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More and more tax firms are expanding into cryptocurrency

When cryptocurrency first started gaining popularity several years ago, there weren’t many tax firms that were serving cryptocurrency users. However, that situation is changing rapidly. The blockchain industry is starting to mature and as a result, a growing number of tax firms now specialize in cryptocurrency. H&R Block and several other accounting franchises have recently started offering cryptocurrency services as well.

Fortunately for small and medium tax firms, expanding into cryptocurrency doesn’t require any special knowledge that requires additional training on the part of accountants. For tax purposes, most governments treat cryptocurrency in the same way that they treat stocks. A small percentage of cryptocurrency users earn money from mining. Mining income is treated as ordinary income. Our tax software stores all the values of all the most popular coins, so that you can quickly and efficiently determine cost basis.

Expand your tax firm’s client base with CoinTracking

Founded in 2013, CoinTracking was one of the very first cryptocurrency tax calculators to hit the market. With over 1,720,000 active users, we’re still the leader in the space. Ease of use is one of the main reasons why we’ve been so successful.

Because the CoinTracking brand name is so well-known, displaying it prominently on your site will help you earn additional clients. You can build the price of CoinTracking into your fees, or offer free CoinTracking accounts to new clients as a promotion.

Create branded CoinTracking accounts for your customers

If you do decide to provide your customers with CoinTracking accounts, you can remind them to keep in touch with your firm by uploading an image of your company’s logo. Once uploaded, your logo will appear in the top left part of the page. You can change or update your logo at any time by uploading a new image via the Admin Panel settings menu.

Best-in-class data import automation

Automated data import is one of our main attractions. Any CoinTracking user can connect their CoinTracking account to all the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges. Once the API connection is established, historical data is sent into the CoinTracking account and any new transactions are recorded automatically each day. This method of gathering the data needed to create a tax report is far more user friendly compared to the alternative way, which involves downloading CSV files and uploading them manually.

Some exchanges do very little to help their customers export their transactional data. This makes it very difficult for them to do their taxes. The good news is that in many cases, CoinTracking’s support team has been able to develop workarounds for these types of exchanges. Information about how to use these workarounds is available on our customer support website and our experienced customer service team is more than happy to assist with helping you with this as well.


Base price incl. 10 Unlimited Accounts: $1199 / Year

Additional Accounts:

$109 / Account / Year (11-50 Accounts)
$99 / Account / Year (51-100 Accounts)
$89 / Account / Year (101-200 Accounts)
$79 / Account / Year (201-500 Accounts)
$69 / Account / Year (501+ Accounts)

Offer CoinTracking subscription discounts to your customers

As one of our corporate partners, you will enjoy deep discounts when you purchase CoinTracking subscriptions. We offer gradated pricing that lets your savings grow as your business grows. The more subscriptions you buy for new clients, the bigger your discount will be. These discounts will allow you to pass savings along to your customers when you include the price of CoinTracking as a part of your tax service. Click here to learn more.

Manage your tax team with ease

In order to make our convenience-focused features more accessible to medium and large-sized tax firms, we’ve developed permissioned accounts. These permissioned accounts let you share CoinTracking’s features among all your employees, while keeping sensitive data protected behind encrypted passwords. You can set up CoinTracking accounts for all your employees and decide which administrative features (editing customer accounts, creating new accounts, etc.) they can access.

Powerful accounting features

CoinTracking offers several detailed tools that most other cryptocurrency tax calculators lack.

  • Multiple cost basis accounting methods. Most cryptocurrency tax calculators only support a few accounting methods, but we support 12. We even support the specific accounting methods used in Canada or the UK.
  • Fincen 114 (FBAR). CoinTracking is one of the only cryptocurrency tax calculators that supports FBAR (Foreign Bank Accounting Report). Your client will need to file an FBAR if they held more than $10,000 of equivalent currency in a foreign exchange.
  • IRS form 8949. Most cryptocurrency tax calculators can export IRS form 8949, but CoinTracking lets you customize the way your transactions are listed on the form. You can either group the transactions by coin or list out each transaction separately.
  • Compatible with a wide range of popular tax software platforms. You can send your data to the desktop version of TurboTax, TaxACT, Drake or WISO. Any CoinTracking report can be exported to Excel or CSV.

CoinRacoon integration - Accounting software for crypto transactions in Germany

By using CoinTracking as a company in Germany, you also have the option to use CoinRacoon as a complementary service tool.

CoinRacoon is a software solution developed by the law firm WINHELLER to support companies trading cryptocurrencies or accounting cryptocurrencies with their financial accounting. With the help of CoinRacoon, complicated processes and thousands and thousands of crypto transactions, which are tracked with the help of CoinTracking, can be automatically and legally transferred into the financial accounting of your company.

CoinRacoon is useful in all those cases where companies perform a large number of crypto transactions that are relevant for financial accounting and need to be transformed into accounting records accordingly. Find out more here!

Start expanding your tax firm’s services today!

Need help getting started? Please visit our customer support site and open a ticket with us. We’ll be in touch shortly to walk you through the on-boarding process.

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