CoinTracking: 2021 in Review

30 Dec, 2021 · 4 min read

2021 was a crazy year for crypto, with all-time highs across all major cryptocurrencies and more people joining the crypto revolution.

CoinTracking was no exception to this explosive growth, crossing 1 million crypto traders, investors, and corporations taking care of their taxes worldwide.

We want to publicly thank our users for this journey while doing a quick review of the main achievements this year and giving you a sneak peek into future updates.

Reaching 1 million users worldwide

We started the year with 670K users and grew to surpass the 1 million mark in late-2021. We want to thank the entire community of crypto traders, corporate clients, and CPAs working with our crypto tax solution and portfolio tracker for helping us reach this exciting growth.

With the mainstream awareness of crypto, we are looking forward to supporting the community in future challenges presented by regulations while delving into the intricacies of DeFi, NFTs, and the Metaverse.

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A fully-fledged software supporting the top protocols and innovations in the sector

This year saw many advancements in the crypto sphere, from emerging protocols becoming some of the top cryptocurrencies in the world to the mainstream awareness of DeFi and NFTs.

We currently support importing of trades from 110+ crypto exchanges through APIs and CSVs, with more in the pipeline. CoinTracking also supports imports from major DeFi protocols on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain while enabling NFT capabilities.

CoinTracking’s development team was on top of all the new emerging protocols and quickly adjusted to expand our software integrations. Some examples are the new blockchain importers for Polygon, Avalanche, Solana, Luna, Polkadot, or Fantom.

A growing team to serve your crypto needs

We have an amazing team to support this growth. This year, we significantly increased our in-house talent across areas (e.g., development, marketing, customer support, design).

We are growing the team even further, with open positions in sales, marketing, and customer support. Come join us in Munich to build the infrastructure of crypto taxes!

More support for crypto traders in 7+ countries with new Full Service partners

CoinTracking Full Service has been of immense help for crypto traders in the US with our partner, Polygon Advisory group. Polygon reviews all the info from your CoinTracking account and guarantees that the entire crypto tax process goes with no worries on your side.

This year, we expanded the partnerships to offer Full Service in more countries. We started with Australia, helping crypto traders with the help of CryptoCate, a leading Australian tax firm.

Later in the year, we expanded our team of tax experts and partners to support users in countries like Canada, Germany, Austria, the UK, and more.

Start filling your crypto taxes headache-free with Full Service. More partners coming next year!

Joining thought leaders in discussing the future of crypto and blockchain

This year, CoinTracking became more involved in the leading communities to discuss and help build the future of the crypto industry.

We joined INATBA, the leading global blockchain organization, participating heavily in the Finance Working Group to discuss how policymakers, businesses, and regulators can bolster crypto adoption.

We didn’t stop there!

CoinTracking also joined BVMW, the premier association of small businesses in Germany, to further increase our involvement in the local scene and propel the digital transition to blockchain.

The best weekly content in our newly designed blog

We recently did a complete 180-degree design on our blog, setting it for the next stage of crypto tax content. There, you can find weekly content with insights from crypto tax professionals on all-things crypto taxes, from yield farming to NFT taxes.

Beyond the tax content, we provide comprehensive guides with the best tools in crypto and reports full of the most pressing answers on crypto taxes, all reviewed by a crypto tax CPA in the US.

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More benefits for CoinTracking users

We are partnering with more leading crypto and tech tools to offer you the best discounts in the space.

We encourage you to check all the live benefits from companies like Phemex, Gemini,, Breadcrumbs, IntoTheBlock, BitBox, NordVPN, and 15+ others.

Keep a close eye on the benefits page as we add new offers frequently.

The future of CoinTracking

2021 was full of updates, and we won’t stop in 2022. We have a full roadmap of new integrations to come, with the launch of new blockchain importers like Algorand, Arbitrum, and Harmony.

We’ll also improve our NFT importing capability to make sure you have the best experience with all DeFi-related mechanisms when using CoinTracking.

We are also making big advancements with our new mobile app, an increasingly important avenue for our users to track their portfolios. In the same direction, we’ll also improve the design and UX of our website.

We’re also expanding our team across areas and encourage you to apply to our open roles.

Stay tuned to our social media channels and blog for more updates. See you in 2022!

Become 100% crypto tax compliant with CoinTracking: the best crypto tax software

CoinTracking covers all your crypto tax needs. Our crypto tax software makes it easy to import your trades, get your gains calculated, and generate the appropriate tax reports.

CoinTracking supports more than 100 exchanges, including DeFi, NFTs, Binance Smart Chain, MATIC, and much more.

After importing all your crypto trades, CoinTracking automatically calculates your crypto capital gains and losses, while you can choose between 12 accounting methods (e.g., FIFO, HIFO, HMRC, ACB), depending on which country you are in.

Moreover, CoinTracking can generate ready-to-go tax reports for your country.

Disclaimer: All the information provided above is for informational purposes only and should not be considered as professional investment, legal, or tax advice. You should conduct your own research or consult with a professional financial advisor when investing.

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Cryptocurrency enthusiast writing about all-things digital, from crypto markets to taxes.
Cryptocurrency enthusiast writing about all-things digital, from crypto markets to taxes.


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