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BBSCoin (BBS) Price in Bitcoin

Currency Details
Ticker BBS
Name BBSCoin
Price 0.00000235 USD 0.000000000071 BTC
Price (inverted) 424,651.72516804 BBS / 1 USD 14,039,028,499.22785378 BBS / 1 BTC
24h Volume 0 USD 0 BTC
Market Cap 239,204 USD 7 BTC
Moving Trends USD Trend
1h Trend 1.68%
24h Trend -26.11%
7d Trend -32.84%
30d Trend 41.18%

Absolute Trends (UTC time) USD Trend BTC Trend
Today (midnight - now) 0.70% 0.58%
Yesterday (midnight - midnight) -24.39% -29.14%
2 days ago (midnight - midnight) 22.86% 40.70%
2 days till now (midnight - now) -6.46% 0.27%
Year Open Price (USD) Close Price (USD) Trend (USD) Open Price (BTC) Close Price (BTC) Trend (BTC)
01 Jan - now
0.00000208 USD 0.00000235 USD 12.83% 0.000000000072 BTC 0.000000000071 BTC -0.53%
01 Jan - 31 Dec
0.00000072 USD 0.00000208 USD 190.86% 0.000000000100 BTC 0.000000000072 BTC -28.31%
01 Jan - 31 Dec
0.00000140 USD 0.00000072 USD -48.93% 0.000000000375 BTC 0.000000000100 BTC -73.34%
24 May - 31 Dec
0.00013856 USD 0.00000140 USD -98.99% 0.000000010000 BTC 0.000000000375 BTC -96.25%
24 May 2018 - now
0.00013856 USD 0.00000235 USD -98.30% 0.000000010000 BTC 0.000000000071 BTC -99.29%

BBSCoin (BBS) On-Chain Analysis

There is currently no On-Chain Analysis for BBS, but we are working hard to get it.
You can find 921 currencies with an On-Chain Analysis on the Coin Trends page.