Calculate Your Unrealized and Realized Gains with CoinTracking

7 Jun, 2018 · 4 min read

Whether you’re new to cryptocurrency or are a seasoned trader, knowing how your CoinTracking portfolio unrealized and realized gains are performing at any given time is always top of mind.

That’s why having access to a real-time snapshot of Realized & Unrealized Gains on CoinTracking is an effective performance tool when measuring your cryptocurrency portfolio’s current and potential value — letting you confidently adjust holdings to more accurately pursue your individual investment strategy.

Calculating Realized & Unrealized Gains on CoinTracking

To better understand how Realized & Unrealized Gains are calculated on CoinTracking we must consider how Profits and Losses are measured in the first place. This can be determined by taking the value of your portfolio and subtract from it the cost you initially invested. The difference between these numbers results in your gain, or in the the case of a negative value, your loss.

So when it comes to Realized & Unrealized Gain on CoinTracking, the difference between the two is what you’ve already sold versus the possible gain at that exact moment.

Realized Gain/Loss

For example, if
you buy 1 ETH for $1000 USD and sell it for $3000 USD your Realized
Gain would be $2000 USD. $3000 USD (Sale price) – $1000 USD (Purchase
price) = $2000 USD (Realized Gain)

Unrealized Gain/Loss

But when it comes to Unrealized Gain,
the calculation is based on the value of your holdings that haven’t be
sold yet. This looks this: Current market price – Purchase price = Unrealized Gain

For example:

If your purchase price for BTC was
$3000 USD and the current value of BTC is actually $8000 but you haven’t
sold it yet, your Unrealized Gain would be $5000 USD for 1 BTC.

8,000 USD (Current market price) – 3,000 USD (Purchase price) = 5,000 USD (Unrealized gain)

Using the Unrealized & Realized Gains Page on CoinTracking

To better understand the performance of your portfolio and trades, CoinTracking offers a number of ways to stay informed on the Realized and Unrealized Gains page on CoinTracking.

Some of the information and tools you have access to include:

  1. Check your Realized and Unrealized Gains for each coin and currency.
  2. Check your Realized and Unrealized Gains for each transaction.
  3. Check the cost basis and the cost for all transactions.
  4. Use the Gains Calculator.
  5. Search and sort your entries.
  6. Export all entries as CSV, Excel or PDF.
  7. Open additional transaction data by clicking on the ‘+’ icon.
  8. Change the settings to view different aspects of your portfolio (more below).

Realized and Unrealized Gains Page Settings on CoinTracking

Along with allowing you to perform the above actions, the Realized and Unrealized Gains Page on CoinTracking lets you adjust the following settings to customize the data you may want to calculate for your portfolio.

  1. Prices. Decide how your coins will be converted into your account currency: Counterpart, Transaction, or Best (recommended).
  2. Method. Switch between calculation methods, such as First-In First-Out, Last-In First-Out, Highest-Cost First-Out, etc.
  3. Cost basis.
    Adjust the method for the cost basis calculation. (CoinTracking
    recommends Average of unsold Assets as Cost Basis. Only use it if all
    your purchases and sales are entered correctly.)
  4. Currency. Display all values in your account currency or BTC.
  5. Currency filter.
    Select between digital currencies (BTH, ETH, etc.) commodities (Gold,
    Silver, etc.) or all currencies and commodities together. (CoinTracking
    recommends you use only digital currencies.)
  6. Filter all entries by type, exchange, group and date. Filter your trades by any of these criteria.
  7. Add deposits and withdrawals into the calculation.
    Include all deposits and withdrawals into a calculation if this button
    is enabled. If the button is disabled, you will see a calculation based
    on all gains and costs basis from trades only. (CoinTracking recommends
    you disable this setting.)
  8. Group all purchases by day.
    Enable grouping purchases by day, which is helpful if time zones were
    not recorded correctly during import. Disabling allows you to calculate
    the trades by chosen method, rather than day. (We recommend this).

Whether you’re an active day trader or a casual investor, having more tools to measure your cryptocurrency portfolio like the Realized and Unrealized Gains page on CoinTracking will will have you spending less time manually calculating Gains/Losses and instead letting you concentrate on continuing to make winning trades.

Beyond gains, CoinTracking can help with you:

  1. Import trades from 110+ exchanges and wallets
  2. Support for DeFi trades (e.g., Uniswap).
  3. Import your Binance Smart Chain  and Binance Chain trades.
  4. 25+ advanced reports, including which coins are tax-free or tax reduced.
  5. 12 accounting methods (e.g., FIFO, LIFO, HMRC, ACB).
  6. Generate compliant tax reports in your country.

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Crypto trader and blockchain enthusiast with a passion for innovative technologies in the cryptocurrency market.


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