Find Crypto Jobs: The 20 Best Websites in 2023

13 Jul, 2023 · 11 min read

Are you looking to find crypto jobs in 2023 and don’t know where to begin? No problem, we put together a guide with the best sites and platforms for you to get a job in crypto and blockchain.

Whether you’re looking for a full-time crypto job, part-time blockchain position, remote crypto job, Web3 freelance job, or an entry-level cryptocurrency job, this guide of the 20 best crypto jobs websites is for you!

How to find a job in crypto industry?

There are several platforms, websites, and newsletters, from Crypto Jobs List to, where you can get a job in the crypto industry.

Across all crypto platforms, you can find jobs in several sectors, from content to marketing and engineering/product.

You can easily find the best crypto jobs from one of the top 20 websites in this article!

Can you get a job in crypto?

Yes, if you have marketing, sales, product, or engineering skills, you’d have all that is required to find a job in crypto.

Cryptocurrency is a novel industry in dire need of attracting top talent to build out its infrastructure, leverage products, and reach mainstream adoption.

Salaries in the crypto industry are also high across sectors, especially in development/engineering, given the need for high-level skills, from Smart Contracts to Solidity and React.


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Where can I get a job at Crypto?

Crypto jobs are booming across locations and skills. You’ll find the highest number of crypto jobs available in the US.

However, you can find a lot of crypto jobs available in the main European hubs (UK, Germany, Switzerland/Zug, Paris, Netherlands, Sweden) and even remotely.

Before jumping into the best crypto jobs websites and platforms, let’s explore the areas where you can make a career in crypto.

What careers are there in crypto?

Crypto careers can range from engineering, tech, project management to marketing, content and sales. Discover how you can make a career out of crypto across areas.

Technical development jobs

The majority of crypto jobs available are tech-related, while those looking for engineer/developer roles will find many suitable options across geographies. All crypto projects actively hire engineers with blockchain experience or at least knowledge of blockchain technologies.

Crypto traders, analysts and researchers

Crypto attracts many candidates from traditional finance (TradFi) and investment banking.

These include research analysts, fund analysts, crypto traders, or crypto hedge fund jobs. There’s an increasing demand for state-of-the-art analysis and research on the crypto space while many companies are looking to fill these crypto positions.

Marketing and Crypto writing

You’ll find many crypto jobs available in marketing, growth, and crypto writing. Those without engineering backgrounds can make a big difference in new projects by scaling them.

Is it hard to get a job in crypto?

It is not hard to get a job in crypto if you have a technical/engineering background, as there is a great demand for Web 3/blockchain developer jobs in crypto.

As many projects need to scale, there are also many crypto jobs available in the areas of marketing, growth, and content, but those may have more competition.

Is Web3 a good career?

Web3 can be a very long-term oriented and lucrative career as it is in high demand and evolving from a grassroots movement to a fully established industry set to revolutionize the internet. 

Web3 refers to everything related to the decentralized internet. Accounting for the magnitude of Web2 and the transition from centralized to decentralized alternatives, Web3 has the potential to shape the future. 

As a result, a lot of effort, from tools to talent, is needed to lay the foundation of this new industry, while there’s a high demand for superior skills. 

Recently, a study found that despite market fluctuations, salaries in Decentralized Finance (DeFi) have increased, and the number of people working in crypto has been increasing since 2020.

On average, a developer in DeFi can expect to earn roughly $180,500, while developers with more specific skills, from AI to other blockchain capabilities, can expect to earn up to $350,000/year.

How to get a job in blockchain?

The first step to getting a job in blockchain is to evaluate your skills, develop a targeted CV for the companies/jobs you’d like to work with, and then search for blockchain jobs in niche platforms like CryptoJobs and large websites like Indeed or LinkedIn.

After evaluating your blockchain skills, you should look for an educational program or follow a DIY approach to learning the skills you need to land your dream crypto job.

You can then initiate your search across the best crypto job sites highlighted in this article, identify the ones that match your interest/skills the most, and apply.

If you have a particular company where you want to work, reach out directly, propose a project, show some kind of initiative, and that will make it easier to get a job in the blockchain industry.

Is blockchain a good career?

Blockchain could be a great career as it is an industry with tremendous potential, with research estimating it could reach $469.49 billion by 2030.

The blockchain industry is in its nascence, opening up a lot of opportunities to join startups that could change the landscape and become leaders in the decentralized world. 

It can be a great opportunity to find blockchain or Bitcoin jobs, given the potential of the industry.

How do I start a crypto job?

To start a crypto job, you need to evaluate your skills and apply to the best matching jobs, which you can find on top crypto career websites and platforms, from CryptoJobs to CryptoJobsList and

Top 20 sites and platforms to find a crypto job in 2023

Discover the 20 best crypto jobs sites, boards, and platforms to find your dream crypto jobs, from entry-level cryptocurrency jobs to remote and full-time crypto jobs.


CryptoJobs is a very comprehensive jobs portal and updated regularly. You can find a wide range of companies in all stages and sizes in the crypto space with a broad selection of roles.

CryptoJobs is a great place to regularly check new positions since it offers many options across career stages, locations, and skills.

One of the best features about CryptoJobs is showing you how many views each job ad has while occasionally adding a “trending” emoji for popular listings. This is a good way for you to access the potential competition on each listing. CryptoJobs also allows you to search jobs by location (including remote positions).

Once you upload your CV, skills, and personal info, you can start applying to the jobs you want. The only downside of crypto jobs is that you can’t search by a particular keyword or company.

Crypto Jobs List

Crypto Jobs List is a comprehensive board to find great crypto jobs. You can find a great variety of roles, companies, and job locations (including remote). One of our favorite features is the ability to know how many people have applied to each role. Moreover, you’ll receive an email from Crypto Jobs List when someone at the company you applied to is reviewing your application. This is great as you can be more involved in the process.

With Crypto Jobs List, you can search jobs by category, location, if the company pays in crypto, or by company. The initial results will appear on the page sorted by date. However, if you scroll down considerably, you’ll see a mix between recent and old listings, which may cause some confusion. We advise searching the entire page or by specific terms for better results.

Finally, a great resource they offer is their salary statistics with the ranges of compensation you can expect in crypto. Of course, this is highly dependent on the category and location, but it offers a reliable benchmark.

Web3 Jobs

Web3 Jobs is a recent crypto job board focused on opportunities in the Web3 industry. The job board scrawls the internet to bring you new job offers every day, from engineering to marketing.

Our favourite thing about Web3 Jobs is the amount of offers and the frequency of updates it gets daily. Its content around Web3 jobs and salaries is also very valuable for anyone looking to find a new Web3 job.


PompCryptoJobs is one of the newest additions to find crypto jobs.

The platform has an easy-to-use interface with the latest jobs added appearing first. You’ll find mostly notorious and big companies in the crypto space with a wide range of categories with engineering, product, design, and marketing as the most popular right now.

You can easily search by your preferred keywords, location, salary range, and company profile. As a company wanting to attract new talent, you have three paid plans offering different limits for job postings.


Crypto Careers is a great platform to find crypto jobs as they publish new positions daily. You can search by your preferred keywords, category, location, or company profile. Crypto Careers also features positions that are urgent to fill, which could be useful for those looking for a quicker recruitment process.

Compared to other platforms, Crypto Careers doesn’t show how many views or applications each listing has. However, they are one of the best options available if you’re looking for remote crypto jobs.

Cryptocurrency Jobs

Cryptocurrency Jobs is a popular platform for crypto and blockchain jobs where you can search for positions across job titles, companies, preferred keywords, and location.

Unlike other tools, you don’t have any indication of the popularity of each offer (e.g., number of views, number of applications), but you have a high number of available positions.

The best feature of Cryptocurrency Jobs is their salary database for a wide variety of roles (e.g., Europe, US, remotely). Moreover, it may be useful to start your search on their collections of jobs curated by themes (e.g., entry-level jobs, DeFi jobs).


CryptoDevJobs is not a crypto jobs board but a weekly newsletter with he top crypto developer jobs across platforms.

If you’re a developer wanting to delve into crypto, with skills like Rust, Solana, EVM, Solidity, React, Web3, and more, subscribe to the newsletter to receive the best offers (all with salary information and remote-friendly).

Crypto Job

Crypto Job is a recruitment platform to find crypto jobs. It has a variety of crypto jobs available across areas, from marketing to tech development.

The crypto jobs available at Crypto Job usually reveal the salaries, location, and all the information you need to apply for your dream position. Crypto Job works like a mix between a crypto jobs site and a recruitment company linking applicants and companies. is a new crypto job board with a wide range of offers and updates daily.

What we like the most in this new job board is the great variety of crypto jobs, from marketing to customer support, and the daily updates.

Crypto Recruit

Crypto Recruit is a crypto recruitment company with crypto jobs available for a variety of skills and experience. From entry-level cryptocurrency jobs to C-level positions, you’ll find all the details for each crypto job and instructions on how to reach the recruiter.


BlockAce is a job board to find crypto and blockchains jobs, from becoming a blockchain engineer to a crypto marketeer.

BlockAce also features crypto remote job opportunities.


Blockew is a blockchain jobs site with multiple options, including remote crypto jobs.

You can find crypto and blockchain jobs on Blockew, from Marketing to development or design.


Laborx is a freelancer blockchain jobs site where you can earn in crypto as a freelancer, while companies can pay you with crypto.

Laborx has a great variety of crypto jobs available across experience levels, skills, locations, etc.

There are multiple crypto jobs sites targeted at freelancers. Let’s cover some of them.

Freelance Crypto Jobs

A good first step to find crypto jobs is freelancing or working part-time before and leap into crypto full-time.

Crypto sites for freelancers:

On these platforms, you get paid in crypto for your services. You can also look at popular freelancing platforms like UpWork or Fiverr have many crypto gigs available and crypto-focused freelancers.

Remote Crypto Jobs

Remote-friendly companies are a big trend in crypto. An increasing number of candidates are moving to different states/countries for a higher quality of life or for tax purposes. As that exodus occurs, some platforms are catering directly to remote-job seekers.

For example, Crypto Careers launched a 100%-dedicated remote jobs newsletter on Substack. Platforms like Crypto Jobs List, CryptoCurrency Jobs, and CryptoJobs highlight separate tabs for remote job seekers.

Moreover, platforms like Remoteok cater exclusively to remote job seekers, but the number of crypto jobs will be lower.

How do you get paid on crypto?

We’ve put together a full guide on the tax implications of getting paid in crypto. We’ll leave below the main consideration on the topic, but encourage you to take a look at the guide for more information.

According to the IRS crypto guide, if you receive your salary in cryptocurrency, you’ll be liable to ordinary income tax. The taxable income will be equal to the fair market value of the crypto at the time you receive it. As a result, the wages “must be reported on Form W-2, Wage and Tax Statement.”

Let’s imagine that your salary is $5K/month paid in Bitcoin. The value of Bitcoin you receive will change from time to time due to its price change, but its fair market value in USD is the same every time you receive it. As a result, taxes will be calculated based on that amount you’re receiving in USD.

However, if that bitcoin price later appreciates and you sell it at a profit, you’ll be liable for capital gains tax. The income you recognized as compensation would be your cost basis, and it should be used to calculate your gain/loss on the sale of your bitcoin.

Find out how holding that crypto in the long-term can benefit you.

Do I pay taxes when receiving crypto from providing services as a freelancer/contractor?

If you receive a payment in crypto as an independent contractor, you’ll need to report it as self-employment income. Moreover, if you receive a crypto payment for any service you’ve provided, “whether or not you perform the services as an employee,“ you’ll be liable to ordinary income tax.

The basis of income works in the same way as if it was a salary: you recognize the income based on the fair market value (in USD) at the time you received the payment. In addition to ordinary income tax, you will also need to pay self-employment tax.

Concerning reporting, you will likely receive a Form 1099-NEC for compensation received as a freelancer/contractor.

Learn how to enter your crypto salary as income in your CoinTracking account.

Become 100% crypto tax compliant with CoinTracking: the best crypto tax software

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CoinTracking supports more than 100 exchanges, including DeFi, NFTs, Binance Smart Chain, MATIC, and much more.

After importing all your crypto trades, CoinTracking automatically calculates your crypto capital gains and losses, while you can choose between 12 accounting methods (e.g., FIFO, HIFO, HMRC, ACB), depending on which country you are in.

Moreover, CoinTracking can generate ready-to-go tax reports for your country.

Crypto taxes with no errors: CoinTracking Full Service

CoinTracking also offers a Full Service in 20+ countries. A crypto reconciliation tax expert will review your CoinTracking account, help fix any errors, and ensure you submit your crypto tax reports error-free in your country.

Disclaimer: All the information provided above is for informational purposes only and should not be considered as professional investment, legal, or tax advice. You should conduct your own research or consult with a professional financial advisor when investing.

CoinTracking FAQs

Questions and Answers on Crypto Portfolio Tracking & Crypto Taxes

If you are not yet familiar with CoinTracking, these frequently asked questions are an ideal starting point for using our expertise and clarifying important issues.

How do I declare crypto profits for tax purposes?2023-05-23T19:31:23+01:00

You can report your crypto taxes by using a crypto tax software that tracks your trades, calculates your gains/losses, and generate the right crypto tax forms in the US (e.g., Form 8949)

How much tax on crypto?2023-05-23T19:03:37+01:00

Your crypto tax rate from trading will depend on the holding period of the crypto before selling. If you hold your crypto for less than 12 months before selling, you’d be taxed at a short-term capital gains tax rate between 10% and 37%. If you hold your crypto for more than 12 months before selling, you’d be taxed at a long-term capital gains tax rate between 0% and 20%.

Is crypto taxable in US?2023-05-23T18:54:19+01:00

Yes, in the US, trading cryptocurrencies is a taxable event, subject to capital gains level, with a tax rate depending on the holding period of your crypto. You can be taxed at a long-term capital gains tax rate or a short-term capital gains tax rate. Other crypto transactions like airdrops, hard forks, staking rewards, and crypto interest are taxed at an income level. Learn everything about crypto taxes in the US from our guide. Please consult with a certified professional about your personal situation.

How much does CoinTracking cost?2023-05-23T18:49:02+01:00

CoinTracking has a number of pricing plans depending on the number of transactions you need. You can sign-up to a free account if you have up to 200 transactions. Up to 3,500 transactions are billed at €9.99 per month, up to 20,000 transactions at €16.99, up to 50,000 transactions at €21.99 and 100,000 transactions at €29.99. The “Unlimited Package” for over 100,000 transactions costs €59.99 per month. If you pay with BTC, you can get a 5% discount (no email is required to sign-up).

What is CoinTracking?2023-05-23T18:46:17+01:00

CoinTracking is the the best crypto portfolio tracker and crypto tax tool in the market. CoinTracking enables crypto investors to import their trades from hundreds of exchanges/blockchains/wallets, calculate your capital gains/losses, and generate compliant tax reports in dozens of countries.

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