitBTC API import support for withdrawal fees
- Fixed Binance IP ratelimit
- Fix for CSV import (deposits and withdrawals with the same Tx-ID are no longer considered as duplicates)

- New coin logos added
- Reduced number of lines in the TurboTax download, so it can be uploaded on the TurboTax website
- Fixed blurry font for PDF exports in Firefox on a Mac

New Import 14.01.2019 08:11
[New Feature]
- OKEX API Import

3 New Methods for Tax Calculation 22.12.2018 20:57
[New Feature]
By popular request, three new methods for tax calculation are now available to all CoinTracking users:

- AVCO - Average Cost
Similar to FIFO, but with the average cost basis for every purchase.

- ACB - Adjusted Cost Base
This special adjusted method can be used in some countries like Canada or Sweden.

- OPTI - Optimized Calculation
This method will always provide the lowest profit.
1) All purchases that are long-term (by default > 1 year) are sold first starting with trades with the highest profit.
2) If there are no more long-term purchases available, short-term purchases (by default < 1 year) will be sold, starting with trades with the lowest profit.

New Imports 16.11.2018 00:58
[New Feature] [Improvement]
- itBit API Import
- Poloniex CSV Import for Borrowing
- Bitfinex CSV Import for Deposits and Withdrawals (updated to the new Bitfinex format)

New Report: Number of Trades 11.11.2018 14:34
[New Feature]
Our new reporting tool shows the number of your transactions grouped by exchange, trade group, type and day, month or year.
You can find it here: Reporting -> Number of Trades

Roll Forward / Audit Report 30.10.2018 17:20
[New Feature]
The new Audit Report provides detailed analyses for tax calculations as well as monthly, quarterly and annual financial statements.
You can find it under: Reporting -> Roll Forward / Audit Report

New Imports and updates 23.10.2018 00:47
[New Feature] [Improvement]
- CryptoBridge CSV Import (new)
- Trezor CSV Import (update)
- Mercatox CSV Import (update)
- Binance API Import (update)
- TheRockTrading API Import (update)
- API Import (update)
- and some legacy import updates

New Imports 20.08.2018 15:07
[New Feature]
- Cobinhood API Import
- BitMEX API Import
- Bibox API Import
- API Import

CoinTracking Blog 12.08.2018 17:25
[New Feature]
News about CoinTracking, tips and tricks, and market analysis, now in our new blog:

New Imports 08.04.2018 16:21
[New Feature]
- Huobi API Import
- Qryptos API Import
- Quoinex API Import
- Uphold CSV Import

New Import 28.12.2017 01:11
[New Feature]
- Mercatox CSV Import

New Imports 26.11.2017 03:02
[New Feature]
- KuCoin API Import
- QuadrigaCX API Import

New Imports 16.11.2017 11:41
[New Feature]
- Trezor Wallet Import
- Mycelium Wallet Import
- HitBTC API Import

New Imports 25.10.2017 16:38
[New Feature] [Improvement]
- Circle CSV Import
- TradeSatoshi CSV Import
- Whaleclub API Import
- Updated Binance API Import (deposits, withdrawals & permissions)

New Imports 08.10.2017 15:53
[New Feature]
- Luno API Import
- CoinSpot API Import
- Updated Cryptopia API Import

CoinTracking Android App 30.09.2017 18:23
[New Feature]
Get the NEW CoinTracking App for Android!

New Imports 30.09.2017 18:23
[New Feature]
- CEX API Import
- Bithumb API Import
- Bitpanda Import

CoinTracking API 28.09.2017 01:01
[New Feature]
From now on you can access your trades, balances, historical values and coins, grouped balances and gains by new CoinTracking API.

API Exchange Balance (Live Data) 21.09.2017 00:36
[New Feature]
Check your current amount of coins and currencies for all your API connected exchanges on one page.
"Exchange API Imports" -> "Exchange Balance"

New Imports 21.09.2017 00:36
[New Feature]
- Independent Reserve API Import
- BitMarket API Import
- WEX (formerly BTC-e) API + Copy Import
- New QuadrigaCX Import

New iOS App update 07.09.2017 00:28
[New Feature] [Improvement]
Check the AppStore for the new CoinTracking App Update:
- Balance per exchange, group and trade type
- Switch between multiple accounts
- Optimized for iPads
- Charts and Prices for all Coins
A new Android app will follow soon.

New Imports 07.09.2017 00:28
[New Feature]
- Bleutrade API Import
- Tidex API Import
- Livecoin API Import
- API Import
- Novaexchange API Import

New Imports 22.08.2017 20:49
[New Feature]
- API Import
- API Import
- API Import

New Imports 19.08.2017 19:55
[New Feature] [Improvement]
- Gatecoin API Import
- Cryptopia API Import
- Coinbase API Import (beta)
- New BTC Transaction Import incl. Tx fees
- New BTCmarkets CSV Import

Realized and Unrealized Gains - new features 08.08.2017 19:42
[New Feature] [Improvement]
- Instant Gain Calculator: Know your profit/loss before selling
- Calculation Methods: FIFO, LIFO, HIFO, LOFO
- Filters: Select your Exchanges, Groups and Trade Types
- Short / Long indicator for all sales

Google 2-Step Verification and other security features 01.08.2017 23:19
[New Feature] [Improvement]
You can now secure your CoinTracking account with a 2-Step Verification.
In addition, we have installed additional security features you can find here:
Account -> Settings -> Security Settings

Bulk Edit function 01.08.2017 23:19
[New Feature]
New function for mass processing of trades or for the adjustment of time zones.
To be found on the "Enter Coins" page -> "Bulk Edit/Delete".

MAJOR RELEASE: New transaction types for all reports including the tax report 10.07.2017 19:45
[New Feature] [Improvement]
To be able to enter different transaction types more accurately and to get a more detailed classifications, we decided to orientate towards the common law and tax standards, by increasing the amount of transaction types.

With this additions it is possible to calculate the Tax-Report much more efficient, to add entries much easier and to improve the structuring of a portfolio on CoinTracking.

Additionally to the current 3 types of transactions (Trade, Deposit and Withdrawal) it is now possible to enter more types into our system. These new transaction types are considered in all reports and especially have an influence on the Tax-Report.

From now on, following transaction types can be added to our system and have impact on the calculations:

(EXCHANGE) Trade Purchases /Sales
Are listed in the Capital Gains Report.

(IN) Deposits (Transfer)
Are considered as transfers between wallets or exchanges and are not included in the calculation.

(IN) Mining
Are listed in the Income Report with the value at the time of transaction.

(IN) Gift/Tip
Are listed in the Income Report with the value at the time of transaction.

(IN) Income
Are listed in the Income Report with the value at the time of transaction.

(OUT) Withdrawals (Transfer)
Are considered as transfers between wallets or exchanges and are not included in the calculation.

(OUT) Spend
Are listed in the Capital Gains Report.

(OUT) Gift
Are listed in the Gift and Donation Report.

(OUT) Donation (registered charity)
Are listed in the Gift and Donation Report.

(OUT) Stolen/Hacked/Fraud
Are listed in the Lost and Stolen Report.

(OUT) Lost
Are listed in the Lost and Stolen Report.

Customize your Dashboard 19.06.2017 18:19
[New Feature]
Choose from different templates and charts to personalize your dashboard.

New Kraken API Import 24.05.2017 19:25
[New Feature]
We have released a new Kraken API import. It can import all trades, margins, deposits and withdrawals. It is also compatible with the Kraken CSV import.
The old Kraken API import will be switched off soon.

CoinTracking Android App 22.05.2017 15:07
[New Feature]
Get your CoinTracking App & Widget for Android from Google Play.
"Account" -> "App"

New Imports 22.05.2017 00:40
[New Feature]
- BX Thailand

New Wallet import for more than 200 Coins (BETA) 16.05.2017 17:02
[New Feature]
The new wallet import allows you to automatically import transactions of more than 200 coins (like LTC, DASH, I/O Coin,...) into CoinTracking.

New Import 16.05.2017 12:12
[New Feature]
- GDAX API Import

New Imports 15.05.2017 19:22
[New Feature]
- Bitfinex API Import
- Bittrex API Import

New Imports 05.05.2017 18:04
[New Feature] [Improvement]
- New Coinmate Import
- New Coinbase Import
- New Import
- GDAX Import (formerly Coinbase-Exchange)
- Improvement of the Bitstamp API Import

New Reporting: Trade Analysis 25.04.2017 17:12
[New Feature]
Analyze your trades by Coin Pairs. CoinTracking calculates your Average Purchase and Sales Price, your Break Even Price and the Profit/Loss.

New Import: Cryptopia 25.04.2017 17:12
[New Feature]
Cryptopia trades can now be imported

Trading Timeline 16.04.2017 00:10
[New Feature]
Have a look at the new "Timeline" at the bottom of your Dashboard.

Poloniex API Import 08.04.2017 15:42
[New Feature]
Use our new Poloniex API Import to import all your trades, margins, lendings, deposits and withdrawals.

Automatically Import for ETH Transactions 22.03.2017 17:27
[New Feature]
CoinTracking can now automatically import all your past and future transaction of your Ethereum address into your CoinTracking account.

Public Portfolio 19.03.2017 19:59
[New Feature]
From now on, you can create a public portfolio on CoinTracking, which can be shared with your friends.
"Account" -> "Public Portfolio"

New Kraken Ledgers import 17.03.2017 02:05
[New Feature] [Improvement]
The new Kraken import function can now import all deposits, withdrawals and user-defined fees.

New Reporting: Trading Fees 11.03.2017 21:30
[New Feature]
See all your trades that include a fee, including the calculated fee value at transaction and the current fee value.
And charts for fees, grouped by currency and exchange or trade group.

New Reporting: Current Balance 01.03.2017 18:59
[New Feature]
The current balance for all currencies you own.
Including your total amount, your current value in FIAT and BTC, the market price and trend charts.

Themes for CoinTracking 17.02.2017 17:11
[New Feature]
CoinTracking can now be displayed in the themes "light (original), dimmed and dark".

New import for 14.02.2017 15:26
[New Feature]
We just released an import function for

New Reporting: Tax-free coins (Short & Long Calculation) 06.02.2017 15:46
[New Feature]
Our new reporting calculates tax-free coins (long) and taxable coins (short) for any date and period.
The overview shows which coins can be sold tax-free at a specific date.

New importer for almost all exchanges 08.12.2016 18:14
[New Feature]
This custom importer allows you to import trades from almost any exchange and source. This also applies to exchanges that are not listed on CoinTracking.

If the exchange specifies the trade date and the currencies/coins in an export file (CSV, XLS, XLSX or TXT), the data can be imported.

Extension of the tax report - All currencies and coins in one report 08.12.2016 18:08
[New Feature] [Improvement]
Two weeks ago, we've released a new feature for the tax report.
This allows the profit and tax to be calculated simultaneously for all currencies and not just for a specific trade pair.

Useful for all users who trade many different coins but also to determine the tax for FIAT trades (for example, profits from EUR, USD and JPY trades).

New Reporting: Double-Entry List 11.11.2016 00:08
[New Feature]
All transactions including deposits, withdrawals and fees, split according to debit and credit.

New Reporting: Trade List (Full View) 11.11.2016 00:08
[New Feature]
You can now switch from the Trade List to a full view table with all trade details.

New Reporting: Realized and Unrealized Gains 19.10.2016 14:08
[New Feature]
Calculation of unrealized and realized gains for all your currencies including a coin-grouped summary.
It's the profit you've achieved till today with all your sales and the profit you would achieve if you sell all your coins right now.

The previous page, which calculates the average purchase price, has been renamed and can be found under "Reporting" -> "Average Purchase Prices".

New Reporting: Balance by Currency 08.10.2016 12:13
[New Feature]
This reporting shows the details for all your coins and currencies, including trades, amounts, values and volume, grouped by month or by year.

Set custom Prices for Coins and Currencies 08.10.2016 12:13
[New Feature]
On numerous requests we have included the possibility to set custom prices for coins and currencies. This can be useful for ICO coins, which are not yet on the market.
To do this, open the options in the Summary box (arrow symbol at the bottom) and select "Set custom Prices".

Show/Hide zero balance Coins in the Summary box 08.10.2016 12:13
[New Feature]
You can now show or hide currencies you once owned in the Summary box (All your currencies with a current amount of zero).
Open the options (arrow symbol at the bottom) and click on "Coins with Amount = 0" to show or hide them.
By default, these coins are hidden.

Coin sorting in the Summary box 27.09.2016 11:46
[New Feature]
Coins and currencies can be sorted by coin name, by coin value and by coin amount in the Summary box. BTC is always at the top.

Balance of all Currencies by Exchange or Trade-Group 18.06.2016 18:13
[New Feature]
See all your currencies grouped by exchange or by a custom trade-group under "Reporting" -> "Balance by Exchange"

Closing Position Report for Taxes 13.04.2016 23:04
[New Feature]
In addition to the Capital Gains Report, you can now see your closing positions in the Tax-Report. Including the totals of your remaining assets, the cost basis, the year end price, the profit and the weighted average purchase price.

Advanced Search (SmartSearch & RegEx) for all trades 11.04.2016 10:08
[New Feature]
With the advanced search, columns can be searched individually to find specific transactions. You can choose between a regular search with exact matches, a SmartSearch across word boundaries and Regular Expressions.

The advanced search is available on the following pages (above the default serach box):
- Enter Coins
- Reporting -> Trade List
- Reporting -> Trade Prices

CoinTracking in Korean 04.04.2016 18:39
[New Feature]
Thanks to Jisu Jung from for a full translation of CoinTracking into Korean.

Trade Prices 02.04.2016 18:17
[New Feature]
Check "Reporting" -> "Trade Prices" for a list of all trades with the respective converted trade price in BTC and Fiat on the time of each transaction. Useful for miners to get the Fiat prices for each deposit.

New API Import for The Rock Trading 15.03.2016 22:01
[New Feature]
Trades from the Rock Trading can now be imported automatically into CoinTracking.

CoinTracking now mobile-friendly on your Smartphone / Tablet 06.03.2016 15:34
[New Feature]
CoinTracking now detects mobile devices and automatically switches to the mobile mode incl. a new clearer navigation for mobiles and a much better presentation of all pages.
In the footer the mobile view can be enforced, deactivated or set to "automatic".

New Tax Report by FIFO, LIFO, HIFO and LOFO 28.02.2016 15:20
[New Feature] [Improvement]
On time for the tax season 2016, we present our new tax report.
It includes a capital gains report for sales of capital assets and can be exported to many formats such as PDF, CSV, Excel, Form 8949, TaxACT and TurboTax.

Parameters such as the tax rates for short and long term, the method of calculation, exchanges and currencies can be adapted as needed.

Import all transactions of a Bitcoin address 15.02.2016 18:03
[New Feature]
This new function will import instantly all transaction of a Bitcoin address into your CoinTracking account and will also add all future transactions of this address.
You can find it under: Enter Coins -> Automatic API Imports -> BTC Public Address Scan

Big expansion of the Tax-Tool 24.12.2015 00:01
[New Feature] [Improvement]
- Selection by exchange and by groups
- Interactive Balance Chart for the selected tax year
- Calculation of profit and/or gain
- Reports for missing purchase pools
- and much more
Early in 2016 further functions, as a CSV export for financial softwares, will be released.

We wish all CoinTracking users Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

New CSV Import for Coinbase-Exchange 16.12.2015 23:22
[New Feature]
All trades of new Coinbase-Exchange ( can now be imported.

New Bitfinex CSV Import for Orders and Margin Trades 15.12.2015 13:56
[New Feature]
So far only regular trades using the Bitfinex Importer could be imported into CoinTracking. Thanks to the new Importer, also executed orders and margin trades can be imported.
You can switch between both Importers on the Bitfinex Import page.

Show / Hide dead Coins 11.12.2015 21:05
[New Feature] [Improvement]
On the Enter Coins page and in our Coin Charts dead Coins are now marked as such.
If desired, you can now also hide dead Coins from the AutoComplete Dropdown on the Enter Coins page.

This can be useful in order not to select the wrong Coins by mistake.
- ETH = Ethereum (often traded)
- ETHRM = also Ethereum, but something entirely different and no longer traded.

We will mark all Coins as dead, that currently have no value, or are no longer listed in exchanges.

New User Statistics 11.12.2015 19:01
[New Feature]
The new User Statistics now include numerous of new analyzes such as:
- Average Number of Bitcoins each user
- Value of all Coins in a portfolio
- Total profit / loss of all trades in a portfolio
- Percentage of all trades by Trade Volume and Number of Trades
- Top 30 Coins by Trade Volume and Number of Trades

New TOTAL View for users with multiple accounts 06.11.2015 21:45
[New Feature] [Improvement]
Users with multiple linked accounts, can change the view by clicking on TOTAL in the head of a page (next to the username).
In the new Total View all accounts of the user are displayed graphically and as a table.
In addition, the sum of all coins and currencies from all accounts will be calculated.

New CSV Import for OKCoin 04.11.2015 21:30
[New Feature]
Trades of OKCoin ( can now be automatically uploaded via the CSV Importer.

MAJOR COINTRACKING RELEASE: Completely new Trading System 19.08.2015 21:32
[New Feature]
With the new major release now all wishes will be fulfilled, which were open since 2013.

- Trades in any real currency (like: USD, GBP, EUR, CAD, AUD, NZD, CNY ...) can now be tracked. No more limitations on the currency of the account.
- All Coins can now be tracked. No matter how rare they are. We have all current and historical prices.
- Trading of commodities like gold, silver, palladium, etc...
- The charts are interactive with significantly more options
- No more problems with >10,000 trades. Even in the endurance test with 500,000 trades everything runs fast and stable
- Reduce the calculation time by a factor of 10-20
- New Dashboard, new Trade Lists, new presentation of realized and unrealized gains, and much more

New Dashboard Charts 09.07.2015 12:34
[New Feature]
Lots of interesting information about your trades and your account can now be found in the new Dashboard.

Easy Enter - Fast entry and check of all your Altcoins 02.07.2015 09:15
[New Feature]
The old and complicated Easy Enter Entry (tracking of all existing Altcoins), has been completely redesigned.

You can now enter, edit and delete all your Altcoins under "Enter Coins" -> "Easy Enter (Enter all Altcoins)"
Under "Reporting" -> "Easy Enter Statistics" you will find a new Analyzis page for your tracked Altcoins.
And a list with current prices and trade volumes to all Altcoins on the market, can be found under "Charts & Research" -> "All Digital Currencies".

What is Easy Enter?
Easy Enter is a system by which you can easily monitor the amount of all your Altcoins.
It includes prices of all existing Altcoins on the market and adds new Altcoins automatically.
It's a kind of CoinTracking light.

Unlike the regular entry of trades, at Easy Enter a trade-date is not required.
All values always represent the current state and can - unlike trades - not be represented as a history chart.

List of all new CoinTracking features 01.07.2015 15:35
As we are constantly creating new features and improvements for CoinTracking, we decided to create this News Page with all our released updates.

We think it is better for our users, to have all information on one page instead of searching them on different sites.

All CoinTracking updates from 01. July 2015 are now being held here.
Everything before July 01 can be found in our main thread at the Bitcointalk Forum.