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Margin Trades to PnL Converter

Follow the instructions below to convert your Margin Trades into Profit and Loss

Convert your Margin Trades into Profit and Loss

Some exchanges like Bitfinex and Poloniex do not return margin trades as Profit/Loss, but as usual buy/sell trades.
Using this tool you can convert all your margin trades from such exchanges into Profit/Loss transactions. This is needed for tax and un/realized gains calculations.

Before you start:
- Please ensure that ALL your margin trades from an exchange have been imported completely into your CoinTracking account. Otherwise your PnL will be wrong.
- This converter will overwrite all your margin trades with PnL. The trade_id of your margin trades will not be changes so duplicate detection will still work afterwards.
- You may want to create a backup of your trades first, because once converted you can not undo the changes except with a new import.
- At this moment, the converter only works if you have not changed the Trade Group of your margin trades. If you have changed it, rename those trades back to Bitfinex Margin or Poloniex Margin, or delete your margin trades and re-import them.

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The Margin Trade Converter is currently under construction. Correct conversions cannot be guaranteed. Please backup all your trades BEFORE using the converter to restore your trades if the result is not correct.