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Bitstamp允许接入下面数据 (?)
Not all exchanges provide access to all information.
If an API or CSV does not contain certain data, CoinTracking will not be able to import it.

Please enter the missing trade data in such a case manually on the Enter Coins page.
交易 yes yes
Deposits yes yes
Withdrawals yes yes
Fees yes yes

Bitstamp API Import

Take over your Bitstamp trades automatically to CoinTracking

This function checks every few minutes your Bitstamp trades and transfers them automatically into your CoinTracking account.

操作流程 [显示截屏]
  1. 登录你的Bitstamp 帐户并选择 Security 下的API Access (
  2. 生成一个新的密钥并在许可(perms)中选择 User transactionsAccount balance
  3. 激活生成的密钥并将 密钥机密码和你的客户号(帐户下面有显示)输入到这里

注意: 使用该API导入器后请不要再使用手动导入器。否则你的交易会双倍导入。

Create a new automatic Bitstamp job



Check your Bitstamp trades:自动 (1x/day) 手动  [注意]

Select all trade-types you would like to import:



With a huge amount of trades, the import process may take a few minutes.

Your running Bitstamp jobs

By clicking on check now you lead a manual check and all new trades are transferred into your CoinTracking account

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