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Find Duplicate Transactions

This table contains all your duplicate transactions.
If some duplicates are found, you can either delete them manually on the Enter Coins page or all at once by hitting the "Delete all duplicates" button at the bottom of this page.
All transactions with equal 'time', 'buy' and 'sell' values as well as identical import source (Exchange ID) and Transaction ID (Tx ID) are identified as duplicates.
Click on the PLUS icon in the table to show all matching duplicates that can be deleted.


  • Check if your account has any duplicate transactions
  • Review duplicates
  • Delete all duplicates in your account


  • My table is empty
    -> Perfect! You don't have any duplicates. You can leave this page.
  • Why are there duplicates in my account?
    -> All CSV and API imports do a duplicate check before the import. However using custom CSV files with the Custom Exchange Import, this function can be circumvented.
  • How can I delete duplicates manually and not all at once?
    -> Please go to the Enter Coins page and delete your duplicates manually.
# of duplicates 类型 交易所 Exchange ID 买入 卖出 交易组 Tx ID 交易日期 Date Added
# of duplicates 类型 交易所 Exchange ID 买入 卖出 交易组 Tx ID 交易日期 Date Added
Total duplicates: 0

Nothing to do here. You don't have any duplicate transactions!