The Best Tools to Learn about Bitcoin and Crypto

18 Mar, 2021 · 4 min read

Bitcoin and crypto still lie in their early stages of development, increasing the need to find reliable sources to learn about Bitcoin and Crypto.

Currently, there are many misconceptions around Bitcoin and Crypto, coming from the disparity in information and badly intentioned parties taking advantage of crypto price gains to lure naive investors into scams.

Today, we are exploring the best Bitcoin and crypto learning resources to help holders get better information. We are covering the best tools to learn about Bitcoin as a beginner to the more advanced analytics and research tools to learn and improve at crypto investing.

Best places to learn about Bitcoin and Crypto

Acquiring actionable knowledge leads to a better outcome across sectors, and crypto is no exception. Financial literacy is still in its early stages, and we want to help diminish that gap.

This is especially true to make sure you maintain a long-term investment strategy.

Dedicated education platforms with content targeting several expertise levels are some of the best places to learn about Bitcoin.

First steps in crypto? Look no further than Blockgeeks

Blockgeeks is a crypto and blockchain-focused educational platform with content ranging from tailored courses to beginner guides, covering the essential notions and concepts of DeFi, crypto, Blockchain, or Bitcoin.

Its comprehensive guide of “What is cryptocurrency,” covers everything you need to know about crypto from a beginner’s point of view, with the occasional quizzes in between concepts. The content is updated to reflect current market discussions, such as trends like central banks issuing digital currencies (CBDCs).

If you’re looking for resources to learn about Blockchain and Crypto fundamentals, Blockgeeks offers plenty of development courses (e.g., Ethereum-based application development). You can also find a fully-fledged 4-week Blockchain programming Bootcamp.

Edx and Coursera are great resources for beginners to learn about Bitcoin

Popular online course and certificate platforms such as Coursera and edX are offering a variety of courses focused on crypto fundamental analysis, crypto investment for beginners, and technical certifications in Blockchain and Ethereum Dapps development.

Edx and Coursera are some of the best ways for beginners to learn about Bitcoin and Crypto. Some examples include the “Blockchain Fundamentals” from UC Berkeley or the “Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies” from Princeton University. INSEAD is offering the “Blockchain, Cryptoassets and Decentralized technologies” course for beginners. Intermediate-level hodlers may gain more from the “Blockchain” course offered by the University at Buffalo and SUNY.

Blockchain fundamentals at CryptoCandlz

CryptoCandlz is a native crypto and blockchain education platform offering two courses targeted at those first entering the space. You’ll find courses covering blockchain fundamentals from a technical perspective, while others focus on the investment side.

CryptoCandlz is a CoinTracking partner, offering both of these courses at no cost for all CoinTracking users (free and premium).

From beginner to trader: Binance academy

The first thing that comes to mind concerning exchanges is probably not educational content. However, Binance puts great effort into their academy section, explaining all concepts related to trading crypto, financial and investment concepts, and newer fields like DeFi.

Right from the start, each article is segmented by the level of difficulty, allowing for less experienced users to get to know native concepts in the crypto space while having a holistic overview of the most actionable insights for trading. It is a comprehensive and intuitive place to learn about Bitcoin regardless of your experience level.

Binance is the most used cryptocurrency exchange in the world, with volumes topping more than $28B. Our users are no exception to the rule when preferring Binance to trade crypto. To do so, here is a simple step-by-step guide for easily importing all your Binance trades into CoinTracking. Even if you’re not a Bitcoin millionaire, you’ll still have to take care of your crypto gains.

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Data tools to learn about Bitcoin and Crypto

There’s an increasing number of firms offering institutional-grade data about Bitcoin and Crypto. Amid the current market, it’s crucial to keep a selected list of resources to get your updated data and research.

Check out some of the best tool to learn about Bitcoin from a data-based perspective:

  1. Coinmetrics: Reliable on-chain data for all notorious crypto-assets.
  2. Glassnode: On-chain indicators, ratios, and native metrics focused on Bitcoin and Ethereum.
  3. Skew: Updated data and graphs for Bitcoin options, futures, spot markets, and relationships with traditional assets.
  4. The Tie: No-noise data on social sentiment for Bitcoin and crypto-assets.
  5. CoinMarketCap: Your go-to platform for crypto prices, rankings across exchanges, and trading pairs.
  6. IntoTheBlock: One of the best on-chain data providers based on machine learning.
  7. Crypto Quant: Actionable on-chain data to navigate crypto markets.

Best tools to learn about DeFi

DeFi has been burning ears amid its adoption levels rising to record-highs since the Summer.

As with any new sector, you should pay close attention to the crucial metrics to properly review projects. Fortunately, platforms like DeFi Pulse, Dune Analytics, and DappRadar are top-notch providers in the DeFi sector, revealing key figures (e.g., Total Value Locked, rankings, DeFi’s index, DEX’s volumes) about the industry to better educate newcomers and experienced traders.

Following DeFi’s enthusiasm, NFTs are also rising to mainstream attention, opening the gates of digital ownership. If you want to learn more about it (e.g., digital artists, tax details as a creator and investor), check our NFT guide.

Transforming raw data into actionable insights: The best researchers about Bitcoin and Crypto

We believe researchers play a major role in educating the ecosystem, bringing the best of Traditional Finance research to Bitcoin and crypto.

One of them is Messari, a fully-fledged research and data analysis house for the crypto industry, with content ranging from bespoke institutional research to daily subscriptions for active traders and investors to access some of the best market commentaries.

More leading researchers include Delphi Digital, The Block Research, Arcane Research, which we’ll cover on a dedicated article about crypto research tools.

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Disclaimer: All the information provided above is for informational purposes and should not be considered as professional investment, legal, or tax advice. You should conduct your own research or consult with a professional financial advisor when investing.

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Crypto trader and blockchain enthusiast with a passion for innovative technologies in the cryptocurrency market.


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