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13 May, 2021 · 3 min read

Finding good crypto tax accountants or firms near you is a difficult task. The constant changes in the tax and regulatory aspect of trading crypto make it even harder for investors and accountants to keep up with the changes and comply with rules.

On top of the changing environment in crypto regulations, they differ substantially across countries, with some regions showing much more advanced legislation on the intricacies of crypto taxes than others.

Today, we put together a list of crypto accountants ready to help you worldwide with your crypto tax doubts.

What are crypto accountants?

Crypto accountants are essential certified accountants who are experts in crypto taxes in your country. A crypto accountant is essentially a regular accountant that is fluent in taxes concerning crypto activities (e.g., trading, mining, getting paid).

As we’ve covered before in our guide for crypto taxes, there‘s no such denominated tax as a “crypto tax.” In most countries, legislation for taxes regarding crypto trading falls in the capital gains tax or income tax category.

However, in the crypto space, it became common to refer to all taxable events from crypto trading as “crypto taxes.” In the same way, it has become popular to connote accountants who have experience with crypto trading as “crypto accountants.”

How to find crypto tax firms?

The first step in finding crypto-ready accountants is to make sure the companies or CPAs you’re talking to have had prior crypto expertise. A bonus would be that your own accountant has crypto trading experience and fully understands the intricacies of crypto.

We would advise on becoming involved in online communities, especially Crypto Twitter, to find active and experienced accountants. For reference, check this list of the best 65 Crypto Twitter accounts, including crypto CPAs.

When you’re evaluating which firms or accountants you’re choosing, make sure they are on top of the changes in your country’s regulations as tax rates and other settings could rapidly change and be valid to your situation.

Finally, for you to make the most out of the services of a crypto accountant, you must have your trades in order and aware of the requirements to make your life much easier when it’s time to put everything together in your tax return.

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More than 100 crypto accounting firms at your disposal

We currently have more than 100 crypto accounting firms and CPAs in our public network around the world. Those verified accounting firms can help you with crypto tax doubts while leveraging the use of CoinTracking. Whether you’re in Europe, Australia, or the US, we got you covered with the leading professionals in the space.

Let’s take a look closely at the firms and crypto accountants available to help near you.

Crypto Tax Firms in the United States

In the US, crypto tax regulations, despite all the adjacent complexity for trades, are one of the most detailed and updated in the world. For example, the IRS released a full guide and Q&As about crypto taxes with new clarification about questions that arose from recent discussions (e.g., IRS form 1040 crypto question).

In our list, we have 39 accounting firms in the US across states that can help you with crypto taxes. CoinTracking also offers full-service with the help of Polygon Advisory Group services, where crypto expert CPAs will review your CT account and make sure you’re fully compliant with all the reporting requirements. If you want to go 100% hands-free, they will even care for your tax returns.

Crypto tax accountants near you in Germany

Crypto tax regulations in Germany are quite straightforward, with advantages for those who long-term hold cryptocurrencies. Moreover, if you trade less than €600 in crypto, you don’t need to report your holdings. You can find more information about taxes in Germany here.

Currently, in Germany, there are 22 crypto accounting firms in our list that can help you with crypto taxes.

You’ll notice that our “Tax Information” report has all details about the tax firms available and if they work directly with CoinTracking software. In those cases, firms will use our software to guarantee you have all the reporting correctly done while guiding you through taxes. In terms of location, you won’t have any issues finding a crypto tax firm near you as they are located in the main German cities (e.g., Hamburg, Munich, Berlin, Stuttgart, Freiburg, Bonn).

Find crypto tax accountants in other European countries

Crypto tax regulations in European countries differ substantially. For example, in Spain, crypto-to-crypto and crypto-to-FIAT trade are taxable events, bolstering the need to keep track of your trades and comply with regulations.

Currently, there are 12 crypto tax firms available in Spain (e.g., Madrid, Bilbao, Valencia, Vigo, Barcelona) in our network. 4 out of those 12 companies use CoinTracking corporate, which means they can help you directly in your CT account.

In a similar fashion to regulations in Spain, crypto-to-crypto and crypto-to-FIAT trades are taxable events in Austria, while there incentives for long-term holding. As a result, you may want to take a look at the six crypto tax accountants in Austria, available in our “Tax Information” report.

In other European countries such as the UK, the HMRC published a guide with all details about crypto tax regulations. It covers all aspects from crypto trading to the tax classification of hard forks or airdrops. Currently, there are two crypto tax firms in our list available to help you comply with these rules in the UK.

You can also find crypto tax accountants available in Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Portugal, Sweden, and Switzerland.

Crypto tax ready consultants in Canada and Australia

In Canada, there are clear rules for taxes on crypto trading, while we have three crypto tax firms in our list which can help. Moreover, CoinTracking automatically calculates gains according to the accounting method (e.g., ACB) used in Canada, making it easy for you to keep track of records while correctly calculating gains.

The same is true in Australia, with clear guidelines and requirements concerning crypto taxes. In our resource list, there are 13 crypto accountant experts that can help you comply with crypto tax rules.

Learn more about all the regulatory and tax information that CoinTracking offers:

Make your crypto tax life easier with CoinTracking

  1. Trade importing (API & CSV) from 110+ exchanges/wallets.
  2. DeFi/DEX transactions (e.g., Uniswap) support using our ETH+DEX import
  3. Imports for Binance Smart Chain trades through our BSC Importer.
  4. 25+ reports, including which coins offer you a reduced tax rate, balances, and trade statistics.
  5. Automatic Gains calculations with 12 accounting methods (e.g., FIFO, LIFO, HMRC, ACB).
  6. Tax Reports ready-to-go in your country

If you need personalized help reviewing your trades or preparing your US tax returns, check out our CoinTracking Full Service. A team of crypto tax experts led by Sharon Yip, who helped us with this article, provides assistance for CT Full Service.

Disclaimer: All the information provided above is for informational purposes only and should not be considered as professional investment, legal, or tax advice. You should conduct your own research or consult with a professional financial advisor when investing.

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Patrick Henry: Crypto Tax Manager
Crypto Tax Manager
Tax Expert, Webinar-Host, Content Creator, Crypto Enthusiast and Investor. Interested in everything regarding the crypto space.
Tax Expert, Webinar-Host, Content Creator, Crypto Enthusiast and Investor. Interested in everything regarding the crypto space.


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