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Altcoin Wallet Import

Automatically Import all Transactions for several Currencies

CoinTracking can automatically import all your past and future transaction of several currencies into your CoinTracking account.

This function will import new wallet transactions once per day.

The initial import can import up to 50,000 transactions each address. The automatically daily import will import up to 1,000 new transactions each address.

You can combine multiple addresses of the same currency with a pipe (address1|address2|address3)

This is a beta feature for PRO and UNLIMITED users only. Supported coins and limits may change in the future!

신규 자동 Wallet Transaction 작업을 만드세요.

Select your Coin and enter your Wallet Address:

Import incoming and outgoing transactions
Import incoming transactions only
전출 거래만 가져오세요.

Import incoming transactions as:
Import outgoing transactions as:

Optional settings and filters:

With a huge amount of trades, the import process may take a few minutes.

We are using a Multi-Blockchain-API to import coins on the Altcoin Wallet Import page.
New coins will be added weekly, but please note, that we do not have any influence on the listed coins and we can not add specific coins on request into the Altcoin Wallet Import.
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