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CSV Import

This CSV import is intended to import a large amount of trades or to edit your CoinTracking trades manually and locally on your PC.

If you want to backup your CoinTracking trades, please use the Trades Backup function instead, as it is much faster.

Follow the instructions below to import your CSV trades

CoinTracking CSV import

Upload your CSV file here

1. Open at the menupoint Enter Coins (
2. Please ensure the main Trade Table is switched to Table View: Extended
3. Click in the header of the table on Export, select CSV and save the CSV file to your PC
4. If you want to edit the file, do it in a text-based editor. Programs like Excel may change the layout of the file and prevent a successful import
5. Upload here this CSV file

If you want to import the exported file into another CoinTracking account, make sure both accounts use the same language.
[Custom CSV information]

Imports are not available in a demo account! Please log-in to import your trades.

Use the Excel Import instead