CoinTracking for Crypto CPAs

CoinTracking is the only software tool you’ll need to expand your menu of services and begin serving cryptocurrency traders. Cryptocurrency CPAs prefer CoinTracking Corporate because it’s easy to use, affordable and works with all the major cryptocurrency exchanges.

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CoinTracking for Fund Managers

Like CPAs, crypto fund managers often find themselves dealing with multiple cryptocurrency clients at the same time. The unified interface that CoinTracking Corporate provides takes the hassle out of switching between cryptocurrency portfolios. At the same time, CoinTracking’s tax features help determine the tax consequences of various types of trading strategies.

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CoinTracking for Tax Firms

Tax firms that specialize in cryptocurrency can also benefit from CoinTracking. Any of the accounts you get when you buy CoinTracking Corporate can be assigned to individual employees. This allows your entire tax firm to share data quickly, safely and efficiently.

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