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Trade Allocation

Assign your trades to your deposits to perform tax reports with depot separation (tax lots).

In the first table you will find all your purchases and incoming transactions (income, mining, etc.).
To run tax reports with depot separation, you must assign your coins (from table 1) that have been transferred to other wallets or exchanges to their corresponding deposits (in table 2).

Step 1:
Search in the first table for a purchase or transaction that has been transferred to another wallet or exchange and click on 'allocate transaction'.
Now the second table will display all deposits that match the currency of the selected transaction.

Step 2:
Search now in the second table the deposit into the wallet/exchange, on which the coins selected in step 1 are currently located or have been sold and click on 'allocate with Tx ID ...' or click on 'cancel allocation' to cancel the process.

In case you have sent the transaction from one wallet/exchange to another, always select the final deposit in the second table (the place where the coins are located right now or have been sold). You can delete and reassign the location later at any time if you send the coins to another wallet/exchange in the future.

Several transactions can be assigned to a deposit. If the amount of the transactions exceeds the amount of the deposit, a warning is displayed.
However, a transaction can only be assigned to one deposit. If you have deposited a purchase or transaction in multiple deposits into another wallet or exchange, please split the transaction on the 'Enter Coins' page.

The trade allocation is disabled in DEMO mode. Please log in to use this feature.