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New CoinTracking Features and Updates

An overview of all our published features and updates for CoinTracking.

Tax Report Updates 12.07.2020 14:29
[New Feature] [Improvement] [Bugfix]
- Automatic calculation of all margin, futures and derivatives PnL (now included in the Capital Gains Report)
- Improved "Best Price" method for better coin-to-coin conversion
- Schedule D, Schedule 1 and Form 1040 exports added to all Form 8949 PDF downloads
- New and fully automated depot separation (tax lots)
- Optimization and improvement of some rules for HMRC, AVCO and ACB reports
- Significantly faster tax report calculation
- Improved detailed reports with new layout

Updates and Improvements 24.06.2020 19:54
[New Feature] [Improvement] [Bugfix]
- fix for users with very old transactions (7+ years)
- "insufficient credits error" fix
- Binance fees in a third currency (e.g. BNB) are now imported as "Other fees"
- Updates for the Gemini import
- Import of Kraken staking transactions
- The Kraken API now also imports PnLs with more than one currency per trade
- Kraken Live Balance: Fix some coin names
- Update of the transactions to be imported for Bybit imports (CSV and API)
- Support for Bitfinex affiliate discount transactions
- Support for Poloniex staking transactions
- Support for new transaction types for LedgerLive CSV imports
- For Deribit CSVs the new and the old CSV format is now supported
- The import of the fee for Hotbit CSV imports has been adjusted

- Fix for BET Coins (BET = DaoBET | BET2 = EarnBET | BET3 = BetaCoin)
- Fix for DEV Coins (adjustment of the price source and historical prices)
- 112 new coin icons added

- New tax reports for HMRC, AVCO and ACB

- New Excel import template with new transaction types (can be downloaded from the Excel import page)

- The selection and edit of many transactions (1000+) at once was slow in some browsers (Enter Coins page). This has been fixed.

- New exclusive third party discounts for all CoinTracking Premium Users (more discounts will follow soon)

Updates and Improvements 05.05.2020 14:22
[Improvement] [Bugfix]
- Updates for the following imports:, Celsius, Coinbase and Circle
- The BitMEX API import now supports transfers and can import up to 1 million transactions
- Fixed the Gemini import which in some cases did not import all transactions

Updates and Improvements 18.03.2020 20:39
[Improvement] [Bugfix]
- Binance fix for withdrawals that in some cases were not imported
- Coinbase CSV fix for staking income that in some cases was not imported
- The Coinbase CSV import now also supports "Rewards Income" and "Coinbase Earn"
- New CSV format for OKCoin and files
- Fix for the Bitpanda API so that cancelled deposits are not imported
- Support for Krakens KFEE fees and deposits

Updates and Improvements 03.03.2020 16:13
[New Feature] [Improvement] [Bugfix]
- Support for the new Coinbase CSV format
- Updates to the Coinspot API
- Optimization of the ETH Wallet import
- Acceleration of the Coinbase Pro API import
- Acceleration of the OKEX API import

- At the bottom of the "Coin Charts" page you will now find further analyses for all coins, including UTC trends, as well as opening and closing prices

Updates and Improvements 08.01.2020 19:42
[New Feature] [Improvement] [Bugfix]
- Tax Report settings are now permanently saved and do not have to be selected again each time
- 3 charts added to the report "Current Balance" (distribution of currencies and coins)
- Added filter to the "Missing Transactions" check to hide matches
- Added checkbox for the report "(Un)realised gains" to hide currencies equal/less zero
- Added sorting in the report "Balance by Exchange" to sort by coin name or by value
- All chart titles in the dashboard are now linked to the respective reports
- New Deribit CSV import

- Fix for deposits and withdrawals for the changed Binance API
- Fixed trading fee for EUR/USD trades in the Bitstamp API
- Fixed the chart labels for the "Balance by Exchange" chart, if the grouping is set to "Transaction Type"
- Income reports added to ACB tax calculations
- Optimized number formatting for all charts

Updates and Improvements 02.01.2020 16:35
[New Feature] [Improvement] [Bugfix]
- New chart on the User Statistics page "Historical distribution across all portfolios"
- CoinEx CSV import added
- Support for Bitmax CSV files created by the Bitmax Support Team
- Support of Gold and Silver transactions at Bitpanda (incl. conversion to ounces)
- Support for Independent Reserve API import fees
- PDF export error on the Trade Analysis page fixed
- Correct coin mapping for: VGX, BQX, ETHOS, TRIAS, WIN and WINK
- 270 new coin icons added

Updates and Improvements 20.12.2019 16:06
[New Feature] [Improvement] [Bugfix]
- Ledger Live CSV import added
- STEX API and CSV import added
- Tezos (XTZ) support for Coinbase CSV imports
- STX fix for Binance imports
- The Custom Exchange Import can now overwrite wrong date formats
- When printing and saving tax reports as PDF files, personal data (such as name, address, tax number, notes) can now be added if needed

Updates and Improvements 16.10.2019 18:31
[Improvement] [Bugfix]
- Optimization of all CSV exports and adjustment of numbers
- In addition, different formats are now available for CSV exports which are supported by all common programs like Excel, Numbers, Google Docs and OpenOffice
- Transactions can now also be deleted by the date of the import/entry with the function "Bulk Edit/Delete"
- The form 8949 PDF/print export has been adapted to all common ISO/DIN letter formats (US Letter, A4, B4).
- Export functions added to "Missing Transactions" report
- The full-screen view of some pie charts has been optimized for IE/Edge browsers

Updates and Improvements 26.09.2019 14:57
[New Feature] [Improvement] [Bugfix]
- Support for Binance US
- Binance now finally delivers withdrawal fees
- The BTC Blockchain import now supports native Segwit addresses
- Fix for cancelled Bitmax Trades
- Timestamp Fix for Bitfinex deposits and withdrawals
- Bibox now supports all bonuses/rewards/payouts, BIX as third currency and ONG trades are now mapped correctly

Updates and Improvements 22.07.2019 12:53
[New Feature] [Bugfix]
- For some users slightly different asset values have been displayed on the "Enter Coins" page than in other reports (Enter Coins -> Edit -> Show Asset Values). This has been fixed.

- All PnL for foreign Fiat currencies can now be deactivated in the advanced settings on the Tax Report page

- Fixed a bug where the wrong time zone was used for some users in the chart on the Tax Report page

- Bitfinex API Deposit fee fix
- Cobinhood API fix
- Asset values are now exported with all JSON and XML exports
- Ticker and Chart fix for ABCC Token (AT)

Updates and Improvements 06.07.2019 13:01
[Improvement] [Bugfix]
- With the tax report, you can now deactivate warnings for all empty foreign FIAT purchase pools (to be found in the advanced settings)

- The 'Balance by exchange' now shows the positions and the values for the entered date when using an end date in the filter

- The ETH import now filters special characters out of token names

- The Trezor CSV import now supports the fees
- Fix for the Huobi API import, because Huobi currently only returns the last 2 days
- Optimization for the Coinbase Pro API import since Coinbase Pro uses the same Tx-ID for different transactions in some cases
- Updates for the Luno API import
- Updates for the Bitfinex API import
- Updates for the CoinSpot API import
- Updates and bug fixes for the Bitmax CSV import

- Binance Coin mapping: ONE is now imported as ONE2 and HSR as HC
- Bitfinex Coin mapping: LEO is now imported as LEO2

Updates and Improvements 23.06.2019 17:10
[Improvement] [Bugfix]
- Poloniex withdrawal CSV import now supports withdrawal fees
- CEX CSV import now also supports minings
- Bitpanda CSV import fee fix
- New CSV format for Bitfinex deposits and withdrawals
- The custom date format is now supported for the Trade List (Full View)
- Better performance for the Huobi API import

Updates and Improvements 30.05.2019 21:11
[Improvement] [Bugfix]
- Adaptation to the new CSV format of the Poloniex Withdrawal import
- ATOM trades are now imported with the correct symbol for Poloniex and Bitfinex
- The prices for the following coins were correctly allocated: Dav-Coin (DAV), Hydro-Protocol (HOT2), HoloToken (HOT), Spindle (SPD2), Stipend (SPD), Crycash (CRC), Matrexcoin (MAC2), Machinecoin (MAC)

Improvements 27.04.2019 20:29
Corrected historical prices for Flexacoin (FXC)
The ticker for ATOM is now correctly assigned for Kraken trades

Updates and Improvements 26.04.2019 16:42
[Improvement] [Bugfix]
- Fixed a problem where the "Find Missing Transactions" report could not match purchases and sales correctly in some cases
- trades are now imported with the correct time zone
- Fixed a problem where in some cases the CEX fee was imported incorrectly
- Fixed a problem where in some cases the Cryptopia API did not import transactions
- Fixed a problem where in some cases Gemini trades were not fully imported
- Updated coins supported by the Altcoin Wallet Import

Updates and Improvements 18.04.2019 09:36
[New Feature] [Bugfix]
- Neue API import for IDEX
- Bitfinex now imports OMN correctly as OMNI

Updates and Improvements 16.04.2019 19:11
[Improvement] [Bugfix]
- The BTC Wallet import now also supports P2SH xpubs (xpubs for BTC addresses starting with "3")
- Bitpanda fees are now imported correctly
- IQ (Everipedia) and IQ2 (IQcash) now have correct prices
- Optimization of API imports for Gemini, Cryptopia and
- Technical optimization of the Custom Exchange import

Changes to withdrawals in Binance API Import (possible duplicate entries) 27.03.2019 10:53
Due to a change in the Tx-IDs for withdrawals in Binance's API, some users may experience double-imported Binance withdrawals.
We have recently released a fix for this issue.
If double withdrawals have been imported in your account, please delete all your Binance withdrawals. CoinTracking will then automatically (or manually by clicking on the "check now" button) import all your withdrawals correctly again.

Updates and Improvements 27.03.2019 10:53
[New Feature] [Improvement] [Bugfix]
- New API import for Gemini
- New CSV import for CryptoBridge
- Support for the new CSV format of
- Support for the new CSV format of Bitpanda
- Support for the new API format of Luno
- Support for KuCoin Bonus payments
- XRP support for Coinbase added

- Bugfix for duplicates at Kucoin
- Bitfinex uses the ticker BAB instead of BCH. BAB transactions will now be imported correctly as BCH
- QTUM transactions are now correctly imported as such for Kraken
- Fee losses are now imported via the ETH importer correctly as loss and not as withdrawal

- New settings for the Turbo Tax Export
- Fix when rounding cent amounts in Form 8949 PDF Export

- IOTA are now correctly displayed and calculated as IOT in Live Balance

Updates and Improvements 08.02.2019 13:54
[New Feature] [Bugfix]
- Form 8949 report now also available as PDF and print version
- Corrected prices for BCHABC, XIN and XIN2
- In some cases the Bitfinex API Importer has imported only the last 500 transactions. This has been fixed.

HMRC Update 31.01.2019 14:06
The HMRC tax report has been adjusted so that the 1 day rule always has the highest priority according to TCGA92/S105(1)

Updates and Improvements 29.01.2019 13:59
[New Feature] [Improvement] [Bugfix]
- New HMRC tax report for the UK

- Fixed USDC and USDT conversion for Coinbase Pro, Bitfinex and Binance
- Bibox API import support for deposits and withdrawals
- HitBTC API import support for withdrawal fees
- Fixed Binance IP ratelimit
- Fix for CSV import (deposits and withdrawals with the same Tx-ID are no longer considered as duplicates)

- New coin logos added
- Reduced number of lines in the TurboTax download, so it can be uploaded on the TurboTax website
- Fixed blurry font for PDF exports in Firefox on a Mac

Updates and Improvements 11.01.2019 04:40
[Improvement] [Bugfix]
- IDEX CSV Import (Format Update)
- Bitfinex API Import (faster import)
- Sticky date column in the "Daily Balance" for a better overview

ETH double transactions bugfix 10.01.2019 19:17
For some users, the ETH Wallet Importer has imported double transactions in the last few days. These duplicate transactions will be automatically removed within the next 6 hours.

Updates and Improvements 08.01.2019 21:17
[Improvement] [Bugfix]
- The ETH Importer now supports ETH fees
- Some users had a problem where the automatic ETH Importer did not import ETH tokens. This has been fixed
- Fixed a problem where in some ACB tax reports the total profit/loss was displayed at the end of a table and not the profit/loss for the selected tax year
- The ACB Tax Report now rounds up to 8 and no longer to 16 decimal places. This avoids warnings when a fraction of an asset is still open
- HitBTC API now correctly assigns IOTA as IOT
- Endor-Protocol (EDR) and E-Dinar (EDR2) are now assigned correctly

Updates and Improvements 04.01.2019 20:42
[Improvement] [Bugfix]
- New Idex CSV Import
- Update of the Exodus CSV Import (Trades are now supported and imported)
- The "Current Balance" is now displayed in the mobile version of the dashboard above the "Timeline"
- Fixed a problem where the Add/Edit Pop-Up boxes in the "dark theme" on the "Enter Coins" and "Easy Enter" pages were displayed incorrectly

Updates and Improvements 27.12.2018 03:40
[Improvement] [Bugfix]
- Bitfinex API problem solved where some users got a "Nonce too small" error message
- Tax report: display of the selected settings at the top of the "Report" page
- Tax report: losses in the base currency are now displayed in the stolen and lost report
- The coins BLZ and BLZ2 are now assigned correctly

Several improvements and bugfixes 22.12.2018 21:57
[Improvement] [Bugfix]
API Imports:
- Huobi API bugfix for fee calculation
- Kucoin bonus inputs are now supported
- itBit trade import bugfix
- Kraken API timezone fix

CSV Imports:
- Bitpanda CSV bugfix for fee calculation, date, deposits and withdrawals
- Exodus CSV Bugfix for fee calculation
- Bugfix for Legacy imports (Mt.Gox and others)
- referral payments are now imported as income
- Coinbase CSV - added support for all listed Coinbase coins (ZEC, BAT...)
- The CoinTracking CSV import can now optionally import TX-IDs as well as the buy and sell value. In addition, there is no more error message for numbers or texts with a comma.

Assignment of Coins:
- Numerous coins (e.g. ALT, PAC, ARB, SEATHER...) are now correctly assigned
- Correct assignment of individual exchange tickers (Binance YOYO -> YOYOW, Huobi PROPY -> PRO, and others)

- Problems with the pop-up boxes in the dark theme (bulk edit/delete, edit tax reports, etc.) have been fixed
- Fixed sorting by date for the Instant Gains Calculator
- Fixed a problem on the "Trading Fees" page when a quotation mark is included in the comment

Fixed Ticker for Nimiq (NET / NIM) 06.11.2018 23:05
The tickers for Nimiq have been corrected.
The "Exchange Token" now has the ticker NET and the "Mainnet coin" has the ticker NIM.
The historical ticker NIMIQ remains, but contains the same price as NIM.

Improvements 04.11.2018 19:48
[Improvement] [Bugfix]
- The CoinTracking API now transmits the asset values in FIAT and BTC for each transaction on request.
- Bugfix for the colors of the charts on the Balance by Exchange page
- Update of the tax rates for the USA on the Tax page
- Corrected historical prices for the following coins: VET, BLX, TRBO, CBC, CBC2, HOT, HOT2, NIMIQ, XRB, NANO, ACC, ADCOI, DAR, DCN, CAT, CAT2, IGNIS, KEY, KEY2, HVC, XXPD

Exchange API Updates 12.08.2018 19:25
[Improvement] [Bugfix]
- Fixed problem with some Binance trades not imported due to duplicate IDs returned by Binance
- Fixed Qryptos import
- Fixed imports failing for users with very big amount of trades
- KuCoin API Keys and Secrets can now be saved
- Coinbase and Bitfinex are now visible on the Live Balance page
- Fixed Coinbase transfers to/from Coinbase PRO

Bitfinex API Update 06.02.2018 00:37
[Improvement] [Bugfix]
- The Bitfinex API can now also import settlements
- Cancelled withdrawals are no longer imported
- Trade pairs where Bitfinex uses the wrong ticker are now imported correctly

Bitfinex API Import Bugfix 12.01.2018 18:23
Fixed a problem where the new Bitfinex API importer sometimes imported the wrong fee and therefore wrong amounts.
Please note that the Bitfinex API is currently quite slow. New imports can therefore take up to 5 minutes.

Updates of the Binance and Bitfinex API Importer 10.01.2018 00:32
[Improvement] [Bugfix]
We have released a new version of the Bitfinex API Importer which allows you to import ALL trades, margin trades, profits, losses and deposits and withdrawals.

The Binance API importer has also been updated. No more errors occur during the import.

KuCoin API Update 02.12.2017 19:37
[Improvement] [Bugfix]
New KuCoin API. In some cases, the new API may not be compatible with the old API. Please delete all KuCoin trades in such a case and then re-import them.

New methods for the tax and profit calculation 12.11.2017 15:21
[Improvement] [Bugfix]
The existing methods (FIFO, LIFO ...) have been extended by four additional methods.
In addition, optimizations and improvements to the profit calculation were made.

Kraken Margin Trade Bugfix 04.10.2017 19:43
In rare cases, it can happen that Kraken Margin Trade fees are charged in two currencies.
We changed the CSV and the API import accordingly to this behavior.
If your CoinTracking Kraken balance does not exactly match the values on Kraken, please delete all your Kraken trades and import them again.

IOTA Token 14.06.2017 17:36
[Improvement] [Bugfix]
It's a bit difficult with all the IOTA decimals. That's why we have added 3 different tickers:

IOTA -> IOTA Token Coin (1 unit)
One single IOTA unit

IOT -> Mega IOTA Token Coin
One million IOTA token and also the unit Bitfinex is using.

GIOTA -> Giga IOTA Token
One billion IOTA token

All Bitfinex Importers are now importing in "IOT -> Mega IOTA Token Coin"

HitBTC Import Update 22.05.2017 02:40
The HitBTC import has been adapted to the new format.

BTC-E fix for DASH 17.03.2017 03:05
BTC-E characterizes DASH Coins erroneously as DSH. This has been adapted so that DASH trades from BTC-E are now imported correctly.

Bugfix for the total view 11.01.2017 05:34
Fixed a bug where the data of the first account was not shown on the total view page (only for users with multiple accounts).

Improvement of Excel & CSV export and re-import 18.12.2016 00:27
[Improvement] [Bugfix]
Small fix on the export of trades as Excel and CSV and optimization of the import.
The CSV re-import has changed slightly (the first comma has been omitted).

Bitstamp API Import Bugfix 30.10.2016 23:03
Bitstamp has changed the API.
If you've traded on Bitstamp in EUR and you're using the Bitstamp API Importer, we recommend to delete all Bitstamp trades and re-import them on the Bitstamp API Import page by clicking on check now next to your API key.
USD trades at Bitstamp are not affected.

Bittrex Bugfix 24.10.2016 01:58
Fixed a bug where recently imported Bittrex trades were not displayed correctly.

Bugfix for the Tax Tool 19.10.2016 16:08
We have fixed a bug in the tax tool, where the current exchange rate was used for some coins instead of the rate at the time of the transaction.

Updates for the Summary box and JPY price fix 26.08.2016 23:59
[Improvement] [Bugfix]
- Updated JPY exchange rates
- Coins with a current 0 balance will not be shown in the summary box any more
Buy 100 ETH, sell 90 ETH -> 10 ETH will be shown in the summary box
Buy 100 ETH, sell 100 ETH -> 0 ETH will be hidden in the summary box

Updated BTC-E API Import 11.04.2016 12:08
From now on all BTC-E API trades will be imported, instead of the previous 2000 trades.

Issues with the HTML and PDF Export fixed 15.12.2015 00:59
Some newer coins were not displayed during export. This has been fixed.

Tax Tool Updates 04.12.2015 21:50
[Improvement] [Bugfix]
Numerous optimizations of the tax tool and a better representation of the trades and fees.

List of all new CoinTracking features 01.07.2015 15:35
As we are constantly creating new features and improvements for CoinTracking, we decided to create this News Page with all our released updates.

We think it is better for our users, to have all information on one page instead of searching them on different sites.

All CoinTracking updates from 01. July 2015 are now being held here.
Everything before July 01 can be found in our main thread at the Bitcointalk Forum.