TradingView Review: Features, Details & Pricing! [2024]

7 Sep, 2023 · 12 min read

TradingView is one of the market leaders for technical and fundamental analysis, stock charting, market indicators, alerts, and social trading. 

In this TradingView review, we’ll cover everything about the platform, from its features to pricing, and provide a valuable overview for our community.

In 2023, CoinTracking partnered with TradingView to enable more market metrics for cryptocurrencies on our platform and open more use-cases for crypto investors.

Let’s jump into this TradingView review.

What is Tradingview?

TradingView is the premier outlet for market analysis, from stocks to forex and crypto, enabling investors to track the market, benefit from advanced market indicators, charting options, a vibrant social trading community, alerts, and more.

TradingView is the leader in the financial analysis industry, helping over 50 million investors worldwide and boosting more than 10 million trading ideas across its communities.

Who is TradingView for?

TradingView is available for financial market enthusiasts, professional investors, and traders, given its wide range of features aligned with an easy-to-use interface.

TradingView offers a free plan for investors to start boosting their market analysis abilities, while the three paid plans offer more charts, market indicators, price alerts, saved charts, custom formulas, exporting options, and more. Professional investors will find targeted features for their needs under the Ultimate plan.

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How to signup to TradingView

To sign-up for TradingView free plan, you simply need to:

  1. Go to the “Sign-up page
  2. Click the “Sign-up” button on the top right of the page (no credit card needed)
  3. Choose one of the sign-up options, from Google to Facebook and Twitter, or with your email address
  4. Select your username
  5. Tick the “I have read and agreed with the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy” box

TradingView features


Charts on TradingView are the home of the platform, giving you a detailed view of the evolution of all assets in graph format. On TradingView’s charts section, you can choose an asset, from stock to cryptocurrency, and choose several time frames, candle types, market metrics, indicators, and strategies. 

Charts - TradingView

On the left side of the chart section, you have several options to draw your strategies and perform technical analysis, while on the bottom section, you can even load your strategies and connect to a broker to trade immediately. 



Stock Screener on TradingView gives you an overview of all the stocks you want to follow, with dozens of filtering options that target your specific needs.

Stock Screener - TradingView

Beyond showing major metrics, from price performance to volume and market capitalization, you can filter the type of stocks you want to screen, from most capitalized to underperforming stocks. 

Under the Stocks 2.0 section, the usability is different, enabling you to view more options while having easy-to-use filters to change across segments of stocks.


You can also screen for Foreign Exchange (Forex) on TradingView, which has similar capabilities as if you were analyzing stocks. 

On the Forex Screener, you can check the change in each Forex pair, prices (e.g., bid, ask, low, and high), technical rating, and many other hidden filters that you can enable.


TradingView supports crypto investors with its screener feature, enabling them to track over 40,000 pairs across crypto exchanges.

You’ll find several market metrics for each crypto pair, from daily price change to volume, with dozens of filtering options for more advanced analysis.


With TradingView’s alerts, you can get notifications for the specific criteria you’ve set up on your account regarding the market. 

Alerts - TradingView

From price alerts to strategy alerts or one of 1,000+ market indicators that you can track on TradingView.


Heatmaps are a great tool to get an overview of how a particular group of stocks or other assets are performing in real-time or in a desired period.

Heatmaps - TradingView

If you’re following a market index like the S&P 500, it could be a great feature on TradingView to get a grasp on the market conditions. Heatmaps are also available for assets like Forex.

Drawing tools

Drawing tools on TradingView are some of its best features, enabling investors to play around with multiple strategies and scenarios for their trading plans. 

Drawing Tools - TradingView

Drawing tools are available on the chart sections and for all the assets that TradingView supports.

Indicators & strategies

TradingView offers several indicators on the chart area of its platform, enabling investors to conduct in-depth fundamental and technical analysis. 

Indicators & strategies - TradingView

If you open the Indicators, Metrics, and Strategies tab, you’ll have dozens of technical indicators and fundamental analysis metrics. 


TradingView offers access to all the major assets, from global stock indices (e.g., S&P 500, Nasdaq) to currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, ETFs, and more.

Markets - TradingView

Other features 

There are several other features on TradingView that can help investors with their strategies, including:

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How TradingView is better than alternatives

Broker integrations

TradingView enables brokers, from stock providers to crypto exchanges, to connect to TradingView and enable users to trade directly from their interface.

TradingView currently supports the major brokers, including:

  • Activtrades
  • Binance
  • Bitget
  • Bitstamp
  • BlackBull Markets
  • FOREXcom
  • Gemini
  • iBroker
  • Interactive Brokers
  • OKX
  • Optimus Futures
  • Saxo
  • Velocity
  • WH Selfinvest and many more!


You can automate your trading strategies and ideas with custom scripts directly in your TradingView interface, sit back, relax, and enjoy the performance of those ideas. 

You’ll be able to set up your own scripts with TradingView’s native language, Pine Script.

Paper trading simulator

Paper trading is a great feature for beginner investors to start with a fake account of $100,000 and start executing their strategies with real market data. 

The TradingView community is also a great place to share ideas and learn from more experienced inventors while executing your own strategies. 

Investor livestreams

TradingView features thousands of hours of video content, including live streams, from popular community analysts and traders. 

Technical Indicator Gauge

The Technical Indicator Gauge gives you a buy, sell, or neutral signal based on an asset’s moving averages and oscillators while giving you a summary for that particular asset. This is a great compliment to your own analysis.


One of the biggest differentiators from TradingView is having the largest community around investing, with 10m+ published ideas.

TradingView pricing

TradingView free plan

The great thing about TradingView is that you can access the crucial features of the platform, draw your strategies, set up alerts, and much more under the free plan.

For beginner investors, the free plan is perfect for drawing your first strategies, tracking major market indices or cryptocurrencies, and tapping into the knowledge hub of the TradingView community. 

TradingView paid plans


The Pro plan on TradingView costs $14.95/month, enabling investors to ditch the ads and improve their capabilities on the platform, including:

  • Five indicators per chart
  • Two charts in one layout
  • 20 active price alerts
  • 20 active technical alerts on indicators/strategies/drawings


The Pro+ plan on TradingView will set you back $29.95/month, with the main difference from the Pro plan being the increased capabilities on the main features (100 active price/technical alerts, 10 saved chart layouts) and new options like:

  • Intraday exotic charts
  • Charts based on custom formulas
  • Chart data export


Premium is the most expensive paid plan on TradingView for day-to-day investors, costing $59.95/month. With this plan, you can 25 indicators per chart, go from 100 to 400 active price/technical alerts, and some new adds-ons like:

  • Alerts that don’t expire
  • 4x more data on charts (20K bars)
  • Publishing invite-only indicators

Under annual plans, users can save 16% on their subscriptions.


The Ultimate plan on TradingView is designed for professional investors, providing access to institutional-grade data, with a subscription of $499.95/month.

TradingView pros & cons

TradingView Pros:

  • Features: TradingView is the most complete market analysis platform, even if you’re under the free plan.
  • Paper Trading: Aligned with all the technical and fundamental analysis metrics, the ability to simulate trading is great for the millions of beginner investors who use TradingView.
  • Broker connection: One of the best features of TradingView is the ability to connect brokers, from stock brokers to crypto exchanges, to trade directly from your interface.
  • Community: TradingView has the largest repository of content around financial markets, with 10m+ published ideas. 
  • Scripts: TradingView offers the ability to draw your own strategies and customize them, including alerts, with scripts.

TradingView Cons:

  • Vetted professionals: Despite having a great library of video and written content, the platform lacks vetted professionals providing content on a wide scale.
  • Usability: Given the number of features on TradingView, the usability of some parts of the platform may seem a bit too crowded sometimes, even though most of the features are seamlessly integrated.
  • Support: Only paid subscribers can access personalized support
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TradingView alternatives

Web-based software

Here’s a comparison of TradingView and its competitors regarding major product features:

TradingView comparison

Scale: 1 – Bad; 5 – Great

TradingView mobile app review

TradingView has a mobile app where you can do your market analysis. Under the free version, you’ll have some limitations and ads, but you can still fully use the product. You can also subscribe to the paid plans on your mobile app, with the full suite of features available.

The mobile app is currently on the AppStore (iOS 15.0 or later) with a 4.9 rating and on Google Play (Android 7.0 or later) with a 4.9 rating.

Frequently asked questions
about TradingView

What is better than TradingView?2023-09-15T21:37:08+01:00

TradingView is the best market analysis tool, with companies like Trade Republic, SeekingAlpha, TrendSpider,, Stockcharts, Finviz, Koyfin, Webull, Quadency, and Coinigy as its main competitors.

Is TradingView credible?2023-09-15T21:36:40+01:00

TradingView is a leader in market analysis tools, supporting 50+ million users in 180 countries.

Is TradingView real-time data?2023-09-15T21:35:54+01:00

Investors can access real-time data, from price data to other popular market metrics, across timeframes, on TradingView to conduct their analysis on all types of assets, from stocks to crypto.

How effective is TradingView on mobile?2023-09-15T21:35:28+01:00

TradingView is fully optimized for mobile, offering the same experience as in the browser but with the flexibility of mobile.

How much does TradingView cost?2023-09-15T21:35:02+01:00

TradingView has four paid plans: Pro, Pro+, Premium, and Ultimate. The Pro plan costs $14.95/month, the Pro+ goes for $29.95/month, and the Premium is at $59.95/month. For professional investors, the ultimate pricing plan is $499.95/month.

Is TradingView free to use?2023-09-15T21:34:19+01:00

TradingView has a free plan, enabling people to use its most popular features and be on top of the market across securities.


TradingView is a great platform for investors to conduct their technical and fundamental analysis, share trading ideas, and be on top of all the changes in market conditions across assets. 

With our partnership with TradingView, CoinTracking users can enjoy the best market metrics on our platform powered by TradingView.

If you are looking to enter the crypto world, the joint forces of CoinTracking and TradingView will get you all the market analysis and portfolio tracking skills you’ll need.

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