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Avalanche Address and Wallet Import

Automatic blockchain import for Avalanche wallet transactions

Import all transactions of a Avalanche address

This function will import instantly all transaction of a Avalanche address into your CoinTracking account and will also add all future transactions of this address.

Créer un nouvelle opération de trade:

Your AVAX Address:

Importer les transactions entrantes et sortantes
Importer des transactions entrantes uniquement
Importer des transactions sortantes uniquement

Importez les transactions entrantes comme:
Importez les transactions sortantes comme:

Paramètres facultatifs et filtres: [Détails]

Avec un grand nombre de transactions, le processus d'importation peut prendre quelques secondes.

Token Blacklist

This blacklist can be used to skip specific coins based on their contract addresses.
Please note that those coins will only be skipped for upcoming imports.
If you want to remove your current transactions, please follow these steps:
  1. Add the contract addresses to the blacklist
  2. Delete your transactions from the blockchain importing the scam coins via Bulk Delete
  3. Set up a new import or rerun your current one

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