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Bitfinex Import

Siga as instruções abaixo para importar as suas Bitfinex negociações

Bitfinex permits access to the following data (?)
Not all exchanges provide access to all information.
If an API or CSV does not contain certain data, CoinTracking will not be able to import it.

Please enter the missing trade data in such a case manually on the Enter Coins page.
Trades yes yes
Trades Marginais x yes
Profits x yes
Losses x yes
Depósitos yes yes
Saques yes yes
Taxas yes yes

Bitfinex importação CSV

Faça o upload de seu arquivo CSV aqui

  1. Login into your Bitfinex Account
  2. Navigate to: Account -> Reports (
  3. Click on: Trading -> Trades
  4. On the top left corner click the calendar icon:
  5. Click on 'Custom' and select a date range for all your trades
  6. Click on 'View' and then click the 'Export' button
  7. You will receive your CSV file via email
  8. Save the CSV file on your PC and upload it here

Bitfinex's Export date is currently broken. Please use DD-MM-YY as export date and check on the next page if the date is correct. In case it's broken, use YY-MM-DD instead.
Please note that the Bitfinex CSV file does not contain the settlements and fees in a third currency, only the Bitfinex API does.
Importações não estão disponíveis em uma conta demo! Por favor, faça o log-in para importar as suas negociações.