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Introducing the CoinTracking Full-service

With CoinTracking Full-service, you’ll be able to get the professional assistance you need to file your cryptocurrency taxes with confidence.

Our experienced team consists of licensed CPAs in the United States and other crypto tax professionals, all of whom are fully qualified to help you make sure you have a correct crypto tax report before you file your taxes.

We can help you handle complicated crypto transactions, assist you with data imports, answer crypto tax questions and more.

This service is currently only available in English.

We serve customers worldwide, and we accept credit card, echeck, or cryptocurrency as payment.

CoinTracking Full-service is exclusively provided by Polygon Advisory Group LLC, an independent public accounting firm located in the United States. Polygon provides a full range of tax and accounting services to individuals and businesses, with a focus on crypto taxation and blockchain accounting. It is committed to provide CoinTracking users with high quality services and to help them with their tax and accounting needs.
Sharon   Jordan
Meet our lead CPAs: Sharon Yip & Phil Gaudiano

Full-service features

CoinTracking Full-service can help you:

Review your CoinTracking account to identify issues and errors
Handle complicated transactions such as margin trades, DeFi and crypto lending
Resolve transaction import and reconciliation issues
Check data completeness and transaction accuracy
Fix errors and missing transactions
Account for ICOs, exchange shut-down, lost or stolen coins, airdrops, gifts, etc.
Create and review tax reports in your CoinTracking account
Extended Service - Prepare your U.S. federal and state income tax returns, covering all complexity levels, all the years and all return types (individual and business)

How it works

  1. Fill out the intake form below and provide all the required information.
  2. You can use Crypto Tax Expert Review first and upgrade to Full-Service later when necessary, or you can sign up for Full-Service directly.
  3. Once you fill out and submit your request form below, our service team will get in touch with you within 48 hours and provide you with instructions for next steps.

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Full-service is only available for CoinTracking users.
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