CoinTracking becomes a premier tax service provider for Phemex

30 Mar, 2023 · 2 min read

CoinTracking is proud to partner with one of the leading crypto exchanges worldwide, Phemex.

CoinTracking and Phemex have been building a strong and lasting relationship for a few months, establishing synergies to launch new features together that can benefit our customers, including a new streamlined importer.

With this partnership, you can start to track your Phemex transactions and do your crypto taxes by signing up for CoinTracking with an exclusive 10% discount.

A new tax reporting area featuring CoinTracking

Phemex has launched a new tax reporting area featuring CoinTracking as a premier crypto tax solution for its customers.

This newly improved area makes it easier for Phemex customers to track their trades and do their crypto taxes. Phemex users can now download all their transactions in one click and import that single file into CoinTracking.

We’re excited to be the recommended crypto tax providers for the Phemex ecosystem.

A new CSV importer for Phemex customers

With the new tax reporting area on Phemex, CoinTracking went ahead to launch a brand new importer for Phemex trades. With this feature, Phemex users will be able to import all of their transaction data under one CSV file.

You can now simply drag the CSV file you got from Phemex and import it into CoinTracking in the new CSV importer.

Sign-up for CoinTracking with a 10% discount

Are you ready to start tracking your trades with a top crypto portfolio tracker?

With CoinTracking, you can import trades from hundreds of exchanges, wallets, and blockchains, determine your capital gain/losses, and generate tax forms.

Sign-up for CoinTracking with a 10% discount and enjoy a smooth crypto tax season.

About CoinTracking

CoinTracking is the leading crypto portfolio and tax software, supporting hundreds of exchanges and blockchain importers, including the latest trends such as NFTs, DeFi, DAOs, etc.

Join 1.3M+ people in taking care of your crypto taxes with the best solution on the market.

About Phemex

Phemex is one of the leading crypto exchanges in the world, with over 5M users across 200 countries, while processing over 300,000 transactions per second.

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