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Introducing the CoinTracking Corporate Account

The CoinTracking Corporate Account is the industry-leading solution specifically designed for business customers that need to manage several crypto-portfolios on behalf of their clients or for their own employees, like: CPAs, Accountants, Tax Attorneys, Investment or Trading Companies and others.

As administrator you will have full control over all accounts. Set user privileges, edit accounts and transactions and switch your accounts with just one click.
One single account of the corporate account is equipped like an Unlimited account. There are no restrictions on the number of transactions like trades, deposits or withdrawals.

Individual Branding

Customize your corporate account with your own logo.

Your corporate account is supplied with your own logo placed in the most prominent spot at the top left corner.

All accounts under the corporate account are displayed with your logo, instantly recognizable for your customers.

Multi-User Feature

Manage all your customers in one place.

Overview of all your accounts and details
Log into any account with one click
Change permissions for every single user
Import new transactions into user accounts via CSV files or APIs
Edit user settings
Grant administrator permissions
Add new or existing accounts
Remove unused accounts
And many more

Only Admin accounts can access all client accounts. The corporate account design does not allow users without admin permission to switch between accounts.

Each account in the corporate account setting comes with the full set of features like any Unlimited account. This means that there is no restriction on the number of transactions like trades, deposits or withdrawals.

Fair Pricing

Pay only for what you need.

Once set up you can independantly self-manage your Corporate Account.
The subscription term for Corporate Accounts is one year. Adding new accounts in the middle of the subscription period will cost you the fractional price of the yearly subscription.

In the case you need to administrate a new client that is already a CoinTracking customer you can simply join the existing account to your Corporate Account. No one should be burdened to enter all trades again just to be under the umbrella of a Corporate Account.

More features to come

We have just released the Corporate Account and are interested in what you need. We consistently evaluate ideas for new features to make the Corporate Account most useful for you.
If you have any ideas or need any features, let us know and we’ll check what we can do.

Request a Corporate Account

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Provided with all information we will set up your Corporate Account with a free 7 days trial. After sending you request you will be redirected to the next page where you will be able to book a meeting with one of our sales experts to discuss the details. Your account will be handed over during this meeting.


Base price incl. 3 UNLIMITED Accounts: $1199 / Year

Additional Accounts:

$219 / Account / Year. For additional discounts ask our Experts.

Includes 3 Unlimited accounts
Create as many accounts as you need
Branded accounts with your own logo
Instantly switch between accounts
Backup and restore data across all accounts
Add / remove and manage user permissions
Add admins to manage your accounts