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Instant brand recognition

If a prospective customer visits your site and sees our logo, they’ll know that they’ll be able to easily send their transaction data to their CPA if they choose to hire you to manage their crypto funds. CoinTracking has been the leading cryptocurrency tax software since the early days of the blockchain industry and our name brand is highly recognized among traders and CPAs.

In fact, tax professionals around the world have been recommending CoinTracking as far back as 2013. Since that time, we have accumulated over 1,726,000 users, more than 25,000 of which are CPAs & Corporate clients. The total value of our customers’ portfolios exceeds $42 billion.

Syncs with all the top cryptocurrency exchanges

CoinTracking’s best-in-class API sync feature lets you import transactions automatically from all the most widely used cryptocurrency exchanges. Once you connect all the exchanges that you use to manage your client’s money, CoinTracking will import your trading data automatically every day. In addition, our convenient smartphone app lets you check all your clients’ accounts while you’re on the go.

Cryptocurrency exchanges often don’t offer great API data export features, and as a result their customers are left scratching their heads at tax time. For example, several cryptocurrency exchanges don’t support the syncing of deposits and withdrawals through their APIs. Our experienced customer support team has developed many helpful workarounds for these and other issues that plague cryptocurrency exchange users.

Separate accounts for all your investors

CoinTracking Corporate comes with 10 Unlimited accounts. That means that there is no limit to the amount of transactions that each account will be able to process when tax season arrives. In addition, all Unlimited subscribers enjoy unlimited API connectivity. In other words, you can sync as many cryptocurrency exchanges to each account as you need.

If you have more than 10 customers that want to invest in cryptocurrency, you can order more accounts. The more accounts you order, the more you’ll save.

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Add a visual reminder to stay in touch with your company

If you give a client access to the CoinTracking account that you set up for them so that they can view their data, the presence of your logo will remind them that they can get in touch with you if they want to change their investment strategy or need additional investment advice. You can upload your logo yourself via the Admin Panel and change it anytime you want.

Share data among all your company’s employees

Fund management firms can use CoinTracking to coordinate and organize customer data. Administrator accounts can now set up permissioned sub-accounts for employees. These sub-accounts can add new clients, but they have to request permission to add existing customer accounts.

Once all your fund management firm’s employees have CoinTracking accounts, you’ll be able to quickly check to see how they are performing. Moreover, your employees will be able to share customer information with each other if they need to do so.

Analyze trends and visualize data

We store historical price information for 31,497 coins on our own servers, and you can access all that information through CoinTracking. The Coin Trends chart instantly pulls up 30-day price charts for every single coin that we track. If you’re only interested in the specific coins that you’re managing, you can narrow down the chart’s focus with the “Only currencies I own” filter.

Other charts contain information that you can only find through CoinTracking. For example, the User Statistics chart lets you compare your portfolio to other CoinTracking users’ portfolios in a variety of different ways. You can use this feature to spot investment trends that haven’t been noticed yet. Our Bitcoin Analysis feature provides price predictions for Bitcoin and compares Bitcoin price spikes and dips to Google search trends.

Powerful accounting features

CoinTracking offers several detailed tools that most other cryptocurrency tax calculators lack.

  • Multiple cost basis accounting methods. Most cryptocurrency tax calculators only support a few accounting methods, but we support 12. We even support the specific accounting methods used in Canada or the UK.
  • Fincen 114 (FBAR). CoinTracking is one of the only cryptocurrency tax calculators that supports FBAR (Foreign Bank Accounting Report). Your client will need to file an FBAR if they held more than $10,000 of equivalent currency in a foreign exchange.
  • IRS form 8949. Most cryptocurrency tax calculators can export IRS form 8949, but CoinTracking lets you customize the way your transactions are listed on the form. You can either group the transactions by coin or list out each transaction separately.
  • Compatible with a wide range of popular tax software platforms. You can send your data to the desktop version of TurboTax, TaxACT, Drake or WISO. Any CoinTracking report can be exported to Excel or CSV.

CoinRacoon integration - Accounting software for crypto transactions in Germany

By using CoinTracking as a company in Germany, you also have the option to use CoinRacoon as a complementary service tool.

CoinRacoon is a software solution developed by the law firm WINHELLER to support companies trading cryptocurrencies or accounting cryptocurrencies with their financial accounting. With the help of CoinRacoon, complicated processes and thousands and thousands of crypto transactions, which are tracked with the help of CoinTracking, can be automatically and legally transferred into the financial accounting of your company.

CoinRacoon is useful in all those cases where companies perform a large number of crypto transactions that are relevant for financial accounting and need to be transformed into accounting records accordingly. Find out more here!

Easy-to-use interface and mobile apps

Once you connect your wallets and exchange accounts to CoinTracking, you’ll be able to see all your clients’ funds in one place. You won’t have to switch between several different views or log into several different sites anymore - and you’ll be able to access all the data you need to make investment decisions with ease.

In addition to the CoinTracking website, we also offer CoinTracking apps for Android and iOS. These apps provide an easy way to keep track of cryptocurrency market changes while you’re on the go. You can set up custom alerts, view a wide variety of charts, analyze trends and more.

Support for gold, silver and other commodities

In addition to tracking cryptocurrency prices, you can also use CoinTracking to track silver, gold and other precious metals. This might come in handy, if you have clients that invest in commodities. CoinTracking currently supports gold, silver, platinum, rhodium and palladium.

To begin tracking precious metals, just open the Enter Coins page and then click the New button to add a new transaction. Enter the date and time in which the initial purchase occurred, then type “commodity” in the currency box underneath the Buy box to bring up a list of precious metals that we support. Choose the metal that you want to track and then type in the amount that you bought.

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