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10 Oct, 2023 · 7 min read

The world of cryptocurrencies is complex and constantly changing. To succeed in this dynamic environment, investors need the right tools to manage their investments and optimize taxes. But is CryptoTaxCalculator really the best option on the market? In this article, we shed light on the current situation and offer a powerful alternative to CryptoTaxCalculator that is superior in many aspects.

What is CryptoTaxCalculator

CryptoTaxCalculator is a tax software platform designed specifically for cryptocurrency, DeFi (Decentralized Finance), and NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). The service aims to simplify the complex process of tracking and calculating taxes on cryptocurrency transactions. It supports various types of transactions and can integrate with multiple cryptocurrency exchanges to import transaction data.

We now take a closer look at CoinTracking and show why the market leader is considered the best alternative to CryptoTaxCalculator.

CoinTracking vs CryptoTaxCalculator

CoinTracking has established itself globally and has been on the market since 2012. The platform is a superior alternative and not only offers all the features like CryptoTaxCalculator, but has many more advantages and features.

✅ 1,400,000 active users
✅ 25.000 CPAs and Corporate Clients
✅ $41.5 billion total value of all portfolios
✅ Audits by our Full-Service team
✅ Strong community


There are notable differences between the two platforms in terms of pricing. CoinTracking outperforms its competitor with a better price-performance ratio across all pricing models.

For instance, CoinTracking offers a completely free option for up to 200 transactions including tax report generation, while CryptoTaxCalculator would already charge you $99 for a similar service.

CoinTracking also offers an unlimited lifetime account, which can be particularly appealing for traders or DeFi applications. CryptoTaxCalculator instead doesn’t offer unlimited plans. So it’s easy to understand the more transactions you have, the more you will benefit with CoinTracking.

Additionally, the CryptoTaxCalculator’s basic transaction plans do not encompass all of their functionalities, while with CoinTracking you can enjoy an all-in-one solution.

CoinTracking price chart

Plan 200 3.500  20.000  50.000  100.000  Unlimited
1 year 0 $115.00 $220.00 $284.00 $388.00 $775.00
2 years 0 $206.00 $335.00 $439.00 $620.00 $1,188.00
Lifetime 0 $408.00 $967.00 $1,398.00 $2,044.00 $6,026.00

CryptoTaxCalculator price chart

Tax year 100 1.00o 10.000 100.000
1 year $49.00 $99.00 $249.00 $499.00


To understand the benefits of CoinTracking, let’s take a look at the core features of both CryptoTaxCalculator and CoinTracking.

Portfolio Tracker

Portfolio tracking features are crucial for real-time monitoring of crypto investments and obtaining detailed information on the portfolio performance.

CoinTracking CryptoTaxCalculator
Historical Charts 26.000+ unknown
Current price 26.000+ unknown
Total Value per Coin
Total Portfolio balance
Total Fiat balance
Total Trades
Trades per Exchange
Trades per Month
Balance by Day
Balance by Exchange
Balance by Currency

Import of transactions

Both platforms offer to import transactions from various exchanges, wallets, and blockchains. However, CoinTracking surpasses this aspect by providing more extensive options for importing transactions overall. It is especially appreciated by customers that all import functions work smoothly and without errors.

CoinTracking CryptoTaxCalculator
Exchanges 141 158
Wallets & Blockchains 200+ 335
API Importer 55 68
CSV Importer 86 526
Legacy Importer 22 none
Transactions limit unlimited (lifetime) 100.000 (per year)
LP-Token supported supported
Transaction types 41 44
(buy, sell, send, etc.)
Backups 20 none
Sub-accounts yes none

Portfolio Analysis (specific reports)

These reports provide deep insights into your portfolio performance. Compared to CryptoTaxCalculator, CoinTracking’s reports are significantly more comprehensive, making them a valuable tool for any crypto investor.

CoinTracking CryptoTaxCalculator
Current Balance
Balance by Exchange
Balance by Currency
Coins by Exchange
Realized Gains
Unrealized Gains
Tax-privileged Coins (Short & Long)
Missing Transactions
Duplicate Transactions
NFT Center
Average Purchase Prices
Coin Charts
Coin Price Calculator
User Statistics
API Live Data check
Trading Statistics
Trading List
Trading Prices
Trading Fees
Number of Trades

Tax report types

CoinTracking CryptoTaxCalculator
Tax methods 14 4
Transactions unlimited 100.000
Capital gains
Cost basis
Margin gains
Gifts and donations
Lost and stolen Funds

Tax Tool Integration

CoinTracking CryptoTaxCalculator
Wiso Steuer
H&R Block

Tax Forms (country specific)

CoinTracking CryptoTaxCalculator
USA (Form 8949)
USA (Form 8938)
USA (Form 1040)
Canada (T1135)

Countries and languages

CoinTracking offers tax reports for over 100 countries worldwide in 15 different languages.

CoinTracking CryptoTaxCalculator
Countries 100+ 22
Languages English,

Switch to CoinTracking

To take advantage of CoinTracking, it doesn’t require a lot of effort. However, there are a few basic steps that should be followed.

Recapture transactions – Recommended!

It is recommended to export the complete transaction history from CryptoTaxCalculator. All transactions should then be re-entered into CoinTracking. This will ensure that all information is complete and accurate.

Importing data from CryptoTaxCalculator into CoinTracking

Entering transactions can either be done manually for a manageable amount of data, or via an automatic import of an Excel or CSV file. Once the data is imported into CoinTracking, it is important to carefully review and verify its completeness and correctness.

Frequently Asked Questions
about CryptoTaxCalculator alternatives

What is the best alternative to CryptoTaxCalculator?2023-10-09T15:58:22+01:00

The best alternative to CryptoTaxCalculator is CoinTracking. The platform offers extensive features and functionality at low prices.

What is a cheaper alternative to CryptoTaxCalculator?2023-10-09T15:57:39+01:00

CoinTracking has a better price-performance ratio and offers flexible pricing models. Furthermore, the availability of a completely free option and the option for a lifetime account with CoinTracking can be highly advantageous for certain individuals.


CoinTracking offers a superior alternative for crypto portfolio management and tax reporting. With its comprehensive features and affordable pricing, the platform is an excellent choice for those who value reliable portfolio management and want to efficiently generate tax reports.

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Crypto trader and blockchain enthusiast with a passion for innovative technologies in the cryptocurrency market.


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