CoinTracking and The Crypto App: A Powerful Partnership for Crypto Investors

14 Sep, 2023 · 2 min read

CoinTracking is excited to announce its strategic partnership with The Crypto App, the leading mobile utility app for crypto enthusiasts, traders, and investors.

This groundbreaking collaboration bridges the gap between experienced crypto investors and cutting-edge insights. Boasting over 4.9 million global downloads and an impressive 4.6+ star rating across Google Play and iOS App Stores, The Crypto App has become the go-to destination for crypto enthusiasts seeking knowledge, monitoring capabilities, and alpha-generating insights.

The Power of Synergy

The partnership between CoinTracking and The Crypto App is driven by the shared goal of empowering crypto investors with comprehensive tools and insights. This collaboration sets the stage for exclusive promotions, and other dynamic initiatives in the upcoming months. Together, CoinTracking and The Crypto App complement each other and provide a holistic solution that caters to the diverse needs of crypto investors, ensuring they have the best tools ready to succeed in the market.

About CoinTracking

CoinTracking is the most popular cryptocurrency portfolio tracking and tax reporting tool. It allows users to keep track of their cryptocurrency holdings, transactions, and portfolio performance across various exchanges and wallets. CoinTracking provides a range of features to help cryptocurrency traders and investors manage their portfolios and tax obligations.

The Crypto App: Essential for the Everyday Crypto Investor

Discover the features that make The Crypto App stand out in the industry:

  • Portfolio Management: Effortlessly monitor balances by connecting wallets and exchange accounts.
  • Real-Time Alerts: Set customized alerts based on specific crypto market conditions.
  • Crypto News: Stay informed with up-to-the-minute news and insights from the top global crypto content authorities.
  • Currency Converter: Access real-time exchange rates for various crypto-fiat pairs.
  • Cutting-Edge Analysis: Utilize advanced market analysis tools to make informed choices.
  • Global Language Support: Enjoy a multilingual experience with support for over 10 major languages.
  • Custom Widgets: Stay updated on market developments through personalized widgets.

Unmatched Insights with Pro and Pro+

The Crypto App also offers the most comprehensive cryptocurrency research toolkit in the market. By utilizing the Pro and Pro+ services, you can maximize its potential. Furthermore, the service offers a distinct advantage to contemporary cryptocurrency traders and investors, with a range of features:

IntoTheBlock-Powered Metrics: Unlock 42 proprietary metrics, from sentiment analysis to on-chain signals, aiding in spotting emerging crypto trends and seizing early opportunities. Supported by trusted data provider IntoTheBlock.

Enhanced TradingView Charts: Explore a wide array of advanced market and token-based candlestick charts, complete with technical indicators like Bollinger Bands, MACD, and RSI. Crafted for pinpointing entry/exit points and validating trends.

Messari’s Professional Research: Gain exclusive access to in-depth analysis and research reports by Messari, a leader in crypto market intelligence. Tap into unique insights driving fundamental investment decisions (Pro+ subscription exclusive).

Special Launch Offer

To launch this partnership, The Crypto App is delighted to offer a one-month free trial of its Pro service to CoinTracking users and followers. Simply download The Crypto App, sign up for the Pro subscription, and use code “ProFree2023” at checkout.

Empowering Crypto Users

CoinTracking and The Crypto App have united to empower crypto investors with unprecedented insights and tools. This partnership heralds a new era of strategic collaboration, ensuring that crypto investors have the resources they need to thrive in the ever-evolving crypto landscape.

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Luis Schilli: SEO Manager
Content Manager & Crypto Blogger
Crypto trader and blockchain enthusiast with a passion for innovative technologies in the cryptocurrency market.
Crypto trader and blockchain enthusiast with a passion for innovative technologies in the cryptocurrency market.


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