2023 at CoinTracking: Year in Review

18 Dec, 2023 · 2 min read

CoinTracking has never been this complete for our users, with so many updates and improvements made during 2023.

Not only has our product improved, but the CoinTracking team has grown, new partnerships have emerged, support has become even faster, and more!

Discover all the main updates from CoinTracking this year and get a sneak peek at what’s coming in 2024!

New importers, improved features, and more!

Our development team is the backbone of CoinTracking, upgrading PHP8 this year, supporting new blockchains and crypto exchanges, and adding new payment options.

Our devs have been working hard to add all the new chains and exchanges you’ve been asking for while keeping things updated daily. 

For 2024, we plan to implement a fresh design to the CoinTracking platform, a new importer type that will simplify tracking, and increase the quality/speed of bug fixing, among other features.

New integrations with leading tax and market analysis tools

Our business development inked key new partnerships to bring a better experience to the CoinTracking ecosystem.

In particular, we established more partnerships with crypto exchanges and brokers for a smoother data transfer experience.

We’ve also revamped our Charts and Analysis area with key integrations with the leading providers worldwide, TradingView and IntoTheBlock.

For 2024, our team is working on new partnerships with more exchanges and tax tools to enable complete tax returns across countries. You can also expect another boost to the Market Analysis area powered by TradingView.

Brand new blog, TikTok and Instagram influencers, and more!

Marketing has been a big investment this year! We increased the team and employed more resources across marketing channels, from the blog to social media and ads.

Our blog revamp was one of the major updates in 2023, completely transforming the look, usability, and strategy for our crypto and tax content. You can now find fully-fledged guides on crypto taxes across countries, from the US to the UK and Australia, and a focus on clarifying every crypto tax doubt you may have.

Beyond that, we’ve launched a brand new Instagram and TikTok account, with daily videos and content to entertain and educate. Take a look at the funny content coming up.

You can always find a daily dose of crypto tax tips, promotions, and fun content on our Twitter and LinkedIn channels, and a preview of our all-things CoinTracking by subscribing to our newsletter.

We’ve also published some changes to the main CoinTracking website, giving you a sneak peek of all the design changes coming.

Full-Service: A team dedicated to doing your crypto taxes with zero hassle

Our Full-Service team grew in 2023, established more partnerships, and listened to the community by designing new services.

For example, our team launched two new packages under Full-Service:

  1. Onboarding Calls
  2. Premium Support

In 2023, our Full-Service team launched an express account service while establishing a better process to better serve our users beyond new partnerships with CPAs in Germany and the US for more capabilities.

Boosting your tracking abilities and tax reports across countries

Our tax team is at the center of operations, helping you navigate the complex requirements of reporting crypto taxes. 

This year, you might have enjoyed the several country-specific tax reports our team developed (e.g., Spain) on top of all the new transaction types added to make reporting easier. 

We have plans to use AI to improve processes, launch more country-specific tax forms and translations, add more transaction types, and redesign the tax page.

Helping hundreds of users with our support

Our support team is the safety net of our customers, answering tickets, solving any issues, and clarifying doubts.

Our support team expanded this year to help our customers succeed with CoinTracking, even during peak periods like tax deadlines in Germany and the US.

Beyond helping our customers, support is working closely with our development team to improve the product while our marketing team is always collecting opinions on social media about new requests from our community. We encourage you to check our updated and improved FAQs for general guidance about CoinTracking and reach out on social with your wishes ;)

Check our blog and social media for daily updates

Get our daily updates on crypto and taxes on our Twitter, Instagram, Discord, YouTube, TikTok (please don’t comment on my acting), and LinkedIn, and subscribe to our weekly newsletter with exclusive benefits.

Check our blog for more in-depth content on how to do your crypto taxes.

We can’t wait for next year. Happy 2024!

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Cryptocurrency enthusiast writing about all-things digital, from crypto markets to taxes.
Cryptocurrency enthusiast writing about all-things digital, from crypto markets to taxes.


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